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FIFA Live, slated to launch in Summer 2016, will provide a collection of new and updated features for all existing FIFA Live features. FLS features a new system of competitive modes that will make players feel the intensity of the game, including “Goal Rush” and “Referee Challenge” modes, which pit players against the AI referees and challenge them to make the correct decisions on the pitch. “The launch of FIFA Live on PlayStation 4 will create the Ultimate FIFA experience. By combining the different game modes, console features and Live features in FIFA Live, we’ve built a variety of new ways to play on the new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms,” said Oliver Wilhelm, Executive Producer, EA SPORTS FIFA. “Players are going to be challenged in ways they’ve never experienced before.” Praise for FUT on PS4 (FIFA 15) “FIFA 15 is already a modern football game with a great lot of technical features. We are very excited about what we have in store for the next installment.” Florian Pinter, FUT Producer “The new ‘FIFA Live’ on PS4 is going to be an action-packed experience with a more authentic and real feel.” Cristian Albert, Senior Producer “All gameplay features on the PS4 will allow you to play as the best player on the planet like never before. The next-gen features will make every game feel more realistic than ever before, and the improved artificial intelligence will allow you to compete with any team on any day of the week.” Bryan de la Fuente, Lead Designer ON LIVE FEATURES FIFA Live FIFA Live is a new set of features coming to FIFA Online in 2016. These features offer a greater sense of challenge than ever before, with new game modes for all skill levels. live matches 10-on-10 matches in which you can compete against the AI in new game modes like Goal Rush, Defense and Score, as well as existing modes like classic Real Tournament or 6-on-6. Face-Off Face-Off allows users to play online with friends against a community-built player pool of over 1.5 million players. Face-Off uses a unique matchmaking system that recognizes player attributes in real


Features Key:

  • The Best Player Ever – 13 new or revised kits, including the iconic Away Shirt, and a new stadium ambassador, all designed to reflect the club DNA of your favourite club!
  • Re-designed engine delivers more realistic ball physics and player movement. Improved player weighting plus new collision models will allow you to tackle more powerfully and jump higher.
  • New game engine is more interactive and realistic, allowing you to see your opponents’ intended passes and shots more clearly and precisely.
  • Pick your formation, play your way. Select to play with your preferred style of play, featuring dominant and offensive formations and tactical play styles.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • New way to play – Quick Play contests with the knockout system and Free Kick shoot-outs
  • New Online Pass & Points System – Lead your club to glory and your route to earning more global Pass & Points on the pitch.


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Want to play soccer like Pele? Steal Neymar’s moves? Play like Messi? Build a world-class squad? Become the soccer god you always wanted to be? With over 200 million players worldwide, FIFA is one of the world’s largest and most popular sports games. Backed by a legion of dedicated fans, FIFA also offers the most authentic global football experience on any console. Features Authentic Stadiums & World Class Players FIFA’s Authentic Stadiums offer a living, breathing environment featuring the genuine sights and sounds of the real-world away from the playing field. Featuring more than a hundred authentic stadiums, each one filled with millions of true-to-life players, the game accurately reflects the competition around the world by serving up home team rosters that are true to life. FIFA’s Player Universe immerses you in the day-to-day life of some of the most coveted players in the world, including Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Kane, and many more. Plus, with more than 200 million players worldwide, FIFA is one of the world’s largest and most popular sports games. Intuitive Controls At the core of EA SPORTS FIFA is an innovative new control system that now makes FIFA’s deep and immersive gameplay accessible to everyone. Using motion controls, simple button presses or a combination of the two, players can now manipulate the ball by making swift, precise, and accurate decisions that you’d expect from a real-life soccer player. The all-new control system will empower players of all skill-levels to control the game the way real-life players do. FIFA is the first video game to capture the speed, precision and attention to detail of the real-life game. Real-world physics and player animations are at the heart of FIFA’s new control system. The new control system makes it easy for players of all skill-levels to take advantage of the possibilities in the game. New Real Motion Camera Like every year, FIFA introduces an all-new’real motion camera‘, which is built on the success of the revolutionary ‚Top Spin‘ system that has been a hallmark of FIFA since 2002. No one does the game like the real world, and the’real motion camera‘ better captures the unpredictability and fluidity of the bc9d6d6daa


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Build your ultimate squad of superstars and make them perform for you in real-time with fast and fluid gameplay as you jump in and out of a match. Play Your Way – New to FIFA 22 is a range of enhanced interactive tutorials and training modules. From live training at the peak of your game and challenging you to your very best, to an all new arcade inspired ‘My Career’ mode, the FIFA Interactive World Cup, and extensive social integration, Play Your Way will guide you to new heights of soccer management and gaming prowess. FIFA 22 – FIFA Classic About When else are you feeling nostalgic about the likes of Pele and Maradona wearing your favourite colours? Whether you are a complete club nut or just a casual fan of the beautiful game, at EA SPORTS™ FIFA we believe that every FIFA gamer deserves the chance to feel just as happy as their favourite players in real life. That’s why we developed a brand new game engine that creates the most realistic, accurate and realistic player models ever, without compromising on the speed or responsiveness of the action. A range of new systems also ensure that everything feels both right and reactive at all times, creating that authentic one-on-one experience we know so many players of all ages love. We spent a lot of time re-tuning the gameplay to the best parts of previous FIFA titles while focusing on much improved AI tactics and skills, where we really took a leap in the right direction. With a new way of playing defense, improved tactics for high-level players, and a new logic system for attacking players, FIFA Soccer is here to stay. With that said, we remain totally committed to providing our fans with even more football fun through key innovations and enhanced features, and look forward to bringing you the most authentic and fun FIFA experience there is! Let’s Get Soccer Playing! EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 About Thrill to the very best of the beautiful game. FIFA Soccer has seen the likes of Ronaldinho, Geremi and Lionel Messi on the pitch, and now the world is about to witness the best FIFA players ever in action as EA SPORTS celebrates the 25th anniversary of the game. When we started on FIFA 16, we knew that we wanted to take the core gameplay of FIFA to a whole new level and the result is a new engine that brings all the best elements of the game together. FIFA 18 will feature


What’s new in Fifa 22: