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The new motion capture technology uses nine cameras, each calibrated to record the play of a specific player, with multiple cameras recording different players on the pitch at the same time.

Each camera, which are worn by the players, is made to be sensitive to the demands of the game and are made to move with the player. The cameras are calibrated to capture 10 key factors: ball speed, acceleration, ball launch angle, speed of the player, and ball release angle. This data is then fed into the on-pitch AI system which, among other things, helps the player model and take a quicker decision on the ball and tries to minimise collisions between the players.

“HyperMotion Technology delivers realistic physics and animations in the best FIFA games,” said Peter Vanroome, executive director of EA Sports. “FIFA 22 is our most ambitious title yet and we’re proud to offer players the ultimate level of player intelligence and interaction through the introduction of our new on-pitch AI. HyperMotion Technology and the seamless integration with all the new Player-Specific Abilities mean that both AI and player behaviours have never been more realistic and life-like.”

This new technology also means more detailed animations and player movement, which is a first for the series.

According to EA Sports, the new physics technology is also more realistic in tackling with a greater level of nuance. More accurate collisions and player deceleration results in players drifting off to the side as they get up from their tackle.

In addition, the player model in the game is also more detailed. The player body shape, clothing and footwear have been created with a greater level of detail than ever before. Players now move with a greater level of natural athleticism and sense the entire field with greater realism.

“The game’s AI has been further evolved and improved, resulting in an authentic on-pitch experience,” said Greg Goodrich, senior gameplay engineer. “The new movement, as well as the improved collision meshes, means that players can push and receive contact with greater accuracy and speed. In addition, the AI has been enhanced with an increased focus on tactics and team strategy, with the development team focused on providing the player with a more immersive experience of the game’s battles.”

The new camera technology meant that the player is aware of the direction they are supposed to run, the route the ball is going to be released, and the angle and


Features Key:

  • New Narrative and Tactics: Using data collected from real-life games including summer-overtime World Cup matches, the completely overhauled AI makes decisions based on player attributes and team style. The balance between passing and running has been made more realistic, defensive systems have been strengthened, and raw athleticism has been redefined.
  • All-New Player Creativity System: Makes it easier than ever to find players with the right attributes for your game thanks to a brand new player creation system. Use the Peaskeeter to perfectly personalise your player.
  • New Goalkeeper System: Defensive abilities have been improved across the board. Both man and machine see how the ball moves through the air and make decisions at the point of contact.
  • Expert Coaches: Get the advice of the world’s top football minds on new tactics and game changes at the touch of a button.
  • More Ways to Play: Invite your friends into the world of FIFA, share My Career and My Friends with them, and discover new playable characters thanks to a brand new gameplay loop.
  • Season Journey: Take your team on a journey through a revised world tour: The gameday and career modes become more dynamic and social thanks to new content, in-game celebrations, and more.
  • International Friendly Challenges: Show the world what you’re made of in both solo or co-op challenges.
  • New in-game interactive Segments: Showcases that highlight the most exciting new gameplay mechanics on offer and give fans the chance to interact with the game in more ways than ever
  • Improved Transfer Market Management: Develop and nurture and grow your squad, using all the tools in your player’s toolkit.
  • New Analytic App: Tired of watching the same players get the ball in the same areas? Look no further. Now you can see when, where, and why players are most productive without having to leave the game.
  • 8 Player Movement: Players now move like they do in life.


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame brand, offering the biggest game in the industry. FIFA Ultimate Team™ offers the deepest and most authentic football experience in any game, combining real-life leagues, clubs, players and real-life abilities to take you into a story-driven football journey.

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Welcome to a whole new world of football! FIFA 22 is the biggest, most complete football game yet. Enjoy three-dimensional stadiums, hundreds of celebrations, and a new host of improvements that put the ball at your fingertips. FIFA also features new ways to play like never before with Improved Free Kicks and new Inside Teams that put more responsibility on the coach in the new tactical free-kick system.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is the deepest, most authentic club mode in the industry, where your decisions and what you collect matter. In FIFA Ultimate Team, you create your own journey by choosing what kind of player you want to be, how you want to play, and your preferred tactics. In FIFA Ultimate Team, you build your own collection and carry it with you as you play. No two games are the same.

