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Spellbound brings together two unlikely genres: visual novel and party game. Come along for the journey!
In Spellbound you can fall in love, discover your place in the world, and vanquish your enemies. Adventure through a magnificent fantasy world, meet memorable characters and discover your magic in this visually breathtaking game. Because like a good song, the experience flows from beginning to end: you have your moments to savor, and your adventures to remember.

This game is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Paradox Interactive.



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DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Android 17 Features Key:

  • Interactive cards: each player is dealt two cards from his deck but may get additional cards from features of the game. He will be able to learn a variety of skills that are common in many card games: increase his fortune or his level of health.
  • Single player & multiplayer game: play by yourself or, using all other players‘ cards, compete against other players in various game modes.
  • Play solo or limit yourself to other players‘ level of fortune.
  • Addictive and strategic game: players increase their fortune not by betting more, but by playing tricks over other players. Add your unique twists to the game by playing special cards.
  • Card packs: deal multiple chances for both fortune and players health.
  • Tap to quit: take a break from a long game.
  • Play 10 minutes or more and climb the Fortune Tree.

Splinter Cells enemy at the Fortune Tree

  • Splinter cell: agent zero
  • Island of evil: associate w/ B.Drinker
  • Second chance: blow up asset
  • Flashback: head for the clock tower
  • Bad moon rising: kill man on board
  • Best buddies: blow up asset: take cargo


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The island Ibiza is a paradise for tourists, the azure sea, the famous nightclubs, the beautiful beaches and the stunning sunset will make sure every visitor falls in love with this beautiful island.
But many tourists are missing the last mile between the airport in Ibiza and their accommodation. To bring holiday feeling to your players, World Traffic develops a new airport model in Ibiza with a detailed representation of the surrounding landmarks. In addition, it features accurate coastlines, full details and a photo-realistic SAM jetways.

Content:In other news Formentera is a Mediterranean island whose four most important towns are Marratx, Ses Salines, Fornalutx and Portocolom.
This amazing place is available in World Traffic as a single island, or several seas (Valencia, Balearic and Balearic) can be added to this amazing high resolution beach map.

Content:After your purchase of the map containing San Antonio is available a custom price for the San Antonio island in order to guarantee all customers the same price.


High resolution satellite imagery (0.5m/px)

Highly detailed 3D model of the airport

PBR ground textures

SAM jetways

3D sea texture

4×2 large airports

1×1 airport scaled

Change color of the airport

Change aircraft

Change surface textures

No loading times

Content:World Traffic has now released a airbus sim including aircraft like A320, B737 etc.

Content:The 2×3 airport map size has also been increased to a new size of 5×6 airports. This amount simulates a European airport with 4×2 approach, large runways and 2×3 taxiways.


High resolution satellite images

Highly detailed airport model

SAM jetways

Change color of the airport

Change aircraft

Change surface textures

Fully customizable

Change the pixel size

No loading times

Content:World Traffic is proudly presenting another island for you in World Traffic Airports. In this island, Olbia Airport is connected by a double approach with Falcone-Borgo Airport. Besides of the approach, there is a new airport model that recreates this newly opened airport in Olbia with a lot of details.

Content:World Traffic 4×2 airport map size that is used for the


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The rules of the game are as follows:
The rules of gameplay are easy. Each stage is a maze, you have to make your way to the exit by finding keys and using the next slot to unlock the next door. If you end up losing all your lives, you start again and earn new ones by scrolling up.

Game „Escape This“ Gameplay Screenshots:
[url= „Pigs“ room level[/url]
[url= „Inexplicable“ room level[/url]
[url= „Happy“ room level[/url]
[url= „Trustworthy“ room level[/url]
[url= „Fair“ room level[/url]
[url= „Lonely“ room level[/url]
[url= „Me“ room level[/url]
[url= „Shame“ room level[/url]
[url= „Oblivious“ room level[/url]
[url= „Shrink“ room level[/url]
[url= „Long“ room level[/url]
[url= „Unm


What’s new:

    (difficulty: easy)

    Mibibli’s Quest – Official Soundtrack:

