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It is always a wise move to keep backups of your most valuable data, especially since ransomware attacks are becoming more and more popular each year.
It is best not to keep the backups on the same computer as the source data – using either an external device or a cloud storage account could work.
If you go for the latter, you can try Kopia, as it can help you create backups with increased security.
Supports multiple online storage accounts
Before getting to access the main window of Kopia, you need to specify the location for the data you want to backup.
You have the liberty to choose between filesystem, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Minio, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Azure Blob Storage, SFTP server or WebDAV server.
If you prefer to backup your documents to a location on the filesystem, you need to specify its exact path and assign it a password, as well as select the encryption, hash and splitter algorithms. It goes without saying that you will need to enter your credentials if you want to use an online platform.
Automate folder backups
Once the repository is up and running, you can move on to the next step, that of selecting the data to be backed up.
You can easily browse to the location you prefer, then specify how often do you want to backup the documents: once, every hour or every day.
You can define policies for each snapshot you take – these policies deal with retention (how many snapshots to keep), file to be included or excluded, error behavior, compression type and scheduling.
In a nutshell, Kopia is a reliable application for creating backups of your data to the location you desire, while also configuring advanced parameters along the way.







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Kopia Activation Code is an application for backing up files. This application is a fork of Kupfer, but it has a few fixes and enhancements. It can save plain text, text with RTF, images and PDF, audio and video files.
By default, the backups are stored in the local file system. Kopia Torrent Download has a few options that let you change that. If you want to create backups with encryption and storing them on the network, it lets you do that too.
If you have a specific destination in mind, you can use Kopia to take backups of it and use the repository to restore the backups at a later time.
It is recommended to use a newer version of Kopia over an older one.
Like mentioned before, Kopia supports a few online data repositories.
Kopia Features:
Kopia is an easy to use application for backing up files.
It will allow you to create backups of your data to the location you desire, while also configuring advanced parameters along the way.
Getting Kopia:
Kopia is available to download as a 64 bit or a 32 bit version. You can download it from GitHub. The download should be fine if you have updated your OS and have good internet.
Kopia offers support for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Norwegian languages.
Kopia Screenshots:
Download Kopia
Kopia Repository Backup
Kopia Folder Backup
Kopia File Backup

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A Backup utility for the cloud, with automatically scheduled and private backups.
User manual:
Kopia user guide:
Kopia’s github:
Kopia’s download page:
Software Resources:
Kopia – Kopia,, is similar to „Backupify“ that will help you to backup your entire drives.

Kopia: File backup software for the cloud –

Kopia: Backup tool for the cloud –

Kopia: file backup software for the cloud –

Vero: Backup to the cloud (Free Trial – 14 Days)


Validate a Google Storage Account for Kopia

Kopia storage.js instance configuration:

Nanobox VS Docker




What’s New In Kopia?

Kopia is a freeware application for backing up your files.
Key Features:
Backup to multiple locations – files can be saved to Google Drive or OneDrive, as well as to a remote Windows server, FTP server or WebDAV server.
Backup to various types of media – specify both a location and a server type for backups – allowing you to backup DVDs, CDs or flash drives.
Automatically backup files – no more manual backups – Kopia will automatically back up files and folders that are changed on the PC.
Advanced settings – select backup location, retain, file types and scheduling.
Free for personal use – backup your data to any one of your preferred cloud accounts.
Supported for Windows – run Kopia on Windows 7, 8, 10 or macOS.

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Have you tried your hand at the Youtube MP3 downloader? It can download many YouTube MP3s all at once, with a single click. Learn how it works by watching this video.
How it works
When you download a single MP3 file, the program shows a list of download links that you can click to download the file. This option can be toggled on and off by the user.
However, this is not the program’s only purpose. You can also download an entire playlist. Clicking the option in the programme menu would download an entire playlist at once.
The list of available videos can be viewed in the programme window. Click on the four corner pieces to view the details and settings on each video. You can also choose to download only the audio version of a video.
Advanced settings
Also found in the programmes menu is the option to set the file and folder name.
The location of your files can be selected in the programme window, or you can create a new folder in the location that you choose.
More advanced settings are available in the advanced settings. You can choose to load your settings or use the default settings, as well as choose to start the programme with a file or folder selected.
A help page is also available.
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System Requirements:

A minimum of 1,024 MB of system RAM (2 GB recommended)
A minimum of 256 MB of system disk space (512 MB recommended)
A DirectX 9-compatible video card
Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
Installation Notes:
Read the User Guide before installation.
The installation process will create a single user folder.
Set the path to this folder in the SETUP.EXE file. This is a folder
with subfolders for storing settings.