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Whether we like it or not and regardless of the overall drawbacks, one thing's for sure: email is here to stay. It's just too neatly integrated into our professional lives and company-related workflow. So, the least we can do is strive to make email better, just as many services have tried during the years with Slack being a fairly relevant example in this respect. Brings the best elements of email and chat to your company Redkix is one of the late comers to join the party, as it aims to offer you and your business one of the best solutions for email, instant chat, and real-time collaboration. That said, the first thing you should know about Redkix is the fact that it works on top of your work email account. For the time being, it only comes with support for Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. This will probably be the biggest challenge for the young company, since, as we all know, the competition is nothing less than fierce in this field, with other services that offer more versatile integration with other platforms. Other than that, it's also worth pointing out that the service offers bespoke apps for Windows, macOS, as well as for iOS and Android. Redkix's Windows client definitely deserves a thumbs-up Concerning its Windows client dubbed Redkick Desktop App, things are good. Both the installation as well as the sign in procedure are as straightforward as they come and. Even at first glance, it looks exactly as a professional email-chat-collaboration app should, modern and without unnecessary elements. Thanks to an intuitive UI which sports a typical layout, you shouldn't encounter difficulties while getting to grips with the app. The workflow is based on typical group messaging and email-related elements which are mashed together so well that everything feels quite smooth, but we have to point out some of the neat features that might be overlooked. Simple email app when you need it, and powerful chat and collaboration tool when you want something more For starters, it improves the way you can handle emails with the help of productivity-orientated tricks and features by allowing you to prioritize your inbox, to follow-up on emails, and even schedule alarms which can be snoozed. Send an email to one of your collaborators who is not a Redkix user, and it will take the form of a run-on-the-mill email. However, email a Redkix user and things take a turn for the best. Basically, the app transforms into a full-featured instant messaging app with all the modern gimmickry included (Emojis, GIFs, and memes), as well as with support for real-time messages and channels that enhance the way you collaborate team members. A praise worthy approach: why reinvent email when you can just make it better? To conclude, Redkick Desktop App makes a good impression right from the start. We wouldn't go as far as saying that it revolutionizes the field just yet, but it's really impressive to see how well it blends email and collaboration capabilities into a modern package.


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Redkix is a free and premium email, chat and team collaboration app. Redkix is based on a Hybrid-model: One centralized server and thousands of devices accessing the server. Redkix supports traditional email, as well as real-time chat/messages and instant messaging through a unified interface. Redkix is based on a Hybrid-model: One centralized server and thousands of devices accessing the server. Redkix supports traditional email, as well as real-time chat/messages and instant messaging through a unified interface. Redkix: Supercharge your team with Desktop Apps Redkix is a free and premium email, chat and team collaboration app. Redkix is based on a Hybrid-model: One centralized server and thousands of devices accessing the server. Redkix supports traditional email, as well as real-time chat/messages and instant messaging through a unified interface. Redkix is based on a Hybrid-model: One centralized server and thousands of devices accessing the server. Redkix supports traditional email, as well as real-time chat/messages and instant messaging through a unified interface. Hello everyone! Today we announce a new update to our platform: ✔ 100 more email services integrated ✔ 1.5 more apps in one account ✔ New look and a cleaner layout ✔ … and many more things that you can check out on our blog! Some of the reasons why we took this decision: ✔ Marketing of our platform: we have grown by orders of magnitude over the past year and we are increasingly more open to what’s next for us. ✔ It’s our mission to give people a better access to tools that work for them and we can’t do that without support. As you will know, our platform allows you to use multiple email services through one account. We haven’t yet implemented a dedicated iOS app, but we are now able to integrate external email providers that were not available before. For a simple example, open an invite link from StumbleUpon and be automatically forwarded to Gmail. The new look has become our motto: simplicity. So, we are now focusing on making the platform even easier to use, simpler to setup and easier to understand. Since we have integrated another 200 services,

