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The product features the most realistic ball flight and player control in the history of the FIFA franchise. Enjoy all the new opportunities in gameplay that result from the expansion of the game engine. In addition to “HyperMotion,” FIFA 22 includes new stories through which players can experience the clubs and the world of football through more than 100 films, where they get to know real-life players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale or Lionel Messi. Customization options have also been enhanced, with new contextual player information that will further customize the match experience. For example, players can now be asked in the refereeing interface to wear a different shirt. FIFA 22 also offers better controls and a deeper online experience. The control scheme has been revised to make it easier to set up specific play types, and the ability to customize control schemes is now available. This enables you to tailor your play style to your personal preferences and match the in-game action with your own physical performance. With deep integration of the new community hub, the FIFA community can now interact with real-life players through hundreds of videos and images. The FIFA 21 community is the first of all football titles to introduce the new FIFA Live TV app, offering a comprehensive platform for FIFA fans to enjoy all the biggest live matches in the world. Players can broadcast their gameplay live from various online platforms and on Twitch. Additionally, there are now more than 140 amateur clubs from countries such as Brazil, the US, Mexico and South Korea that are available for you to play in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). All of them are presented as random or ownable FUT Superstars, from which you can create or import to the FUT Manager. There are also the FIFA Coins you can also use. What’s new in FIFA 22: New “HyperMotion” technology Vibration via 3D Chairs New enhanced matchday broadcast New singleplayer modes including: FIFA 22 will be available on Steam (PC), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new features and changes in FIFA 22 are as follows: Player Intelligence FIFA 22 introduces the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for players. The AI’s tactical analysis has been optimized in every part of the match simulation. The new implementation uses the data of more than 1,000 real


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 is able to simulate millions of real shots; take them and run with them.
  • Every player in the game is hyper-capable, from the raw speed of Ronaldo to the master of tactical awareness which is Zlatan.
  • Arrange your squad, tweak the balance, make changes to formations, and swap players throughout the game.
  • Master your passing and dribbling, and lead the crowd to your goals.
  • Manage your team, scout for talent and make tactical decisions to get behind your team and win.
  • Enjoy genuine Real Madrid chants as you captain your team to glory
  • Experience the feeling of the one-to-one fights with your opponents.
  • Jump into FreeKicks and Timed Runs, and hone your skills with precise ball control.
  • Experience the amazing 3D crowds, supporters, cities and the largest player roster ever in a FIFA game.
  • In Ultimate Team, play solo or against other real players in massive head-to-head battles.


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FIFA simulates authentic football matches. Features of FIFA 360° positioning – Players react naturally, moving to space on the pitch, creating genuine anticipation as rival players move towards them. Pitch intelligence – Move over the ball and your players will make runs, sprint into position and dribble intelligently, with the ball always finding a way to where it needs to be. High-end graphics – The best-looking game on any device, FIFA features real-world player faces, including well over a thousand unique player expressions. Total football – Play with the ball at your feet, pass it in any direction, take on opponents with a combination of dribbling, tackling and shooting. Your season – Compete in several worldwide leagues, all playable within the game. Game modes – Create your favourite football dream team with 32 real clubs from around the world. Matchday experience – Find and play your preferred team in local friendlies and fixtures, or jump straight into an important league match. Online – Stay connected with the community and create your own online team to play against friends and other gamers around the world. The 32 clubs The game features 32 clubs, all authentic to their real-world counterparts. Loading screen Association football in FIFA is played with two teams in opposition to each other, usually one consisting of eleven players and the other of ten. The objective of a match is to score more goals than the opponent team. The game consists of 22-minute halves with a halftime break, made up of a coach’s talk, a pitch inspection, team changes and then play. Goalkeepers come to the player with possession of the ball, and play with their hands, while strikers are constantly moving towards the ball and dribbling it towards them. Players run around the pitch in free space, with the ball being played through to them, as the defence attempts to position themselves between the ball and the goal. In the build up to a match, the team captains will give pre-match speeches and then the referee will start the match. The match will then commence and play will continue until the end of each 22-minute half, when the halftime break begins. Modes of play Soccer FIFA, following a long tradition of being the king of the foot ball game has adapted to the evolution of society, and is now played not only in front of bc9d6d6daa


