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„HyperMotion Technology takes everything we learn from our FIFA 19 player models and simulates them in the game on the pitch,” said FIFA 20 technical director Junji Yamazaki. “Our new engine, FM19, is the heart of the new engine and accurately simulates the ball’s dynamics on the pitch. Combining this with the Motion Manager that is based on real-world data, created with Motion VR, we have created a new level of immersion and realism that we could not achieve before.”

As well as FM19, the FIFA 20 video game will feature an improved version of the Ball Intelligence System (B.I.S.), which has been revamped and enhanced. Using data from the Motion Manager, B.I.S. uses advanced statistical modelling to constantly assess how the ball behaves at any given moment on the pitch. Based on this information, B.I.S. can identify real-life tactics and adapt the gameplay to the player’s position on the pitch. It also considers movement patterns of the players, to understand which kind of shot they prefer in specific situations.

Both the FM19 and B.I.S. are seamlessly integrated into the match engine, allowing the ball to behave as it would in real-life during a complete football match. Both are also embedded within the same technology used to deliver the game’s unprecedented HyperMotion.

FIFA 20 also benefits from a new camera system, which captures a 360 degree view of the pitch and the player to provide a more accurate experience.

„I cannot praise these new features enough,“ said English Premier League and FIFA 20 Creative Director, Seb Kammerdiener. „The amount of effort and attention that has gone into creating them is truly inspiring.”

The game’s official release date is 25th September on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch the FIFA 20 reveal trailer below:


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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • 50-day Early Access for Steam
  • Features from FUT Champions
  • New Transfer Market, Tots Club, International Draft, and Team and Squad Building systems
  • Over 400 CBT challenges
  • Introduces „HyperMotion Technology”, which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay
  • Customise your team like never before with new Team Building cards, Nani, Fanendo Adi (No 2), and Enda Stevens’s customisable Dream Teams
  • New Weather System
  • Over 40 venues with authentic stadiums and iconic fan and player locations
  • New Focus system – influenced by the most used positions in the country, offering challenging positional battles for all players to face in the match
  • Genuine 4K Ultra High Definition support on both consoles


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Game modes:

  • Career Mode – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.


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FIFA is the world’s best football video game franchise. EA SPORTS FIFA titles are the number one selling football game franchise in the world.

Want to join the FIFA community? Join the community! EA SPORTS FIFA has an awesome community with over 20 million members on Facebook and Twitter.

Play at home or in your backyard. All FIFA games are played in single-player Career Mode, where you can take control of your favourite player, or play head to head with friends and win real world tournaments.

Or join over 35 million people from around the world competing for the World Cup. Play competitive games online with the FIFA Real World Championships, or challenge others to 1-on-1 games in the new FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Compete in multiple competitions including friendlies, professional tournaments, and FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Enjoy a new tag-team knockout mode, and show off your tactics with tactical player training.

Play EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team games featuring more than 500 player items, including new FIFA cards, all-new FUT ICONS, kits, boots, goalkeepers and much more!

Click here to read about in-game features.

Playlist for FIFA 22 The best players on the planet turn up in FIFA 22, including Javier Pastore, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Oliver Giroud. Play the game and see who you think will win, then challenge your friends in the FIFA Challenge to win real-world prizes, including FIFA Ultimate Team Packs and FIFA Coins. Featuring some of the biggest football stars in the world, FIFA 22 challenges you with the player ratings, and you can shape your team right down to every position. And over 150 leagues and tournaments have been updated to reflect the footballing season. New Challenges New for the footballing season of FIFA is the Mode Challenges. They allow you to show off your creativity and out-thinking your opponents with new gameplay and visuals. In FIFA 22 you can play challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. For example: if you need to win an association challenge then you will need the three-star players: or in FIFA 19, you need three forwards and two wingers. You can use My Career and The Journey to load up your My Career with players that have the skills you need. Or you can create a customised My Career from scratch. From December 28 to December 31. In FIFA 20 and FIFA 19, you can play the Mode Challenges


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Build your ultimate team of the game’s biggest stars in Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is the new game mode in FIFA that brings the most popular modes in FIFA to life. It combines the excitement of FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons and the new gameplay additions of Draft, Reserves and Quick Matches into one amazing experience that immerses fans in the true heart of the game.

