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Players can dive, change position and execute „dummy passes“ in the middle of a tackle to receive the ball, or fake a shot to deny an opponent the ball and find a teammate.

FIFA 22 is also the first game in the franchise to feature “dynamic player influence,” offering new types of player and ball movement. And the “Move the Pitches” feature has been completely re-designed to allow players to drive, trap or pass the ball on any surface, including: grass, grassy fields, tight, wet and sandy pitches.

FIFA 22 is also the first title in the series to utilize the Frostbite game engine. The game engine allows for increased depth and fidelity for player, ball and environment, with optimal visual effects and lightning-fast game cycles. The Frostbite game engine will be applied to all FIFA games going forward.

Commenting on the newly enhanced Frostbite engine, FIFA head of technology Jesper Lindgren said: “FIFA 22 is the first title powered by the Frostbite game engine, which allows us to raise the quality bar for what a football game can do on any platform, including PlayStation 4. FIFA has always been a great showcase for the PlayStation platform. What we are delivering with Frostbite and „Move the Pitches“ is the most authentic representation of the sport of football that the platform has ever seen. With so many football fans on Sony platforms, we are excited to continue to deliver an experience they’ll love.

“We’ve been working on FIFA for a long time, and there’s so much that we learned from the best – European football, American football, Australian football and college football. Now we apply that to FIFA in a new way to deliver what all football fans want.”

One player deserves even more praise than ever in FIFA 22. FIFA 22 introduces the Youth Cohort Player system, which allows FIFA players to create “in-game personalities” on their FIFA 22 players, giving them a “pro” look with exclusive player, player trait and player action cards. The system allows players to design up to two profiles, so friends and colleagues can play together in their own unique persona.

The system also allows for what FIFA calls a “Player Profile,” allowing youth players and non-pro players to make a living playing the game. Players will work their way up into a �


Features Key:

  • My Team – Customise your players through a series of gameplay options, cards and kits.

    FUT Draft – Live out your dream of becoming your favourite football legend without ever setting foot on a pitch.

    Massives and Billions – Battle both as an individual player and an unrivalled manager as you take on your friends in the multiplayer modes.

    Player positions – Master each position for the rapid improvement of your club.

    New Target Passes – Use new control schemes for passes and crosses to take your gameplay to the next level.

  • Grace on the ball – The Best Player positioning technology on the market ensures every single touch is executed in the right way.

    Professionalism – Return to a complete Pro simulation with „Agent AI“ and “Total Team AI” that helps the player dominate the ball.

    HyperMotion – Use „HyperMotion Technology“ which collects data from a complete real-life match using motion capture suits worn by real-life footballers to power game physics and control.

  • Improved Player models – Every detail of your player is captured using a motion capture suit, including individual movement and leg strength.

    Breathing – Player models synchronise to the life-like breathing systems of the original players for every flash of aggression and every taunt, scream and whistle.

  • Real Player, real goals – Every goal has been recreated on a 1:1 scale by using full player and goalkeeper data to ensure every goal looks and behaves identically to the original.


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EA Sports FIFA 22 is the official videogame of the association football world’s most popular football competition, the FIFA World Cup™. As the official videogame of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 puts you in the heart of the world’s greatest sporting event with all-new gameplay, thousands of authentic fan chants, licensed stadiums, and the official ball, gear, uniform, and shoes of the host nation, Brazil.

Join the worlds of football, music, art, and culture with FIFA World Cup™, the first soccer videogame series to create a universe all its own. With FIFA World Cup™, you can create a player and take on your friends in a campaign to reach the World Cup Final, choose a national team and play at the official stadiums of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, or go it alone in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 matches and play to unlock new FIFA Ultimate Team™ items.


Foot GAIT: The Official Game of the FIFA World Cup™

True Player Motion: The ground is where the foot connects to the body. Learn how to kick effectively with ground reactions in a match. The art of play on grass, powered by Foot GAIT.

Define Your Play Style: Define your play style with a new suite of tools and animations. Take on a free-flowing game, or get creative and use the new dive mechanic to show off your creativity.

Authentic Fan Chants: The world of FIFA World Cup™ comes alive with thousands of authentic fan chants from all corners of the globe. The games open with a fanfare, and fans will join in to make the stadium atmosphere one that can only be felt in FIFA World Cup™.

Ball Physics: The ball reacts realistically to your movements and plays in a new way. Don’t give the referees too much reason to call you offside.

New Player Interaction: Effective use of the new player interaction system allows you to control the player in your way, pulling off skillful moves in 1-on-1 or 3-on-3 matches.

Fan-Favorite Teams: We’ve added the returning favorites from the Champions League and Europa League.

Run the Risks: Gain critical momentum with new critical moment gameplay. Practice heading the ball, off the shoulder, and other dangerous runs to put you in the perfect scoring position.



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Create your own dream team of real world and fantasy players

PES 2018 FUT features real-world clubs from the most hotly contested leagues in the world, as well as more than 500 teams from around the globe.

New in FIFA Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4:

· Customise your players and gear to create the best team – the real pain of squad management is now even greater thanks to thousands of customisation options.