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So many ways to add to your FIFA Ultimate Team, with improved load times and better user interface, and FIFA’s most authentic gameplay experience ever. Upgrade players, share ideas, and compete with other players in Head to Head Tournaments. Play With The Pros – In the first ever community-enabled online tournaments, up to 32 of your friends can compete with you and all your EA SPORTS FIFA players. Play with any one of 32 club legends, or step into the shoes of soccer’s greatest and play live in a virtual stadium. Compete for glory and prestige on FIFA Ultimate Team, or put your skills to the test in actual matches with your friends. NEW Commentary Soundtrack Features FIFA Ultimate Team features the most comprehensive set of commentary packages in EA SPORTS FIFA history, available for both fans and pros. All 34 licensed broadcasters will be featured in Season Highlights and Highlights Delivery as well as on your Football Manager Pitch Day-to-day commentary. Additional commentary features include Player-specific commentary and unique commentary call out features to help you navigate the game more efficiently. With a deeper annotation tool than ever before, the commentary is now more interactive than ever. Formations FIFA 22 offers fans the ability to play as the club’s manager in both Normal and Customized Formations. Customized Formations provide fans with more situational control and tactical versatility, and when you play in the Manager Mode, you are placed in the role of the coach. By choosing from a variety of customized formations, including 4-3-3, 4-2-2-1, and even 4-4-2, you can tailor the tactics and plays to any situation and change up how you want to play in order to create more opportunities for you and your team. These formations offer players more choice in the offensive and defensive phase of play. Dynasty Mode A dynamic, meaningful way to approach the managerial challenges of Dynasty Mode, the ambition of your name and club continues to grow with each passing year as you compete on the international stage. You will challenge for European footballing championships and other prestigious competitions. The progression of your club increases each season as you develop your squad, award contracts to new signings, and form bonds with your players. Lead your club through the foundations of competitive and innovative gameplay, and lead them to new heights in FIFA 22. Soccer Skills From dribbling to controlling the ball with aerial skills, FIFA now lets


What’s new:

  • HyperMotion Technology
  • New Career & Pro Paths – with deeper In-Game Pro Academy


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FIFA is the biggest sports franchise of all time, with more than 240 million registered players worldwide. EA SPORTS FIFA 18 continues the journey that started with FIFA 14 with improved game modes, more realistic touch controls and a soundtrack that fits in perfectly. From the stadiums, kits, commentators and players, FIFA 18 captures the intensity of the real-life game and delivers an authentic football experience like no other. A World That Smells True to Life The game captures a true football atmosphere with players making last-ditch tackles, cheering on their team from the stands, refereeing and decisions all coming to life as they do in real life. Experience the Real Football Star FIFA 18 features hundreds of new football stars from around the world with cards that are now fully personalised for each of your players. Players will have their own unique looks, skill-set, and player attributes. As a result, no two football matches are the same. More Equal, More Fair, More Fun FIFA 18 introduces an in-depth set of tools that allows players to change the rules of the game on the fly. Specific cards can be added or removed at any time, offering greater customization and replayability. Fans and players can adjust gameplay to best fit their needs and preferences. EA SPORTS FIFA 18 gives you the FIFA experience on your PC. You can enjoy playing on all your favorite game modes including League, Exhibition, Friendly, Tournament, and Online. What’s New in FIFA 18? FIFA 18 contains all the new features from our two previous titles FIFA 17 and FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. With this edition of FIFA, there are enhancements in the following areas: Touch, camera, gameplay and technology. With development of virtual reality (VR) supported for the first time on next-generation consoles, we’ve invested heavily to ensure that our dedication to delivering the most realistic soccer experience in the world remains at the forefront. Battlefield Referee’s Vision – See what the referees see on the pitch, whether there are any potential fouls, what type of view they have and where the ball is. Camera – Move the camera through the pitch with full control and play your perfect set pieces. Snap Shots – Change your goalkeeper before the ball arrives and use your players‘ awareness to make the best save. Play Styles – Quickly adapt your tactical playstyle and choose from a multitude of attack, defense or mid


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Minimum Recommended: OS: 64-bit CPU: Dual-core 2.0 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Radeon HD5850 or newer DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 5 GB available space Additional Notes: Recommended:Recommended: Broadcast-ONLY NAT/Router is required: After installing Broadcast-ONLY NAT/Router, you will need to edit your router’s firewall settings to allow incoming UDP packets on port 5555. Broad