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“Football is a sport that is always evolving, and modern football requires great communication and teamwork,” said Tim Weitschel, Senior Director, Product at Electronic Arts. „We are taking a unique approach with FIFA that makes it easier than ever for players to capture, control, and experience their favorite sports, and create a wholly unique FIFA gameplay experience.”

„It is essential that players can control the ball all over the pitch, and the next generation of motion capture technology enables us to do just that,“ said Robin Butler, Development Director for EA Sports. „This ground-breaking technology allows us to more accurately represent the way the real-life ball moves on the pitch, and now we can pass and dribble in the air too.“

During the development of FIFA 22, EA Sports introduced a new control method to drive the ball, including a new dribbling control system inspired by real-life dribbling techniques. With the control method, players can feel a more authentic dribbling experience with quicker and more responsive ball control. This new dribbling control system also simulates unique football motions and systems, such as zig-zagging and faking, and is well-suited for how the ball rolls at various speeds, on hard surfaces and on uneven pitches.

FIFA 22 also includes a new game-changing AI system that lets players see their opponent’s next movement before they even make it. Players can intercept passes in a faster, more agile way, and have the ability to make the correct decision before the ball makes contact.

Additional Features in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 introduces a new control system that mimics real-life dribbling. This system includes an intuitive dribbling control system, adapted to give players a realistic dribbling experience with quicker and more responsive ball control. With this new dribbling control system, players can feel more like a real player and pass and dribble like they were playing the game themselves.

Using Motion Capture data from a real-life professional footballer, the system incorporates several factors that influence football decision-making, such as acceleration, trail braking, acceleration from recovery and anticipation.

At a glance, players can now simulate unique football motions and systems, such as zig-zagging and faking, and can play a match with more variety and control.

AI System for Dribbling:

New tactics system allows for interactive play from the opposition.


Features Key:

  • Create your own unique player within Ultimate Team. Use the power of real-life motion-capture data to make players change how they move on the pitch.
  • Hunt down the latest equipment using the all-new Transaction Market. Find the next upgrade for your strongest attributes, or repurpose cool new boots and shirts as an entirely new outfit – even trade them in for your graded gear to stack up on your fees and make some money
  • Take your tactics to the next level with enhanced Player Intelligence in the Carousel. Show off your dedicated tactics to unlock rewards; watch what other players do to learn what they’ll do, then plan your next move around the opposition
  • Choose from a renewed range of Manager types in Managerial Challenges, with an emphasis on the tactical variation to quickly adjust to your opponent. Recreate more-intimate matches to lead your side to victory
  • The most authentic FIFA ball-to-ball physics and ball-tricks in franchise history. Create new moves and use old tactics on your favourite teams, with more goals on the ball, passes that go further and accelerations and styles that work
  • THOUSANDS of officially licensed teams. 20 sponsors. Even more licenses in development – expect to see many more in 2018.
  • Earn your stripes and become a Pro. Scout your opponents and find talents hidden in plain sight on the Transfer Market to rise the ranks within your club and climb up the Pro ladder
  • Featuring hyper drive eXtreme and physically based animations, guarantee to immerse your player more. Pause the game at just the right moment to create a clean, dynamic and explosive move. Lean and kick, hurdle and slide – to get where you want to be on and off the pitch. Dive, roll, and slide off-ball to steal the ball. Master your surroundings to turn the ball into a weapon; tackle and steal like never before. Incomparable animations give even the most committed real-life footballer a new level of freedom
  • The first major motion capture technology integration with FIFA. Enjoy the new technology-powered gameplay speed, controlled by the ball in-motion, and the ability for the AI to change play at any time, even when the player is carrying the ball, to see the competition preparing to counter
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    The FIFA series of football video games has sold nearly 450 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling sports games of all time. Developed in conjunction with EA Canada, FIFA 13 featured enhancements like a new animation system, lighting and groundbreaking graphics, while the addition of new gameplay features added a more authentic feel to the game.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team™?

    FIFA Ultimate Team™ is a new way to play any of the top sports video games. With FIFA Ultimate Team™, you can build and manage a virtual team from the best footballers in the world. Make trades, explore unique player crafting systems, and take on your friends with one-of-a-kind Teams, Squads, and Gameweek Made for Gamers™. With FIFA Ultimate Team™, there are no limits to your creativity. The only limits are your imagination.

    What is All-Stars Mode™?

    All-Stars Mode™ delivers a unique twist on FIFA Ultimate Team™ gameplay by bringing to life famous real-world football teams from the game’s past and present. Choose from 11 iconic teams from the past, including teams like Germany and Brazil, or take on 11 present day squads filled with today’s biggest stars. As the legendary Clasico Champions, FC Barcelona in 2006 have played a prominent role in the 2013 release of FIFA.

    What is Create-a-Club?

    Create-a-Club lets you take ownership of a team and then manage every aspect of its squad in Ultimate Team™ – training, tactics, transfers, and more. You can even build a stadium at your own pace to host epic matches and share your experiences with others on the global leaderboards.

    What is MyClub™?

    MyClub™ is a brand new social platform for FIFA Ultimate Team™ that allows you to build your own squad, compete against friends, and earn rewards along the way. Compete in weekly challenges, weekly cups, and special events to earn unique rewards.

    What is Gameweek Made for Gamers?

