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Based on over 180 million player movements, the „FIFA-Ultra-Experts“ at EA SPORTS have examined every part of the ball’s trajectory and studied every aspect of a player’s movement. They have then identified which parts of the player’s movement work best and which don’t.

Through this process, the team has designed FIFA-Ultra-Expert-Matched Assisted Kicks where players will control an AI-generated ‘on-screen player’ with real-life timing and movement.

AI-powered “the-ball”

Fifa 22 Crack Keygen introduces the “the-ball” feature, also known as “player-controlled ball.” This involves making player movements and actions relate to the ball as if the player is controlling the ball itself.

The the-ball feature will enhance the awareness of the game on the field as it will give fans a deeper understanding of what players are up to.

Action hot-spots

Action hot-spots is one of the most important parts of FIFA gameplay as it allows the player to command the ball. In FIFA 22, players’ actions will be more realistic and more accurate through a technique that will allow players to use movement to influence the accuracy of shots and direction of their passes and crosses.

Hands on the ball

FIFA 22 also includes several new tools that allow players to be more hands-on with the ball.

For example, In Motion Reflexion™ allows players to visually see what they will do with the ball before they choose to make the pass. This new technology allows players to clearly see the pass options before they choose to make the pass. This increases accuracy and precision when delivering diagonal passes as it allows players to choose the most accurate pass.

Players will also gain more control when in tight spaces. Through the new “Rotate with the Ball” feature, players can choose to rotate with the ball when passing or shooting.

“The more realistic the game is, the more fun the game will be,” said FIFA head of football Sebastian Giovinco. “FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game and we have a huge responsibility to deliver the most realistic experience and quality of life on the pitch. Playing with and against FIFA 22 will prove to be a true football experience like never


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Open world with more places to explore, unlimited career progressions, and a new brand of movement, featuring „real player character technology.”
  • Exclusive micro-transactions giving the player the opportunity to access new creation items
  • Player-to-player animation improvements
  • New match engine, with goalkeeper animations, improved players and crowd, and improved camera positioning
  • New engine-based Player Career Mode
  • New Career Mode gives players more opportunities to progress in their career without facing the same restrictions of the main career progression and offers both the player the ability to play for non-dominant region national team
  • New World Cup offering a new competition structure to the World Cup
  • A brand new set of edition mode allowing the player to play through a season or to test their skills in an exhibition match
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.


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FIFA 20 is a great-feeling action game for the most discriminating football fan. It perfectly blends authentic gameplay with modern features to deliver the best soccer game on console.


– A new player type: JUGGERNAUT

– An all-new „Dribbling“ feature for dribbling and other ball control

– World-first technology to revolutionise ball physics on the pitch

– New formations, including the new Global Series

– Increased emphasis on team tactics and chemistry

– More than 50 new chants and responses

– Authentic kits, flags, crowds and stadium ambience

– New commentary and a redesigned award-winning presentation

Key Features


Previously, dribbling through players has just been a thing you could do and nothing more. Now, dribbling is more realistic and features new physics-based improvements to give players more control over where the ball will go.

Top-class player movements and a wider variety of passes and dribbles give you more options than ever.


Set up your tactics, ensure your team has the right cards and set up your formation to win.

There’s even more football love than ever before in the new „Formations“ feature. This dynamic tool allows you to customise your team from 1st-11th behind the last defender.

Taking touches and flicks like a pro

Taking the right touch off a teammate is a skill that some players possess naturally, and others have to work to master.

With physicalised controls and an array of new touches and flicks, players get great control over where the ball goes.

World-first ball physics

Never before has a ball physics model been used on the pitch. The new method captures all of the subtleties of how it feels for players to dribble, pass and shoot with a degree of accuracy that will only improve with time.

Referee Decision Making

Referees have even more to work with in FIFA 20. Whether it’s making smart decisions in the heat of the action or simply helping you get the result you want, the referee has never been more crucial.

New methods such as the „Use on“ ability and „Misconduct“ flag have been developed so referees can call more


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Take the game to the next level. Play as your favourite player or customise your ultimate team with your very own squad of stars, or create your own superstars from scratch. Build your club and compete in the UEFA Champions League or compete for the FIFA World Cup™ with your custom team. In Career Mode, create your own player from scratch, progress him through the ranks and create your player’s career story.

Online –
Go online to challenge friends and foes across the world in FIFA Ultimate Team. Alternatively, get more involved online with new social features, such as Friendlies, FUT Champions, and head-to-head tournaments.

Improved presentation

Advanced Visual Engine
Now you can call on the graphics potential of up to 4K. Play on an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 7, prepare yourself to be amazed.

The new FUT mode can now make use of the iPhone X’s increased resolution.

4K/2K technology –
No longer are you limited to 720p/1080p, in FIFA 22 you can enjoy even sharper graphics that can deliver up to 2K on both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7.

High Dynamic Range –
Experience HDR with a greater level of contrast and colour, thanks to Sony’s latest ultra high dynamic range technology.

Vibrancy in game –
Color vibrancy is crisply reproduced, and whilst there is a minor decrease in clarity it means you’ll get a level of detail that shows off all of the subtle details in the game.

True to life effects –
Whether it’s realistic commentary, emotion and drama, or the shots and goal celebrations that add a punch to the action, everything that you see is captured perfectly.

Support for the Apple TV –
FIFA 22 is Apple TV 4K compatible with an iPhone 5s and above. Compatible with all supported Apple devices including Apple TV.

As the seasons change, so do the rules of the game. Featuring more than 19 different leagues, FIFA 22 brings you a brand-new season challenge with major changes to the weather, pitch surfaces, and more.

Improved pitch awareness
As you take on matches, you’ll encounter a range of different pitch surfaces. Staying on your toes as you complete the match is easier thanks to finer control over the ball, pitch, and the ball’s flight path.

The grass will


What’s new:

  • Brand New Club
  • Brand New Stadium
  • Brand New Kit
  • Brand New Pers. P.
  • Brand New Player Gr. P.
  • Brand New Ref. P.
  • Brand New Goal
  • Brand New Offic. P.

FIFA 22 Patch Notes