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Elder Guardians, we have brought forth the surety that your dreams have come to reality.
Our debut game, „Elder Guardians,“ was released in April of 2012. It is a new type of fantasy action RPG with multiplayer that roughly combines the characteristics of titles such as „World of Warcraft“ and „Final Fantasy.“ It is a game that expands the old idea of „fantasy action RPGs,“ combining a unique online feature and fan service-oriented visual design. We have been diligently developing the game, hoping to provide players with a new experience in the fantasy action RPG genre.
A game set in the mythological land of Tarnadesh, Elder Guardians boasts an original and challenging battle system, an open world designed with a long-term plan in mind, and dynamic and vibrant characters with a variety of content.
The main scenario of Elder Guardians takes place in the Lands Between, a mysterious land where parallel worlds come into contact, and the world becomes a massive battlefield. This limitless land that is currently unknown to man is where the main story unfolds.
We are currently developing a new title, „Elder Guardians 2,“ to be released in February of 2013. It is a brand-new story that continues the journey of the characters in the Lands Between. Elder Guardians 2 has been in development since its announcement in January of 2012.


Let us see the world of Elder Guardians.

Scene 1: The Confrontation of Dualisms.

The Lands Between

You wake up in a room with no recollection of how you got there. To your left and right are two doors. To your left is a large, open hall, and to your right is a row of small rooms. You suddenly sense danger from the left and flee from it.
A shadow looms over you from above as you continue to run to the right. For a moment, you think you see a shadowy figure behind the left wall, but then you hear the sound of a breeze blowing in your face.
On your right, you find a bed and its blanket and book. You return to the room and examine your sleeping attire. The book is the „Diary of a Young Princess,“ which is about the story of a girl named Mimosa.
Upon opening the book, you read the following passage:

„A sound of a flute playing in the palace garden. Hours later, I was told a tragic fate had befallen Mimosa.“

In the distance, you hear


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Map System
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      Make an adventure as the hero of a legendary story that you want to travel through the Lands Between in this mythical fantasy world.


      Use the various skills, magic, and powerful abilities of an actual character and engage in fierce fights. Be the latest bad guy to be defeated by the legendary hero.


      Have fun creating your own character in this fantasy world full of exciting content. Experience a variety of actions, skills, and items as the power of each item is different depending on the character’s attributes.

      ■ Action System

      【Dual-Stick Controls】

      You can use a variety of actions on the touchscreen, and they are easy to use as you can perform actions with the same simplicity as a dual-stick game.

      ◆ The Classic Dueling System

      Using attacks in the west and east directions, you can perform attacks to clear enemies. You can switch between the left and right hands at any time.

      ◆ The High-Speed Up Style Action

      You can use multiple abilities in a single turn. Pulling down the enemy will reveal an exclusive hidden element.

      [Up to 12 weapons and items]

      At least 12 different weapons and items that have been prepared for you.

      [Styles with WIllpower]

      Each item has its own style that changes depending on the user. Enhance the power of an item using a certain element and the attack style of the user.

      [Up to 24 Skills]

      Up to 24 different skills that you can use. The combat arts that you can learn are diverse and change every time you use them.

      [Over 200 types of attacks]

      Up to 200 types of attacks. In addition to the various degrees of difficulty, you can change the movement speed and the attack speed, which is essential to the basic combat system.

      【Action and Character Development】

      The customizability of character development is high, and you can freely change the appearance, skill set, and elemental attributes of the character. You can also freely change the set items that equip your character to develop your character further.

      ■ Variety of Dungeons

      Tackle dungeons that have never been seen before with the unique job system. All the items in the game are classified by the job that they belong to.

      [Clear the dungeons, acquire items, and battle a boss]


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

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      ]]>cracked gameElden Ring 20112012
      Fri, 12 Apr 2012 14:57:30 +0000articles34416Here comes a list of new patches and updates. If you’d like to contribute patches to the game, you’re always welcome. Please use this thread to list all the patches and updates, with its associated changes/tweaks/fixes, and the reason why you made it for.

      Note: the list is just for the patches/updates and mods available, so feel free to list future plans, ideas, or just update us of a new release.

      Note 2: the list is in no way complete, and has been done just for convenience of those who would like to help. A list on such matters is a great help, so if someone could make this in a more effective way, please don’t hesitate to do so.]]>elden ring 2k2patch 1.0 (basics)patch 1.0 (tweaks)patch 1.1fix all actionspells (patched by rockup)pawns and mobsplaced chinese language (patch by rockup)fixed a bug where you could shoot uand fixed minor bugs with the worldgen (


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    Elden Ring is available to PC, PS3 and XBOX 360 through Atlus USA.

    Read more…Michael Arcangelo Ring 2014-05-03 review148928Wed, 03 May 2016 17:09:49 +00002014-05-03T15:09:49Z

    Atlus USA released a nch said…— and DLC— during E3.

    The first thing to keep in mind about is this: This is not a port. It's a remake with a few added bells and whistles. Elden Ring is an old NES game that presents itself as an RPG in a number of respects. EverQuest players have already become comfortable with the smorgasbord of RPG-style gameplay it offers. For those unaware of the game's history, it


    System Requirements:

    RAM: 1 GB
    HDD: 40 MB
    Graphics card: 1 GB
    4-Core Processor: AMD Phenom II x86/x64 or Intel Core i3/i5
    Windows Vista or above
    Please be noted that in order to use the full potential of the game you must have the Windows firewall enabled.
    Key features:
    Unique, non-linear story:
    Explore the whole storyline of the game, there are more than 200 rooms and over 30 endings, each with a unique gameplay system