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„HyperMotion Technology has given me the chance to step back and look at our gameplay and the new player models and animations for the first time since we created FIFA,” said Raphael Varane, FIFA’s producer. „It has been a pleasure to work with the talented animation team on The Journey, our first FIFA game, and to build on that experience for the new pitch environment. They have put many hours into making sure the player models, environments, and animations can work together seamlessly and allow us to deliver a game as lifelike as possible.”

The new animations and player models – all powered by HyperMotion Technology – improve nearly every element of the game’s player animation, and enhances the game’s movement and speed.

„We are excited to deliver the best in football to new audiences while improving the key moments,” said Michael Rutz, head of character animation. „FIFA remains the benchmark for football video games, and the addition of HyperMotion Technology helps to deliver unmatched gameplay and player realism.”

An example of the power of HyperMotion Technology can be seen when a player puts a body part through a collision: The impact is shown in player model detail as elastic particles representing skin and muscle stretch around the player’s body.

This has been achieved using a combination of in-game physics, visual models, and raw data input to the engine, all of which result in a richly responsive experience in the hands of the players, with animations that capture the full movement of the players.

From now on, every kick, tackle, dribble, run, pass, and head-to-head collision will feel just as realistic as in any ‘proper’ football match.

Here are some of the key features that are new to FIFA 22:


Players now have the ability to see an incoming tackle attempt, leading them to try and block the ball with either a swipe or a slide tackle. It is possible to use both while the opposing player is in possession.

FIFA: Dream Team

The teams from FIFA 14 have been completely reworked for the new game.

Speed Ball

The kick-to-kick system has been enhanced to make the most of where the ball is going and to allow the player to shoot at their preferred spot.

New Trajectories

A new �


Features Key:

  • FIFA World Cup 2018
  • The new FUT Draft feature allows you to compete against the AI and become the best, the only one that has all the player variations, not to mention all the coins for new packs.
  • Simplified Ethics System
  • FIFA Ultimate Team ProCoach, with 800 new created Pro Coaches available from day one
  • Video Tutorials for smoother gameplay and overall improvement of the brand new FIFA Academy
  • Picking your Club Color – Available more on the Main Stadium than on your Players


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FIFA is the world’s preeminent videogame franchise that has consistently created some of the industry’s most authentic experiences with unrivaled gameplay innovation and most-loved characters. It’s the only football videogame brand that has been awarded a Golden Joystick for Best Sports Game.

In 2013, FIFA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its sports gaming debut.

Join the community of millions of FIFA gamers around the world and learn more about the franchise at


The 2017 FIFA Football Awards recognises players, teams and coaches who helped change the game.
The 2017 FIFA Football Awards recognises players, teams and coaches who helped change the game.

Release Date: September 20, 2016

EAN: 063657792996


Check out the sneak peek of the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Update coming soon on Xbox One.


FIFA Football was the first console football videogame and remains one of the most recognised football titles worldwide, with the introduction of new features and the success of the Academy system.

The new brand also features a unique and innovative online co-operative gameplay, with the new PES Winger: Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez*, who is available as a first-team starting player.

Along with the return of the classic scoring system and the FIFA Ultimate Team experience, PES 2017 will feature intuitive and innovative gameplay, which will give football fans the opportunity to become a true football legend like no other.

Anywhere, Anytime, Anywhere on Android

*Featured only for the first week of sales to comply with the agreement with the seller. After the first week of sales the Pro Edition will also include Alexis Sanchez in the deal.

A deal worth €40,000 every week to the top revenue generating team

FIFA Mobile Pass is a significant mobile experience offering the full game for €9.99 / $9.99 / £7.99, for a full year.

EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile is available on both iOS and Android devices and includes the following features:

Play any mode you want

Play with any team you want

Earn coins to unlock new players, kits, and stadiums

Create a Fantasy team from your favourite players


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Unlock the next level of player progression with this exciting new game mode! Select up to 20 players from legends like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, to today’s hottest young stars. Use FUT cards to bring players in from all over the globe and build a winning team from scratch, or continue to develop your Squad to take on the biggest names in the sport.

FIFA Arcade –
FIFA Arcade is back and better than ever with improved AI, more robust technology for Custom Matches, and a MyClub experience where players can create and manage their club of choice. Additionally, we’ve added Match Goals and the opportunity to win prizes for goals scored in matches as well as new gameplay modes and more FIFA classic content. It is all available now! FIFA Arcade is free to play.