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Redkix is a revolutionary email platform for businesses built around real-time chat and instant messaging. It manages your emails, your mobile phones and your instant messaging clients in one fully integrated app: ✔ Email: Delivers all standard email features and analytics. ✔ Chat: Rich text chat, group messaging, and plenty of other features. ✔ IM: Instant messaging and chat designed for the modern workplace. The key features of Redkix desktop app: ✔ Email: ✔ Email clients: Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 clients. ✔ Email-to-chat: Send any email to one or more of your Redkix users and get a real-time IM in return. ✔ Directly link email and chat: Completely consolidated messaging. ✔ Instant messaging, email and chat: Rich text chat and instant messaging, group messaging and more. ✔ Email statistics: See the real-time activity of your emails on the dashboard. ✔ Activity monitoring: View past conversations and spam messages as well as receive notifications. ✔ Recurring activities: Schedule tasks with one click. ✔ Message previews: Quickly read emails and previews from any source. ✔ Import, export: All your email history can be easily imported and exported to any other email platform. ✔ Vast email hosting options: Send attachments, forward email, auto-archive, schedule emails to retrieve later, archive immediately, send on your phone… ✔ Notifications: Receive notifications about your emails, chats and user actions. ✔ Email threads: Archive threads to manage your communications. ✔ Mobile integration: View and send emails on your phone. ✔ Easy setup: Download a companion app, just like with Dropbox, SMS, Slack, etc. ✔ Restarts: Customizable automatic restarts when you lose connectivity. ✔ Mobile app: Download the Redkix mobile app to see messages right from your phone. ✔ File transfer: Send files in real-time and go through attachment preview. ✔ Chat features: ✔ Rich text chat: Rich text, rich media, emoji, GIF, files, and more. ✔ Instant messaging: Fast and efficient. ✔ User actions: Get notified about what’s going on with users. ✔ Firewall free: No limits, no barriers, no slackers. ✔ User activity: See what your users 3a67dffeec

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Redkix is an instant messaging (IM) and email tool that brings the best elements of email and instant chat to your company. All the best elements of email and chat are combined so smoothly into a powerful collaboration solution, that will make your employees feel more productive, collaborative, and happier. Features like integration with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365, easy integration of self-hosted services and embedded instant chat, the use of the Redkix app, the site, or even your mobile device; everything is covered. It’s like getting your best (of five) email and chat experiences in one place. *The app is optimized for Google apps users. It can also be used with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and Office 365. *Supported communications services: Google, Gmail, MS Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Google Talk, Facebook *Supported devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android *Pricing plans: monthly subscription with no limitations on the number of users.Electric vehicles (EV) are gaining popularity because of reduced fuel consumption and environmental issues. While driving, a vehicle needs to charge the battery to provide power to the electric motor that drives the wheels. This recharging process consumes a significant amount of time. Thus, there is a need to reduce the driving time in order to maximize the battery life. EVs charge at a charging station (e.g., charger, charging station, or an EV charging station), which may be referred to as an electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) or charging port, located in the garage of the vehicle owner/driver. Charging of the EV is performed by a charger that is plugged into a 110/120V outlet near the EVCS. In some cases, a charging station located in the garage of a vehicle owner/driver is not physically convenient for the owner/driver to access the EV charging station, particularly when charging has been requested. Therefore, it is desirable to have multiple EVCSs located in the garage of the owner/driver to maximize the vehicle owner/driver’s charging capacity.Q: How to properly store in a database the information that will be used to generate a PDF? Hi I have a Laravel application, to generate PDFs, I’m using FPDF, and it generate very fine PDFs. My question is, how does one store and retrieve the data that will be used to generate the

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➤ Redkix is a modern platform for email, chat and collaboration ➤ Provides all essential tools for better productivity at work ➤ It comes with a slew of features, including integration with Microsoft Office ➤ Easily manage messages and collaborate with team members online ➤ Integrates with existing social networks too ➤ Exclusive apps available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android ➤ Bespoke apps with desktop and mobile templates ➤ A solid replacement for your primary email and chat platform. ➤ Features [✓] The freemium plan is a „come for the app, stay for the service“ approach. [✓] Rich features for email (importance, task management, follow-up) [✓] Rich features for chat (conversation management, search, filters) [✓] Rich features for collaboration (integration, real-time messages, and channels) [✓] Gets better at organizing your inbox [✓] Use real-time messaging [✓] Bulk toasts [✓] Rich notifications [✓] Compose native emails with content asynchronously [✓] Track tasks with reminders and to-do-lists [✓] Work with existing clients with shared integrations [✓] Works with Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Office 365 Groups [✓] Supports iOS and Android [✓] Supports 15 services including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, iCal, and Google Tasks [✓] Customize the app with themes, icon packs and widgets [✓] Create your own keyboard shortcuts [✓] Supports Bluetooth to connect to iOS and Android devices [✓] Includes an inventory feature for your Active Directory domain [✓] Comes with a simple yet powerful dashboard for admins and users [✓] Includes a brief tutorial [✓] Works in offline mode [✓] Seamless upgrade from a free trial [✓] Comes with a two-week free trial [✓] Exclusively available for Office 365 and Office 365 Groups Links: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: https

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• OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista • CPU: AMD Athlon x4 2.4 GHz, Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz, Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster • RAM: 4 GB RAM • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series, DirectX 11 • HDD: 5GB available space • DirectX: Version 11 • Network: Broadband Internet connection • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card or equivalent A network connection