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If you look at the worst sides, their best players don’t stay around for long. At Arsenal, Mikel Arteta and Carl Jenkinson aren’t regulars because they’re players that can afford to be.

Obviously there’s transfer fees, but that’s a much bigger argument about the financial situation of clubs. Instead the question is: “If a player can play for a top six side (in England or Europe) and then turn them around at Arsenal, that should only happen when a club values the player highly.”

The argument about the Gunners and Arteta is this. Arsenal have the best counter-pressing system in the world. If you play on against the Arsenal counter-press, you’ll probably get slaughtered. So what Arteta does for Arsenal is to come out of the back and change the direction of play. If your midfield and back-line is organised well, then you can slow the play down and play possession football, but you won’t have the players to turn the attack around.

Because of his position, Arteta offers more defensive cover and is more comfortable with putting others under pressure. And because he’s worked at Arsenal for 10 years now, he knows what needs to be done.

So for the last 10 years, he’s worked on his tackling, pressing, positioning and passing. That allows him to lead the counter-pressing and then pull the strings in the midfield.

But what about Bayern Munich’s Jérôme Boateng and Kolo Touré? At the back, Boateng and Touré won’t be as involved in pressing, so it will be harder for them to turn the ball around. But they have a lot of passing and are intelligent with it, so how do they perform? It’s simple: they’ll work the first line of defence, and then they’ll try to put pressure on the ball carrier.

“You can see the difference in the pressure,” Arsène Wenger has said. “Watching the match, if you don’t know they were against Bayern I would say with Tours and Busquets and Real Madrid, that’s when you know they have a certain structure to their play.”

And the last 5 or 6 years, Arsène Wenger has said


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 brings a host of new features including MyCoach, Ultimate Team, The Journey, improved MyCareer and many others detailed below.
  • Unique players: For the first time in FIFA the player avatar is created from scratch: From a collection of over 200 unique face scans capturing every single muscle and detail, to a fully animated body ready to impress at Customisation.
  • Card-based Ultimate Team: Just like in real life, Ultimate Team allows you to create a dream team of 20 customisable stars. Choose a formation, add 11 unique heroes to build your own dream team.
  • Player tracking: Record the number of times players complete the game’s 85+ action-heavy tasks like interceptions, dribbles, through balls and set-pieces. Analyse a player’s overall activity to identify their strengths and weaknesses and fine-tune your tactics.
  • MyPlayer 2.0: New animation and visual mechanics help provide a more compelling in-game experience, myPlayer 2.0 is the new avatar and animation mechanic that enables you to create your own unique avatar by playing, tweaking and customising the player’s build, animations and character movements.
  • Coach Engine: Immersive coach design and commentary. Seamlessly attach an unlimited number of custom players, formations, club atmosphere and crowd using detailed personal coaching notes that help you design your own tactics and line-ups with precision.
  • MyCoach: Start your coaching career now by creating your own MyCoach personal style – with shape, size, complexion and hairstyle, plus unique bonus content, inspiration and fake fans.
  • Create the World’s Best Ultimate Team: Up to 32 players can be selected from one of 41 different leagues in 20 different countries and more than 3,500 real-world players to feature in your Ultimate Team.
  • Shout for a Tackles / Headbutts / Challenge for Victory: New all-new “Shout-Ability” gameplay. Unlike in previous games, players now shout in the direction of an opponent to initiate a tackle, rather than entering a defenceless position.
  • Big VGL Messi: New playable A-List of players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Lionel Messi, Xavi, and Phillipe Coutinho. Play other skilled A-Lists


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    EA SPORTS FIFA welcomes all football fans of all ages and abilities. Every single FIFA game lets you enjoy a football experience like no other. From the pure fun of bringing a cherished team into the world or battling against the AI in tournament mode to enjoying an authentic, life-like football experience or a chance to compete in a world-famous cup. Whether you’re an experienced goalkeeper or a complete novice, FIFA gives you the chance to become the world’s greatest football star.

    What is FIFA 22?

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 puts you in control of the entire world’s most popular sport. Featuring the new Frostbite engine, FIFA gives you the freedom to reimagine football. Whether it’s taking control of a team in Franchise mode or battling against the AI in Ultimate Team mode, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 lets you bring your game to life, improve your skills and be the best. If you are tired of playing just to score, FIFA lets you play to dominate in game modes and tournaments across four truly different football worlds. Each level is based on leagues in real world teams around the world, from top-ranked UEFA Champions League teams to the lower ranked leagues of the UK, Spain, Mexico, Mexico and the USA.

    All-new Frostbite engine

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features the all-new Frostbite game engine. The Frostbite engine is based on real-world physics and brings a new level of authenticity to the world of football. In addition to the modern style of play that comes with FIFA 20, you can also now play FIFA like the pros by adapting to how you’re dribbling, shooting and the way players shift in real time, thanks to the next generation of Frostbite.

    New and improved passing and shooting

    FIFA 22 introduces shot creation to the Frostbite engine, enabling you to set up your shots more accurately than ever before. The new rebound system also lets you use your close control and dribbling ability to control your crosses, headers and set-pieces, and quickly adjust the direction of your shot.

    Real Player Kicks

    Real Player Kicks return in FIFA 22, letting you feel the power of a live dribbling action. In FIFA you have to stop on a dime in order to create space and momentum, but now EA has recreated that feeling in FIFA 22. Kicking with the correct knee and foot position makes for a great dribble, and can win


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    FIFA Ultimate Team is back. Play with more than 1,700 players from over 150 national teams and compete with your friends in the new Manager Draft Mode. Plus, give your preferred national team a new look in Kits, Wallpapers and much more.