    Here are the lyrics for my girls. I wanted a soundtrack without the voiceover to have the focus on the lyrics rather than the sound of footsteps, warps and explosions. Enjoy!
    Kindey version
    ~09. Pre-Align Truth
    Greetings earthlings!
    You’re here because we’re here. When we arrive, knowing that we want to create was our first step. Our land is not ours, it’s always on the move, always trying to find its way to the center of the universe, maintaining the balance of life and living things
    ~10. We don’t Know
    We know that you know, but I don’t know what you know, there’s a gulf of understanding
    ~11. Space Doesn’t Work
    Between us. I’m sitting very still at the point of an arrow, but my planet no longer exists
    ~12. Betrayal of the Past
    I am truly sorry. I’ll never see you again. If there ever was a time for our planet, it’s now
    ~13. Trap of the Naked Future
    They’ve come because they will
    I’m gonna run, run as fast as I can
    Hear the alarms and leave but it’s too late
    They’ll be here in a minute
    ~14. Maiden’s Divine Truth
    You’ve come because you have to
    And you knew that you would
    How it turns out now I don’t know, what’s the difference
    ~15. Earth’s Challenge
    Aim to be free, to look down on people who don’t know. Or laugh and look down on them, it’s their choice. Stop looking around and start from where you are.
    Dare to think your thoughts, perceive your reality, see what you’ve heard or thought about someone else
    ~16. Azazeel’s Vision
    It’s not just others, it’s you and the things you do, you believe and do
    So let’s look around, to get us there
    Just let ourselves know what’s going on
    No more searching, no more guessing.
    See ourselves before we start to think
    What are the rules? Beyond the rules, beyond the pages, we will use our own book of the world
    ~17. The Message from Space
    The Fallen Star
    ~18. The Message from Space (Variant)
    The Fallen Star (Variant)
    ~19. The Message from


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    An editor for building out in the unqiue world of vroomist.
    Please purchase it, it is still in development, we don’t want the funds to go to waste 🙂
    This games is under development, all our current sponsors are well aware of this and helping us out with your generosity. You can visit our website to see how much we have raised to date:
    If you have any questions about this, or would like to add to the discussion, please post in our discussion forums on
    Also, please visit to see what kind of in-depth features we have planned for vroomist. Also, if you are interested in helping out with the game, there is a chance you will be added as a developer in the very near future, all you have to do is sign up on our forum at
    Players have to choose between being a worker or a constructor. Constructors create the game world, while workers harvest the resources to build vehicles.
    The gameplay is based around engineering.
    – Build Tools are used to assemble parts.
    – Parts can be put together to form your own vehicle using controls and buttons
    – Components have a design time cost and a construction time cost. Using these can result in fully custom vehicles.
    – There are five weapon types: Hammer, Sword, Spike, Ram, and Explosive. You can combine them for different purposes.
    – All of your vehicle parts can be equipped with a shield to protect it. Shields can be upgraded, to increase their strength and other attributes.
    – There are a number of energy types which can be used for many purposes, increasing building or defensive capabilities.
    – Game mechanics include perma deaths, vehicle damage, resource mining, player damage, and customization of the vehicles you create.
    What’s in the Box:
    – Powerful graphical engine
    – Physics engine
    – Over 60 different vehicle parts
    – Over 130 components
    – Powerful customisable weapon with 5 effects, explosive, ram, spike, hammer, and sword.
    – 5 effects on components, razor sharp, explosive, shockwave, flickering, and light
    – Over 10 alternative types of shields
    – 4 emeralds
    What’s in the Future:
    Vehicle editor
    Player controls (crouch, jump, and sprint)


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System Requirements For DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Android 17:

Windows 7/8/10
1.6 GHz dual-core processor or better
3 GB free disk space
Recommended Hard Disk space: 2 GB
5.0 GB available space for installation
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, Radeon HD 6450 or better
1024×768 resolution or better
8 GB space available for installation
How to install?
1. Install the game and the expansion pack separately if you want to have the full experience.
2. If you want to install the game and expansion