· Customise your team and have your fantasy world come to life.

· Share your Ultimate Team creations with your friends over social networks.

· Use various Ultimate Team mechanics: ownership, auctions, drafts, packs, and a comprehensive trading system in new ways.


FIFA 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One makes its epic journey to the Champions League final, and challenges you to go all the way.

The golden generation of world football is here, with the latest FIFA on PS4, Xbox One and PC bringing together the best of the best in authentic player performance and a brand new edge-of-your-seat story mode.

And if that’s not enough, FIFA 17 will offer 30 minutes of new training on Day One to give you the edge on the pitch.

With so much explosive football to master, let’s take a look at what makes FIFA 17 so different from past games:

Authentic Player Performance – Soccer legends like Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and David Beckham bring their unique skill sets and infectious style to the game. FIFA 17 will take you into a football experience like no other.

Brand New Story Mode – FIFA 17 brings you closer to the action than ever before. Experience the story of the Champions League final and pull the strings to take your club to glory.

Personalise Your Player – Fans of the beautiful game will want to accessorise their squad with their heroes and the biggest names in the game. Let your voice be heard by letting you create your own custom-made players!

FIFA Ultimate Team – Create your own dream team of real world and fantasy players, then take your squad on a journey across Europe for thrilling Champions League matches.

Addictive Gameplay – A brand new way to experience football: Player Impact Engine (PIE) brings the world of football to life with new dynamic skill-based controls, making passing and shooting feel far more accurate


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” a brand new physics engine providing myriad gameplay improvements. “HyperMotion Tech comes with game-changing gameplay features that bring to life more realistic and accurate soccer actions.”
  • New intelligent AI manages the chaos of fast-paced, high-skill games.
  • Compete in new online modes – Three new online modes will let you get into some pre-season games, even if you’re not a FIFA-mania. These online modes are based on the local proximity and popularity of your chosen partner country, so you can experience how FIFA 22 lets you play anywhere in the world.
  • New online feature will let you leapfrog friends in the rankings with a ‘MarkMyTeam’ penalty that puts your team’s rankings one spot higher than the teammate who kicks the ball, instead of a big red card.
  • New Blood Transfers feature lets you use experience earned from X2 Pro Club Team Status to transfer to any Pro Club Team in FIFA 22, and, if you’re in the Pro Club, you’ll be ranked according to your level of experience in that team.
  • New Additional Skill Tackles feature lets you perform tackles in addition to regular skills tackles.
  • New Full Control Dribbling – Switch and cancel moves with new full control dribbling.
  • New Player Behaviour – FIFA 22’s new Player Behaviour system places control of player movement, out of control, and the dynamic of the game where it should be. Training sessions in FIFA’s “Take Your Team to The Next Level” tutorial are included with the game to help train your player between seasons.
  • New Performance Profiles. These profiles are designed to help the game recognise your style of play and match it to the appropriate training challenge.
  • New Player Skins – Uses new skin technology that will bring the player models to life; let you change your player’s team colour or change their jersey number.
  • New Pre-Match Emotions: Smiles and mischievous glares make it into the game, bringing FIFA 22’s characters to life.

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    FIFA is the world’s leading sports videogame franchise. In UEFA Champions League, FIFA, FIFA World Cup™, FIFA 99, FIFA 98, the FIFA series of football video games has been used by millions of fans around the world. In addition to these, there are more than 50 other unique titles in the FIFA series, such as NCAA Football, NHL® Hockey, NCAA Women’s Lacrosse, Bejeweled™, The Crew®

    , Madden NFL 25, FIFA 15.

    What are the features of FIFA?

    FIFA is focused on the three main areas of game play – Features, Player control and Experience. For fans of the game, it helps create a very intimate and authentic experience of football by offering a number of features including the ability to choose your preferred players based on their attributes.

    The end product of this in game innovation is our ability to deliver a more realistic and entertaining experience for the real-life fan.

    FIFA gameplay is based on authentic feeling with top quality animations. The game is highly playable across all platforms.

    Up until now, all features of the game have been based on a real football game – FIFA Champions League 2010. Now that the game is fully released, there is the opportunity to reflect on and further improve it for the next season.

    Benefits of Pro Player 2.0

    Every progression made by the player’s stats and personal attributes are now represented in the HUD. The ultimate goal is to deliver the best possible FIFA experience.

    Players are now able to create their own team in-game before the start of the match and use them to compete in a variety of different modes.

    The Player Analyser now offers a range of statistics such as ball possession, shots taken, accurate crosses, tactical actions, fouls & cards.

    More detailed animations for specific scenes and player movements.

    Improved Physic Engine to give greater accuracy for player contact.

    More realistic player collisions.

    How do I create my own team?

    The FIFA Ultimate Team experience is based on the continued evolution of the FIFA franchise. The goal of this new feature is to bring the online experience of playing for yourself, to the real-life football fan. Fans can now create their own team using real footballers from around the world.

    You can create custom teams by importing the great players you find on the internet using our Public Profile feature.

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