New Features

New Ways to Play

Improved Free Kicks

After receiving a direct free-kick, players are now more responsible for their placement, while the new Inside Teams system ensures the free-kick creates an imbalance in favor of the attacking team.

Tactical Free-kick

A new Tactical Free-kick system is introduced to FIFA Ultimate Team that makes the free-kick a game-changer that determines the positioning of defending players. Tactical free-kicks are new to FIFA Ultimate Team and can unlock new tactics including a new X-outside-the-box.

New Seasons

Football has always been a sport for everyone, and that’s why the first thing you’ll notice this year is the new opening line-up: “Welcome to the new season.” With fan-favorite features like the new open-access National Teams and Real Madrid C.F., the new season brings new roster updates and Ultimate Team content. With three new leagues in Europe and Asia, further customization of game modes and improvements to Career Mode and My Team, FIFA fans will enjoy a deeper and more authentic experience than ever before.

Better Maneuvers and Shots from Every Angle

New Shots,


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Pick the players who excite you, turn them into a squad, and take them to the pitch with the help of FIFA Ultimate Team. EA SPORTS has curated your team from the past, present, and future, giving your team all-new depth and gameplay choices.

EA SPORTS Season –
The powerful new Season mode gives you complete control over the adventure of your favorite club. There are no pre-determined results in a single match, and your club must compete against 30 other teams in the same league to become champion. With dynamic rivalries, thrilling weather conditions, and new gameplay modes, there are many ways to compete and many ways to win.

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What’s new:

  • UCL & UEFA EURO 2016
  • Salary Cap Rules
  • Create the Greatest Team ever
  • In-game player trading


Download Fifa 22 Serial Number Full Torrent

The FIFA franchise has stood the test of time by staying true to the core game mechanics that made the original FIFA the iconic sport simulation. Now, players can take on a new challenge with the FIFA experience they know and love.

FIFA 22 is the most playable and authentic FIFA ever. Play More, Perform Better and Perform Your Best in FIFA 22 with the most interactive game engine yet.

Many of the improvements in FIFA 22 will be immediately visible to you on the pitch. FIFA’s new ball physics allow for more physical traits of the ball to be replicated – from how it spins, wobbles and bounces, through to all the ways the ball deforms naturally as it passes through a player’s legs. Now it’s even easier to master the art of maintaining possession when carrying the ball with real agility.

The new goal celebrations has players run to the edge of the pitch to slam the ball into the back of the net in celebration of scoring a goal, or asking for a penalty.

Dive deeper into the new Feel of FIFA experience with new ways to re-create the action on the pitch. Whether it’s a first-time players’ landing on their first touch, or an experienced player’s high-flying shot. The reaction of the crowd or rival players is all yours to control, and all the more powerful when these decisions are contextualized.

Upgraded Player Interaction Through the new improved 2D Player, it becomes easier for players to interact with each other, and for you to customize their looks and likeness by changing their hair, face and skin tone.

New Face & Body templates include new haircuts and beards for both women and men, not to mention a variety of body types to choose from when customizing your players.

Amplified Atmosphere Supports the Experience

We all know the feeling, being on the pitch in the heat of battle – it’s a completely new experience through the improved Atmosphere system.

With over one million lines of new dialogue and more than 150 crowds and celebrations, FIFA 22 will delight fans with new emotional moments.

Get into the game early and use the Season Pass to receive the new Trainer Pack, Packs, Special Editions and more.

Fast and Furious Pace of Play All Your Moves Matter in Better Exploitation of the New Ball Physics

Two years ago at the launch of FIFA 21, we unveiled a new ball


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo E5400 / AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core E6550
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL-compatible video card
Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
Internet Connection: Broadband connection
Controller: Keyboard and mouse
Recommended: 1024×768 or higher resolution
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