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Player Training

Improved Player Training improves the probability of creating players of the right attributes for your game.

EA Sports has spent a decade researching biomechanics and learning about the physical differences between athletes, to create an intelligent approach that better fits each player in FIFA to enhance their performance, to become more precise with their ball control and tackling, to learn the attributes that are specific to your club.

The fundamental skill set of every player was taken into account when developing the rule set, and their attributes were placed on the same scale for more accurate customization. As a result, players are more consistent and much more accurate with their ball control and tackling.

The Player Awareness system highlights which players are nearby, making it easier to track players and adjust the AI behavior, as well as improving the accuracy of player movement. Every player’s awareness radius can be increased, allowing the player to pick up on passing options earlier and move into better positions sooner. The animations of players performing a short and simple movement (jumping on the ball, for example) are improved to make it feel more natural and realistic.

You can now manually remove unwanted animations as well as having to use the player management system. To reduce animation complexity, AI behavior and the pace of the game, animations that are not needed for a specific event can be disabled.

With this system, AI behavior is improved to be more aggressive and make more dynamic decisions. This allows you to have a more enjoyable experience by getting more out of the action.

New Rules:

No Longer Limited to the Perimeter – An attacking team can now use the ball in wider spaces, and not just the penalty area when on the attack.

No Longer Limited to the Final Third – An attacking team can now move and attack further up the pitch than ever before.

New High-Pressure Bodies – With all the FIFA 22 rules changes, players will be tested more physically during matches with new High-Pressure Bodies.

Improved Clearances and Interceptions – Players in general have new awareness to make more dynamic and accurate decisions, as well as more consistent and effective clearances. The AI will make more important decisions regarding where to intercept the ball and how to manage the transition.

New Scripting Actions – All-new workflows were created to manage every aspect of AI Behavior:


Tackle Selection


Ball Control

Lane Control


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Dynamic 3D Universe
  • High-Tackle Engine
  • Responsive AI
  • Improved passing network
  • High resolution player models
  • Unprecedented player control
  • Deep intelligence in presentations
  • Improved ball control
  • High quality in-game effects
  • Complete overhaul of create-a-player
  • New Challenges (Revamped Match Day Mode)
  • Complete Player Experience (over 40 stories based on the elite player classes)
  • New Starting Classes
  • Pro Bug Fixing
  • Major refinements to Next Skill On Player feature
  • Enhanced ball physics (stiffer, trickier, more fragile)
  • New Ball Control
  • 2k Engine for visuals and Feel
  • New Commentary in Videos and Highlights
  • Scoreboards with fully functional graphics over entire pitch
  • On-pitch markings and goal flags
  • Match Day Improvements
  • Fortnite Save Game import


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• The world’s #1 multiplatform soccer game. • The official game of the FIFA world cup and UEFA EURO on all platforms for the last 20 years.

FIFA is the world’s #1 multiplatform soccer game.

Powered by Football™

• Powered by Football • The official game of the FIFA world cup and UEFA EURO on all platforms for the last 20 years.

FIFA is the world’s #1 multiplatform soccer game.

• In FIFA, the ball is always in play—no time-wasting holding and restarting play as in Pro-Football-Manager-95 (PFM 95). • Hooligans and hardcore fans also love FIFA because it’s more action-packed and exciting with hyper-realistic touches such as sun, grass, banners and crowd noise.

The game is built around the beautiful game of football, giving players full reign of the pitch as they attempt to control play. The result? Deep, authentic gameplay that excites and challenges players and fans alike.

From a revolutionary ball control system to smart technologies for smarter matches, FIFA offers every fan the chance to live out their passion for football and unleash their inner striker.


Fire off a missile with a press of the left analog stick to unleash the perfect header on your opponent. Create a buzzer for each team by using the pitch’s edges like a trampoline and bounce off them like a cat, forehand and backhand. These animations give soccer players new possibilities for being creative with the ball.


Dazzle your opponent with a fantastical feint, and unleash the power of all four of your feet with explosive tackle animations. No more running around like a confused chicken waiting to be kicked.


• Golden goal rule. Get ready to see the ball go through the net even more often. • Computer-controlled players now make more decisions than ever, such as when to run, pass or shoot. • New, more aggressive AI teammates means that no one can rest. • Dedicated user rating system for each mode allows players to see the difference between good and great in each mode.