    FUN AND EXCITING TACTICS – FIFA 22 includes new features for its passing and shooting mechanics such as Trajectory, more customizable sliders, and Skillshots – the ability to launch a 25 meter shot with just one touch.

    FIFA Ultimate Team – FIFA Ultimate Team is back and better than ever. Play with more than 1,700 players from over 150 national teams and compete with your friends in the new Manager Draft Mode. Plus, give your preferred national team a new look in Kits, Wallpapers and much more.

    TRACK DOWN PROFESSIONALS WITH THE CHAMPION’S ARMY – Compete and challenge other FUT players on and offline to become the best in the world. Create an ultimate Squad and form a team to face off against other Gamers as either the “Vet Team” or “Unranked” in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    Compete with more than 70 million players in challenges and create clubs with your friends for some friendly competition in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    FUT AI improvements and further player/team/stadium customisation

    FIFA, FIFA 2K and FIFA WAYNE brands are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. or its subsidiaries.With the 2016 NBA Draft less than two months away, the action has already begun. Teams are preparing for the 2016 NBA Draft by getting their 2019 NBA Draft prospects evaluated.

    Through their first two weeks on campus, Team College Basketball has already seen their prospects get evaluated by experts at their respective institutions. To cap off their first two weeks of evaluation, ESPN’s “College GameDay” is heading to College of Charleston on Tuesday, March 14 as the Buccaneers attempt to return to the NCAA Tournament for the third time in five years.

    The guard is a physical guard with the size and athleticism to defend multiple positions, and his versatility provides him with a unique skill set. He could play either guard position for a full-time starter, but he will likely end up as the starter at the point guard position. His ball-handling ability and his ability to make plays with his quick first step make him a player teams will be looking to select in the top half of the


    What’s new:

    • Team of the Year. Build the best team in the world from thousands of the absolute best players in the world right now.
    • The World’s Best Players. If you want to win your battles, you better have the best players on your side – choose from over 600 international players from over 100 leagues and 30 national teams.
    • Import Dreams. Create and share your dream teams on MyClub – play them in Full-Life-Story and against your friends in the Real Seasons. You can even transfer your favourite players over to your virtual team and continue to improve them through training and transfers.
    • Improved Passes. Choose from a variety of new animations like flick-ups, feints, and second balls, or create your own passing style with Differential Cutscenes.
    • Pace of Play > Smaller Sprints. An average player’s acceleration and sprint speed was reduced to help make their pace of play feel more realistic and accurate. Players are also able to outmanoeuvre each other more naturally, with the ideal situation being if players have the ball ahead and can make fast combinations in the final phase of a game.
    • Caravans. Get behind a new defensive system that allows defenders to quickly switch on-pitch positions and adapt their play.
    • Better Scouting. With over 50 new Scout locations, expect to find new talent and analyse your players’ strengths and weaknesses.
    • MyClub. Create, manage, and play with your dream team using MyClub. Choose your kit, official and partner apparel, and set your private price to define what you are willing to pay to get ahead of the competition.
    • Improvements to the Goalkeepers. There are new kits available, including the elusive goalkeeper’s number ‘1’. Customise your goalkeeper’s positioning, positioning on the pitch, and a new goalkeeper view.


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    The World’s #1 game, FIFA helps players connect and compete in the world’s largest multiplayer football game. Whether playing online, using the new Frontline Defender, or taking your favorite club to court with the FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA is constantly evolving to keep gamers on top of their game.


    FIFA will usher in a new look and feel with the Frostbite engine and dynamic lighting. The next generation of the game engine brings together immaculate graphics, realistic gameplay, and completely new ways to play. Players can experience the fastest and most realistic football experience to date.

    FIFA 21 features a redesigned Control Setup offering players the precise control they need to master the fast paced action, new player models, player animations, authentic ball physics, enhanced ball control and gameplay innovations, including Hybrid Player Trajectory Control, Frontline Defenders, and FIFA Ultimate Team.

    Personalise your FIFA experience with new lighting, audio, and HD broadcast graphics. Fans will enjoy enhanced crowds and commentary, along with legendary music from legendary artists, and brand new features like Matchday Champions and Improved User Interfaces.


    10 Unseen Features



    The Frostbite engine has been upgraded to render all surfaces of the pitch with new and updated lighting. Anisotropic filtering, improved texture caching and anti-aliasing allow for a quality presentation that more fully emulates the scene. Teams will be able to see their opponents more clearly when training or playing at night.

    New and updated lighting ensure that surfaces and reflections are more detailed than ever before, giving fans an even more immersive atmosphere.

    Authentic lighting effects and shadows bring the game to life, with even the smallest details standing out in meticulous detail.


    Frostbite has been upgraded to add new effects, audio channels and a variety of sound effects. Players can hear sounds on every surface and even find special feedback from the ball.

    New audio stations feature a wide variety of commentary from top broadcasters including Super Bowl Champion Cris Collinsworth and The Motorsports Report with John Kernan.

    Fans can also listen to live symphonic and classical music that accompanies players on the pitch and comes from a library of in-game tunes curated by the award winning in-game music team at EA Canada.

    Crowds and Commentary

    Fans will be able to choose between 17 languages, including the new


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Windows XP Service Pack 3 CPU: 2.4GHz dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    2.4GHz dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent RAM: 2GB
    2GB Graphics: 1GB ATI Radeon 3100 or equivalent
    1GB ATI Radeon 3100 or equivalent Hard Drive: 25GB available space
    25GB available space DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Version 9.0c Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    DirectX compatible sound card