    Gameweek Made for Gamers is a special tournament mode designed specifically for competitive FIFA Ultimate Team™ players. Play FIFA Ultimate Team™ matches against real opponents as they are happening in the competition, with over-the-top experiences like Superstar Matches, Pro Player Draft, and surprise new features to explore. The same innovations that made it into the live competition


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    Be the most powerful and complete FIFA Manager with more ways than ever to experience the game’s most popular game mode. Forge your own path through FIFA Ultimate Team, where you can create and manage your own FUT Pro team, compete in challenging Seasons, and face the best teams on the planet in competitions of skill, power, and strategy.

    Career Showcase – Featuring “historic” players, customizable managers, and all-new game modes, FIFA 22 takes the Career Showcase deeper than ever before.

    Lifestyle – FIFA 22 lets you live out your dreams as you manage your club to glory with new activities including the Annual FIFA Manager Awards Ceremony, a career-spanning awards ceremony for the planet’s best managers, as well as a new “all-access” player tour bringing you closer to your own Pro, in-game and out.

    PES 2016 Season Ticket

    PES 2016 Season Ticket unlocks a series of valuable benefits that players will notice when they play PES 2016, including:

    Unlock and Play – new expansion packs, new game modes, new club types, and new locations, are all included.

    Player Value, Player Customization – new techniques and active gameplay make all players valuable. And, as you acquire new skills, your player will increase in value.

    Interactivity – PES 2016 lets you control your player’s development. You’ll find training and nutrition techniques that will help you take your play up a notch, and new visual cues will help you develop your game style.

    Better Matchmaking – PES 2016 will automatically recommend you play matches with your friends and challenges so that you can experience more enjoyable matches.

    We announced a partnership with FIFA 15 and PES, with FIFA 15 providing the best football gameplay, and PES for the fans. The FIFA 15 PES partnership will provide access to an exclusive group of PES “squad” players and PS4 FIFA 15 players will gain access to a new PES feature – “Dash Right”, which allows them to “dash” to a teammate and play a short mini-game before the next pass. The “squad” players will be known as “The PES Squad” and will feature an intro video with a whole new FIFA 15 and PES career mode, featuring new features and gameplay, unique features, and the debut of the “PES Pro


    What’s new:

    • FIFA career mode allows you to create your very own football club, beginning by choosing your squad and kit style and working your way up to glory in the FIFA World Cup
    • Offers a variety of new gameplay features like dribbling, set-piece situations, and more
    • Many more live trials, with everything from attack-oriented shooting drills to dribbling sequences, plus new passes and tricks
    • Individual physiological training features, like Heat Maps, Player Stress Analysis, and Perception Matrix
    • Other improvements including Out of Foul set-ups, a new Chance Conversion control scheme, and all-new ball physics
    • Realistic celebrations and a new contextual goal-scoring system, to complement an emphasis on shooting precision and goal-scoring
    • Better Battle’N’Chop; Improved set-pieces, including new free-kicks, crosses, and corners
    • Greater variety of unique playing styles, like Counter-pressing, Beating the Retreat, and Dobbering
    • Expanded goalkeepers’ tactics like Retirements, Foot Tapping, and defensive roll overs.
    • Features in the game include Personalised training routines, Squad rotation, Personal goal celebrations, squad and formation changes, and more.


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    If you’ve never played FIFA before, here’s a quick primer. It’s the official videogame of the sport, and over the years, it’s sold over 650 million copies around the world. Every month, more than 100 million people compete in the Ultimate Team mode, a rewards-based career mode that gives you the chance to create your very own team of footballers.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 is out now on Xbox One and PS4. Xbox Insiders and PlayStation® Insiders can get access to the Beta from September 28th by completing the steps here:

    FIFA 20 on PlayStation® 4

    FIFA 20 on Xbox One

    FIFA 20 on Windows

    What is the FIFA 20 Beta?

    The Beta will give you a sneak-peek at FIFA 20. The Beta is an opportunity to test-drive the game, before the full game comes out on September 27th. This includes all regular aspects of the game, as well as some limited content that’s not available in the normal version of the game.

    The Beta will be available to all EA Access members on Xbox One and PS4.

    What do I need to play the Beta?

    You don’t need to have an EA Access account to play in the Beta. You can play the Beta right alongside all your friends, online and off.

    Can I use mods while I’m in the Beta?

    Yes, and here’s how. Because Mods are implemented at the file level (rather than by editing the game’s files) they can be modified without any need for re-downloading, and with any install media. Any changes made to Mods will not be available once you’ve completed the Beta.

    On Xbox One, Mods can be installed to your hard drive using the EA Access Game Trial. On PlayStation® 4, Mods can be downloaded from the PlayStation® Store using your PSN login.

    Please note that Mod files can be as large as 50 GB.

    How do I install/uninstall Mods?

    Mods can be installed or uninstalled from within the game using any of the following methods.

    Xbox One:

    Press (up) on the Guide button to access My game list,

    Scroll to the ‘Mods’ section and press the Select button.


    How To Crack:

    • Download setup file from
    • After downloading, install it on any PC.
    • After Installation close & clean CODEX folder from „All Programs“ -> FIFA 22
    • Open „FIFA 22.exe“ and press Shift+N to run the game


    System Requirements:

    More than 50MB space required. This game is not supported by EA. It’s a web browser game, so it can’t make use of offline mode.
    No background music or sound effects.
    Online Connection
    The game is playable via your computer’s internet connection. The game does not require installation on your computer or IOS device. The game will work on any desktop computer, Mac, or IOS device that has a web browser.
    Browser: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
    Screen Resolution: 1024