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* **Layer 6:** Layer 6 offers a variety of tools to alter the masking of other layers. Figure 14-14 shows how to use Layer 6 to repair a hole in an image. * **Layer 7:** Layer 7 offers tools for drawing directly on the image. This includes a feature that lets you create and combine images into a montage. FIGURE 14-14: A layer mask allows you to edit a layer or transparently alter the pixels of other layers. ## Image Tag You use a _tag_ — a word or short phrase that appears on-screen — to give your image a name. The default name that you give your image is based on the date and time you save the file. You can replace that default with a name of your own choosing. When you select the image, the Tag dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 14-15. Type a new name for the image and press Enter. FIGURE 14-15: You can edit the name of the image, based on the time and date it was created. When you select a different name, an automatic Save As dialog box appears, offering you the option to save the file under that new name. If you select an existing folder on your computer to save the file, the tag you choose doesn’t appear in the dialog box. (If you don’t choose an existing folder, the dialog box displays that _Untitled_ tag at the bottom of the text box.) By default, Photoshop is set to let you choose a tag for all future images of that type. You can, however, change the default settings to require you to create a tag for each new image. To do so, go to File → Preferences, click the Default button, and then select the Save Tags check box, as shown in Figure 14-16. FIGURE 14-16: Set this option to display the tag-generation box for every new image. ## Monitoring the Layers The Layers panel contains images, shapes, gradients, text, and other objects. You may or may not use all of these elements in your projects, but knowing what’s going on at any point in the Layers panel can be useful when creating and editing images. The following sections explain how to use some of the Layers panel’s features.

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If you are just starting out using Photoshop Elements, keep reading the list of Photoshop Elements best practices to follow to get up to speed quickly. Adobe Photoshop Elements Best Practices After you’ve mastered all the Photoshop Elements techniques, then you can further refine your skills by going through these best practices. Crop photos This is the most fundamental editing technique. With proper cropping, you can improve the composition of the photo and make it look better. Launch Photoshop Elements, select “Image,” and then “Crop.” On the right side of the window, drag the box to select where you want the image to be cropped. Then press the “Crop” button. How do you get the most out of cropping? Using the Crop tool, you can crop images that include elements like horizons, mountains, shrubs, vines, etc. Cropping will provide you with some basic tips as to what you need to keep and what you need to get rid of. After cropping, you need to make some decisions about the look of the image. Are you happy with what the cropping has done? If not, make some changes. Crop methods The most important tool is the Crop tool. In the above-described crop, you saw that the Crop tool can make a great difference in the way the image looks. Let’s see what else you can do to make the most of the cropped image. You can change the perspective of the image. (This is called “tilting”) You can change the orientation of the image. (This is called “rotating”) You can get rid of unwanted elements by filling them. You can add effects that make the image look more professional. For this example, we will edit a photo of people in a school photo. We will crop the photo and rotate it so that it is more readable in the context of the photo. 1. To crop the image, launch Photoshop Elements, select “Image,” and then “Crop.” On the right side of the window, drag the box to select where you want the image to be cropped. Then press the “Crop” button. The image will be cropped. 2. A dialog box 388ed7b0c7

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Mammalian kinetochores are microtubule-based protein assemblies that serve as the primary spatial and functional regulators of chromosome segregation during mitosis and meiosis. The Ndc80/Sfi1/hSpindly complex is a critical microtubule-binding unit within the inner kinetochore. We have shown that the hSpindly subunit, a seven-pass transmembrane protein containing three Src homology 3 (SH3) domains, binds to kinetochores and is required for formation of the Ndc80/Sfi1/hSpindly complex. hSpindly is also required for efficient recruitment of the outer kinetochore proteins KNL-1, CENP-T, CENP-C, and Aurora B, and for proper microtubule attachment to the kinetochore. The three-dimensional structure of the hSpindly SH3 domains, combined with structure-function analyses, has provided new insight into the role of hSpindly within the kinetochore. We have also shown that the hSpindly SH3 domains, via the interaction with the kinetochore, are responsible for recruitment of hSpindly to kinetochores. As in other protein-protein interaction systems, the residues of hSpindly that contact the residues of the kinetochore determine where the hSpindly SH3 domains are localized. Thus, there are two independent signals for the hSpindly localization to the kinetochore. A large number of kinetochore proteins interact with hSpindly, including Ndc80, hBubR1, and KNL-1. hSpindly, through its SH3 domains, recognizes many kinetochore proteins, including the Ndc80/hBubR1/KNL-1 complex. The Ndc80/hBubR1/KNL-1 complex is thought to be important in stabilizing the correct binding of microtubules to the kinetochore. Although the Ndc80/hBubR1/KNL-1 complex is likely to be one of the primary downstream factors of hSpindly, our preliminary data indicates that hSpindly is also required for binding of the Ndc80/hBubR1/KNL-1 complex to microtubules. The mechanism underlying the Ndc80/hBubR1/KN

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Windows® 7/Vista®/XP®/8/10 with DirectX® and OpenGL® 1.2. Web browser, installed on the same system as the game. 2 GB of RAM. Minimum of 40 GB of available hard disk space. Minimum of 50 GB of available hard disk space for installing the game. Affected devices may require an additional 6 GB of hard disk space for installing the game. An additional 1 GB of free disk space is required for the Xonotic installer