Global Leagues –
Football’s biggest leagues are set to come to the FIFA mobile FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 experience. Now you can experience this epic sport as it is played around the world. Download the FIFA World Cup 2014 app for iPhone, iPad or Android from the App Store or Google Play today, and relive the excitement of the FIFA World Cup as if you were there!

Access all the most vibrant soccer clubs in the world from your mobile phone. The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 app features an animated World Cup logo, The FA logo with the FIFA World Cup 2014 badge, official FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 matches and the Official Ball. For fans of the world’s game, the new ‘Live’ tab features a dynamic club overview on FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 as well as the Video Top Player Highlights, Social Feed and Fantasy Information.

Official club kits from more than 200 leagues in real time can be found, reviewed and compared in-game. Customise your club’s appearance by making your own kit, choosing your players’ and staff’s faces and introducing your own custom club badge. A brand new MyClub mode allows you to create and manage your own club of choice.

Play and manage your favorite football clubs with an enhanced MyClub mode. New clubs can be created and registered online, via the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 App. Members of your registered club will receive relevant fantasy information on in-game events, such as the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 squad news, and offer you the opportunity to perform player trading. Live the dream of managing your very own football club!


What’s new:

  • More ways to play the game – With over 10 new features for your ultimate football experience, FIFA 22 offers a wider variety of gameplay and comes to life like never before. Players have the ability to choose from new tactics, as well as raise the stakes and compete with friends by building better teams through experience and winning objectives.
  • New focus on coachability and tactics, with even more tactical options for managers.
  • High-speed and ultra-smooth gameplay for the first time in FIFA history.
  • New “Drop In/drop Out” system, let fans choose how to watch matches in-game.
  • An improved leadership system to help players command their club in career mode.
  • Brand new Europass presentation.
  • Dynamic BigPicture integration. Your game, on your TV.
  • various gameplay changes.


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Build and manage your own Ultimate Team of the world’s best players to compete in exhibition matches and online play. Make trades, manage your transfers, and unlock awesome new squad members as you lead your team to glory.

Game Statistics – Additional Online

3D digital avatars
A huge range of player appearance options, from boots and shirts to haircuts and visors. Â Choose from 5,000 different player appearances.

Real field paint
Simulate the beauty of soccer’s most unique and atmospheric environments. Â Use almost 20,000 unique textures to bring the dirt, grass and snow of soccer’s world-famous stadiums to life.

Stadium editor
Create the ultimate stadium, including all authentic details: stands, fountains, rims, and more. Â Choose the ideal locker room, coaching staff, and medical staff to match your club’s style and personality.

3D stadium enhancements
Focus on other areas of your squad and watch player ratings and statistics change as your team performs. Â Test your skills in a fully immersive career mode experience.

Soccer Home & Away
Take charge of either home or away matches from the most realistic broadcast presentation ever. Â Catch in-game goals, throw a challenge flag, celebrate with the fans, and choose from multiple camera angles.

More than 2.2 million players connected to FIFA Ultimate Team

Two new player ratings

New player evaluation

New player reactions

New player traits

New player forms

New player penalty kicks

New player embellishments

New player arrivals

New player features

New player goals

New stadiums and kits

Premier League teams

Cristiano Ronaldo™ – NEW PLAYER
Now you can manage Cristiano Ronaldo – just like you did in FIFA 21.

Edinson Cavani™ – NEW PLAYER
With new looks, enhanced Player Career mode, and other features, you can look forward to even more from a new player in FIFA 22.

Lee Boyd-Wright™ – NEW PLAYER
Lee Boyd-Wright has one of the most realistic Player Career paths in FIFA history, and you can follow his career to become the new best goalkeeper in the world.

Manage your transfer budget carefully to ensure you have the best squad possible for your first season in


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Download the FIFA 22 crack given below.
  • Install it and open the program.
  • Run the game by selecting it from the start menu.
  • Enjoy the full version 🙂


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

* Xbox One X Enhanced
* Internet connection
* Xbox One controller
* Broadband Internet connection
* Kinect required
* Suitable for Windows 10
* 2GB RAM or more
* 24GB Hard Disk Space
* 1024 x 768 Display
* 2-Way Audio
The Wii and NES games are now ready for launch on July 10, 2018. Please contact us for any additional questions regarding the dates and time for the launch.


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