FUT Draft – Pick your favourite new and classic players from the game’s most iconic teams and clubs and bring them together in a single FUT Draft draft slot. Combining your favourite players with the FUT Draft Draft slot, FUT Drafts are the most exciting and tactical FUT Draft drafts with hours of fun and excitement.

FUT Reserves – Get your team ready for the new season with the FUT Reserves Draft and Player Reserves. Draft and re-draft FUT Reserves in an exciting, FUT Draft-style format. Send your latest Reserves squad to the training field and create the ultimate team of talent.

FUT Draft Quick Matches – Select a team of your favourite players and compete in a single game. Play and create the best teams with your favourite FUT Teams, or use all your favourite clubs in one game for the ultimate FUT experience!

Intense, tactical gameplay and more new ways to play – FIFA 22 brings new modes to life with the biggest players and clubs in the world, including Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, and gives fans fresh ways to play and enjoy a classic.

FIFA 22’s gameplay is built around intelligent Matchday Moments, and players are able to earn licenses from their continuous gameplay.

Players can earn multiple Master (M) licenses based on both their game time and total number of game plays. Master (M) licenses are vital to unlock more Master (M) gameplay features during gameplay. Master (M) licensed gameplay features will enable players to take control of new modes and feature gameplay through dynamic game play, and licensed content can now be unlocked in a variety of ways.

Players can now earn Master (M) gameplay licenses for the new FIFA U19 World Cup* on PlayStation 4. The FIFA U19 World Cup is a brand new licensed FIFA experience exclusive to PS4 in FIFA 22.

This brand new FIFA experience features an all new scoreline system, as well as other standout features including Global Co-Operative Play and a more immersive gameplay experience.

With the launch of


What’s new:

  • FIFA – New Exotic Player Faces
  • New Dynamic Tactical Create-a-Player system
  • New Tactical Defending AI
  • New Traffic/Urban Revolutions
  • NewGoalkeeper Controls
  • New Player Ratings

Multiplayer Modes:

  • New gameplay features
  • New in-game community features


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Reinvent FIFA With Authentic Player Performance

A new Real Player Motion engine brings new levels of fluidity and control to the ball, player, and atmosphere.

Player Intelligence for Digitally Dressed Players and Better Impact Physics

Players can now perform and react to moves in a more intelligent way.

New Ball Physics for More Persistent Movement

The ball now moves in a more fluid and natural way with more deflections and varying type of contact.

Get into the Game and In-Game Features

Use Features for Real Control and Management

New Master League AI – Multi-club Fixtures and World Cup Qualification Fixtures

New Friendlies – Invite only (classic friendlies with no rankings)

New World Cup Qualifier Mode – 16 teams in the tournament format

Smart Agent Play – Dynamically adjust your tactics based on what your team mate is doing

Improve the Matchday Experience – Live broadcasts on TV, newly discovered player highlights, player profile and more

Compete in Real 3-4-2 (and more) Tactical Play – Play with your preferred formation in all game modes.

New Maneuvers – Dozens of new animations and 100+ new combo moves for heading, shooting, dribbling, set plays, and much more.

Real Celebrations – Animated player celebrations including new play-by-play celebrations and even new free kick songs.

Invite Friends and Be Popular – New user interface and re-designed My Club to make new and returning fans feel at home.

Record and Share Videos – Record your own real time goals or use your camera to get players to perform actions from your playbook.

New VFX – More dynamic crowds, ball animations, goal explosions and a new animated players in the celebrations

New Career Mode – More Career progression, more in-depth character creation with new hairstyles, more player animations, and more.

New Simulation Controls – Accuracy and speed are now separate sliders so you can fine tune each component of your game.

New Matchday Experience – Hundreds of new animations, new weather effects, and player catch up for real-time messages during game play.

New Commentary – Play by play commentators with full on game day coverage.

Get involved – Connect with the FIFA Community with all new unified social features

Experience Real 3-4-2 (and more) Tactical Play – Play with your preferred formation in all


How To Crack Fifa 22:

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System Requirements:

The aim of this guide is to make the game play smoother on various platforms. What it does not contain is any details on how to increase your chances of having luck, nor does it contain any details on making your guns deal more damage. Everything in this guide is chosen based on the feedback we have gotten from our testing.
Please keep in mind that this guide is only applicable for single-player. It doesn’t account for cross-platform multiplayer, which is the primary reason why this guide isn’t covered in more detail.
Please also be aware that this is only