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FIFA’s Motion Visuals and Commentary

This year’s UEFA Euro tournament also featured a demo of the HyperMotion Technology. The motion game engine recreates a complete football match in 3D in “real time” using data collected from dozens of motion capture suits, which represented some of the 32 players on the field in motion.

The technology is being used to examine all key elements of the on-screen game experience. Next year’s FIFA title will also feature a revised motion engine to prepare it for the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as smart coaching animations based on the real-world behavioural patterns of the players.

The team at EA SPORTS improved the in-game visual fidelity of the team in motion to put life onto the players’ motions. This includes clean, sharp player models featuring a highly detailed representation of each player’s physical appearance. The engine has also improved individual animations for players including accelerating, decelerating and pin-pointing passes and receiving the ball.

Improved in-game graphics also includes improved lighting and rendering quality to provide both far away and close-up shots of the players on-the-field as well as on the ball. All of these improvements create a much more realistic and lifelike soccer game.

FIFA’s Team AI and Player Intelligence

The FIFA team is also focused on improving the team intelligence of its AI to reflect the more tactical tendencies and behaviours of real world teams as seen in the on-pitch game.

Player intelligence was improved to provide the AI coach with further context and strategic thinking when making the in-game decision-making process. This was achieved by creating intelligence based on the tactical shape of the teams and the style of play employed by them.

As with the player animations and fidelity, the team players are also more in-depth, with each player having a more in-depth AI that reacts to pressure, runs, attacks and defends.

The in-game AI also has contextual intelligence that reacts when players are substituted off, including taking on a more aggressive approach to the game-play when substitutions occur.

The AI also identifies the positions of the players on the pitch and uses this to know which players to put in which positions. This intelligence was further improved to work at a higher rate of speed in relation to the pace of play and on-pitch situations.

New Careers and Game


Features Key:

  • A GAME FOR EVERYONE -1 Player Mode – The FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM experience for the first time in a single game. Play your way through club legends, using skill and tactics to hone your team’s performance.
  • SPECTACULAR NEW GAMEPLAY TECHNOLOGY-THOUSANDS OF SAVES – Set up a defensive wall with multiple defenders then become the master of goalkeeping with the new „One-on-one“ save feature. Next, use your mouse to jump into the action with the new „Air Rush“ or play like a midfielder with new „in-game speed-boosts“ and build your ultimate move.
  • A TOTAL CAMPAIGN – Everything you need to play FIFA for all seasons, from blockbuster gameplay and epic online features, to the official soundtrack and licensed uniforms.
  • BRAND NEW SPORTS – FIFA 22 delivers the most authentic gameplay ever thanks to technology which reflects the way the real football World Cup is played. Play in 9 new stadiums including Estádio do Algarve and Mordovia Arena, as stadiums are scanned to make certain they look and feel just like the real thing. All of the next generation of UEFA licensed stadiums have also been recreated for the game.
    Unlock your team’s identity with tailor-made kits. Choose your kit, name your stadium, and show off your club colours in Full 3D. FIFA also delivers much needed change with women’s football. There’s a female FIFA player for the first time ever. She’s available straightaway from the start of the game, which means you can look forward to a whole new era of the Ultimate Team experience.
  • PLAYERS’ TALENTS ARE MORE RUMBLING THAN EVER – The new „Playmaker Matchmaker“ ensures that if you draft a player’s exact position, he or she will perform in your team like a player of that position in that club. Draft a specialist and he’ll do what he does best in the game.
  • FULLY ICONIC TOOLS – Earning, training, and building your team with the use of your in-game FA Manager – in FIFA for the first time ever. Use the new FA Manager to


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    FIFA is one of the world’s most popular sports videogames. As you play, you can customize your team, compete against the best players in the world, and win individual awards for your performance.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    FUT is a real-money progression system that rewards players for playing the game. You can unlock new players, new stadiums, and new kits by earning packs and collecting packs called coins through gameplay. You can spend real money to buy packs immediately, but coins cannot be spent on packs but converted into real money. You can earn coins by playing the game and completing challenges.

    FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to create your dream team of players. A squad of eleven may be all you need for a single game of FIFA, or you can build squads of differing sizes for online or offline play.

    FIFA Ultimate Team has three modes of play: „Real Deal“, „Be a Pro“, and „Create a Club.“

    • Real Deal

    Based on a season of the real-world year, „Real Deal“ matches allow you to play as one of thirty real-world national teams.

    • Be a Pro

    Play as a real-world national team or club (in single- or multiplayer) in the „Be a Pro“ mode. „Be a Pro“ is available only in single-player matches.

    • Create a Club

    Create your own custom club or team in „Create a Club“ mode. Players can play on home or away, and twenty players may be on the field at once. Create a club that reflects you and your friends.

    The „Be a Pro“ mode is available for one year only in „FIFA 22: World’s New Star“, which is available in the „FIFA 22 Official Game of the Year Edition“ and in the „FIFA 22 Standard Edition.“

    FIFA 22 also offers a single-player Career mode.

    FIFA 22 brings a new penalty taking system. The player with the ball triggers the penalty taking by pressing the in-game „SINGLE“ button. The player who receives the penalty kick can shoot, dribble, and pass the ball.

    The player who gets the penalty kick (the attacker) is allowed to walk into the penalty area or stand on the spot and wait until the referee blows the whistle to start the penalty taker’s possession. The attacker may choose to shoot or pass the ball during the penalty taker


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    Create your ultimate dream team of 22 players and challenge your friends to see who can build a more talented squad. Build and customize your team from over 900 legendary players, all with unique attributes and abilities. Activate over 40 team tactics and score goals that matter.