Simultaneous Switch


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The Ultimate Team takes multiplayer football to a new level, where any player can be the very best. Earn valuable packs, complete challenges and play for your favourite club with FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team offers an exciting, fast-paced and social experience in which you get the chance to build a dream squad of over 300 players. FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM is also the most authentic way to compete against friends and gamers around the world as you build your teams and compete in weekly matches. For more information about FIFA Ultimate Team, check out

MLS The Game – Exclusive Experience for EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 players –
MLS The Game is the official licensed video game of Major League Soccer, the premier professional soccer league in the US and Canada. Play the game at the highest level, as if you were playing in the MLS during real life matches. Play 11-a-side online or compete in weekly tournaments against other EA SPORTS FIFA 22 players. MLS The Game offers true-to-life gameplay, improved gameplay engine, improved ball physics, and exciting features such as: Player Progression Mode, Play Central, Player Allocation Model, online/offline combo play, and more. For more information about MLS The Game, visit

Real (Virtual) World – Take control of a club and compete for world glory in the official Real (Virtual) World mode. Compete in a series of different game types against other clubs to prove who the real world’s best club is. In Real (Virtual) World, the action is straight from the real world with the familiar stadiums, managers, and celebrations of the real world game.

EA SPORTS FA Club – The game brings the atmosphere of the worldwide phenomenon to your living room. Developed in cooperation with the original club and FIFPro partners, the game features features an accurate simulation of authentic match environments, goal celebration and helmet tracking, multiple camera angles for tactical displays, authentic ball physics, and much more. Both the physical and emotional experience of football is recreated with unprecedented levels of authenticity and presence through accurate gaming environments, signature player animations, extensive commentary, player interaction, crowd reaction, player creation and management.

EA SPORTS FIFA Season Ticket – The “Game within the Game” – Available as an in-game content item. Players will be able to purchase it and get discounted EA SPORTS FIFA Season Tickets for FIFA 22. Season Tickets


What’s new:

  • Spectate an enhanced English Premier League as the new feature, “Discover Premier League.” For the first time, fans will be able to experience all of the drama of English football, with access to the Premier League’s 75-year history as well as original footage of the English Football League from it’s foundation in 1888. Participate in the Premier League through an enhanced form of Leaderboards, with more depth to career mode, increased importance of player contract decisions, and new developments for players which take into account TOTW and TTT seasons.
  • Three new environments have been created to bring these new features to life:
  • A new Free Kick Mode brings new adrenaline pumping, fast paced gameplay by allowing players to register a direct free kick, controlled by the feel of the kick, without a ball, on location. The Free Kick Mode is easy to play, intuitive, and exhilarating.
  • Introducing Hypermotion Technology, used in FIFA 17, FIFA 18, and FIFA 19, which was first introduced last year with FIFA 19.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team hyper-awareness


Download Fifa 22

FIFA is the world’s biggest sports franchise, with over nine million copies sold so far. It was the first sports franchise to be truly popular in the west and Asia. FIFA continues to redefine the football experience, setting the standards for sports video games.

The many faces of FIFA

There are six main modes in FIFA that EA has been building on since the game first released, and every season sees a new one. These are listed here.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a football manager-style game, where players from every historical team, and you can even play the computer.

Now, you can actually create your own team, and play with the players you made for yourself, either in real life, on your own team, or in FIFA.

In Ultimate Team, every time you win a game, you earn experience points. These points can be spent on players to upgrade their attributes, and go from a useful second striker to a playmaker.

The game is built around these points. As you spend them, you can use them to purchase packs of players, and earn unique player cards. These cards are your unique representation of the player in the game.

So, if your player is from Real Madrid, and you’d like to look more like him, you can buy a Real Madrid player pack.

In FUT, you can also buy and sell players on the trade market, earning you real money from players who you acquired.

You also earn these points through gameplay. There are various ways to earn them, and a new way to use them in FIFA 18.

Some of these ways are part of the longer-term side of FUT, and some are ongoing. We’ll be covering these throughout the year.

FIFA Ballers

In FIFA 18, FIFA Ballers is a game mode exclusive to FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Ballers simulates a real-life transfer market, by earning and spending ‚ballers‘. These ballers can be used in Ultimate Team, to provide a ‚check‘ that players you use are the players that EA have licensed them from.

In FIFA 18, there are over 200 ballers to collect. These ballers can also be earned by playing in the game, through daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, or by playing competitions.

Also, similar to real life, there


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

MacBook Pro 2013 or later
1.2Ghz or faster processor
OS X 10.10 or later
Macmini (Late 2013) or newer
MacPro 3,1 or newer
1.8Ghz or faster processor
MacPro 4,1 or newer