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Audiosurf Player allows you to create a playlist of songs, and play that in Audiosurf without having to click the next button for the next song.
Take Audiosurf Player for a test run to see what it’s all about!







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It’s a small application that allows the user to play music inside of Audiosurf.

Audiosurf Player is an add-on that works like a playlist, but when you are playing one song, it automatically plays the next song when its finished.

It does not duplicate the songs played, it just saves the states of the songs. It also has the option to „repeat list“ (play the same list over and over).

It doesn’t actually let you play the songs, but it does offer 5 presets that make the player look like a playlist.

Each time you open a song, you have the option to add it to the list, so eventually you will have a huge collection of songs in the „playlist“ and you don’t need to even click the next button.

With Audiosurf Player, you can „Make a List“ and listen to that list over and over while in a race.

You can „follow“ a list and have it play automatically everytime you are away from the game.

You can „Hide List“ so it doesn’t show up on your screen, and you can change the List List to include any song from the „Profile Folder“.

If the song is playing in the main window, then it will close it when the song has finished.

You can „Follow“ an application as well, so everytime it begins to play, it will play this list automatically.

You can „Hide“ the list of songs (hide the list in the window) and you can change the List List to anything.

You can’t „read“ the list of songs, but you can open the files on your PC.

Each file can hold 10 songs, so you will not have to put them into the list if you don’t want to.

Each song can be accessed by clicking on the file.

Each song will play in the main window.

Each song has to go to the „Tasks“ folder under Audiosurf folder.

Each song has its own settings to access later.

At the top of the windows you have

1. Play/Pause icon.

2. Off the List icon.

3. Repeat List/Hide List icon.

4. Next Song.

5. History.

6. Volume icon.

When you are

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This plug-in is no longer under active development.
Please visit for Audiosurf by Daniel Marcus who now maintains Audiosurf Player.
Copyright 2014 by Daniel Marcus
Audiosurf is a registered trademark of Audiosurf.
Any use of trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of Audiosurf is considered a threat to its validity.
Audiosurf Player is published under an EULA and is distributed as freeware only.
This is a Java Plug-in.
Just click the download button and install it.

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Audiosurf Player Crack+

Audiosurf Player allows you to create a playlist of songs, and play that in Audiosurf without having to click the next button for the next song.
It’s easy to use, just click on the songs in your playlist, and then click Audiosurf Player, and it will open up the DJ software, in the same way it would if you clicked on the next song in your playlist.
So no more being bored, and having to click the next button over and over!
It’s perfect for DJ’s, Musicians, and just about anybody who doesn’t want to miss a song!

What’s New in this Release (1.0.1) –
New! Added a new music player that plays music from your library or the internet (yours online!)

What’s New in this Release (1.0) –
New! Added a new music player that plays music from your library or the internet (yours online!)

Build Date: 5 Jun 2008 – 10:17 PM

OS Support: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


DirectX (June 2002+)

Windows Media Player (April 2002+)

Winamp (April 2002+)

Audiosurf Player has been tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
These media players can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

XinePlayer is a powerful and intuitive media player. It features several useful tools including a playlist, song information display and the ability to launch Audiosurf. All the controls you need for playing, browsing, creating and maintaining playlists are placed in a simple and intuitive graphical interface.

Audiosurf is a new media player that includes a set of features designed to enhance the listening experience. It is a stand-alone media player that can play any MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or OGG audio file. Audio files can be played from a library or an internet radio station. Also, audiosurf can now play directly from a picture viewer, windows explorer or a filemanager such as WinAmp.

VBXM is a VB6-based audio player that plays audio from memory, a preloaded playlist, an internet radio station, or a local or network hard drive. You can use VBXM as a stand alone player or, in VB6, you can use it as a VB6

What’s New in the?

– Play single songs, or play a playlist created in Audiosurf Player
– Play a song from your current playlist from a remote website by copying the URL to your clipboard
– Advanced configuration settings available, for things such as: automatic playback of the next song on the playlist after the player has been paused, and the ability to choose the file format that the audio plays in
– (Currently the only format supported is WAV)
Audiosurf Player Setup Instructions:
1. Download and install Audiosurf Player:
– Click here to download Audiosurf Player on BitTorrent:
Audiosurf Player Links:
– Website –
– BitTorrent –
– Source –
– Author – Alexander J. Sabet
– Email –
– Twitter –
Audiosurf Player Plugins:
– Part 1 –
– Part 2 –
– Author – Alexander J. Sabet
– Email –
– Twitter –
– Facebook –
– Tumblr –
Audiosurf Player is provided „as-is“ and without any warranty of any kind.
This application is not affiliated with Audiosurf, Audiosurf 2, Audiosurf 2 Simulator, or
Team Audiosurf.
Mac Application and Game
Released on Aug. 24, 2012
Copyright 2012 Alexander Sabet
Audiosurf Player by Alexander Sabet – Modified by Ryan Saunders – Modified by Simon Lucas

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System Requirements For Audiosurf Player:

OS: Windows 10
Windows 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 2.8GHz or AMD equivalent (64-bit only)
Intel® Core™ i5 2.8GHz or AMD equivalent (64-bit only) Memory: 8GB RAM
8GB RAM Hard Drive: 8GB available space for installation
8GB available space for installation Video Card: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 750 2GB or AMD equivalent)
Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 750 2GB or