    Designed By FIFA – Work hand in hand with FIFA to create a football game that is entirely new and unique from a gameplay perspective. From the familiar gameplay on the pitch to the deep new interactive story, FIFA 22 is the closest we’ve come to recreating the beautiful game in authentic FIFA form.

    FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons – Starting from August, FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons will replace the current Seasons card packs. Every 4 weeks, you will be able to earn new cards from real-world licensed competitions around the globe.

    Road to Russia – Choose from over 30 legendary national teams and play through the most beloved and storied international tournaments. From the 1970s through to today, every match-up is showcased in a unique way. Journey through your favorite national team’s history and get the FIFA World Cup Trophy and FIFA World Cup Trophy Case.

    Standard Game Modes – FIFA 22 will also feature new modes. The most beloved and social features from previous FIFA titles, including Ultimate Team, FM Cup, Be a Pro, and Seasons, will return in FIFA 22. The improved versions of these modes will be accompanied by various new features.

    Formation Changes – Formation changes give you more control over how your team plays and how tactics and player positioning affect your style of play. You can swap from a 4-3-3 to a 4-4-2, from 3-5-2 to 4-2-4, and even implement a 4-1-4-1 formation or an open 4-4-2, depending on your game situation.

    Passing System Changes – We’ve made significant improvements to the passing system. You will no longer be forced to choose between passing to a specific player or passing to one of your teammates. You’ll now have more passing options at your disposal, while also having the ability to choose which pass to use for every situation on the pitch.

    Shot-Stopping Controls – Shot-stopping controls will be easier to use. Passing angles have been adjusted to make it easier to shoot while maintaining the new passing options. Clicking on the ball will also make it easier to shoot the ball while passing.

    Improved Controls – Passing and shooting are just the


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Career – Bring the game to life by adding a number of new, interactive features to the classic career mode, allowing users to experience their game within a FIFA Universe where they manage a soccer club through its life as a franchise. The experience includes creating your first team, scouting players, training pitches, local competitions, selling and buying players and setting your salary cap.
    • Creative – Expanded drafting tools, more accurate free kicks and new goal celebrations allow for a more immersive and interactive experience, while new tweaks to Shot/Designated Player Designation, Tactical Defending & Match Dressing make the experience all the more authentic for fans.
    • Ultimate Team – With a number of new tweaks and improvements, Ultimate Team will provide a deeper, deeper experience that is second to none. The addition of Player/Club ID Tags will give you greater control over your player character and give you a new level of customisation allowing you to express yourself while playing your game. New celebrations and goal celebrations continue the more authentic feel of the game along with improved club stadium features and game play mechanics.
    • Ballista – Bring fans closer to the action by participating in a new ‘Ballista’ experience in-game. You can discover four new attacks and take advantage of new placement techniques to get the best out of offensive and defensive playing styles.
    • Physic- Every touch on the ball brings an entirely new experience to the game, thanks to a range of Physic engine powered new moves that react to gameplay and add even more emotion and authenticity to FIFA gameplay.
    • Visual Tweaks – The user interface and menus have been updated for a more polished look and feel, with animations subtly revamped to complement the new physics engine and visual enhancements.
    • New Commentary – Players outside the first official voice-over unit for FIFA have been cast, including Shane Lynch, who has contributed to several projects including the BRITISH VIDEO GAMES AT THE EARLY OSCARS at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY at Comic-Con 2013 and FOX’S AMERICAN IDOL at the Oxygen London Awards.
    • New Ball Physics – The new ball physics in FIFA means it will behave just like the real-life ball


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      For the first time in franchise history, the dynamic 3D pitch system is enhanced to deliver unprecedented realism and detail, including the detection of goalkeepers‘ hands and the tracking of movement of the ball’s seam.

      FIFA 22 comes with a host of brand new features and tweaks to gameplay such as Goalkeeper strategies and special referees. It introduces new Training drills and includes adjustments for the smarter and more accurate AI that plays like a human.

      Fresh storytelling, unique commentary and new customizations to create your very own star, including custom kits, celebrations and more.

      All-new social features include new challenges, trading cards, camaraderie with fans, and more.

      EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 delivers a brilliant user experience across the platform, including more precise ball physics and foot controls that feel much more responsive and authentic.

      EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 continues the FIFA tradition of offering an unprecedented level of gameplay authenticity and fidelity with an improved ball model that feels much more responsive.

      In FIFA 21, a great deal of focus was put on perfecting the underlying physics of the world’s best sport. It is clear that the team felt there was more to be done for the next iteration, and now this vision is taking shape on the pitch. In FIFA 22, we have added an unprecedented level of realism to the pitch physics, including the reduction of dynamic influence from the turf, as well as the ability to see the ball’s seam and track the movements of a goalkeeper’s hands. Additionally, players have created a convincing range of movement behaviours to deliver a player’s unique capabilities.

      The midfield battles are intensified as players use new tactics to disrupt each other. You can now create your own strategy with more than 25 distinct tactics for both defender and attacker, each supporting a wide variety of tactics for you to select. The player animations are better tuned to optimize tackling, and the responsiveness of the ball’s movement has been improved to more effectively simulate the different surface types. And, the AI is smarter at picking up the ball and picking and choosing the most effective pass, assisting in allowing you to take full control of the game.

      FIFA 22 continues the tradition of bringing its gameplay to life with the introduction of new Training drills. This means you’ll have access to unique


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