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Creating brushes in Photoshop

Blenders and other panoramic software use brushes to blend images together. Brushes enable you to blend together images or other layers by _painting_ over the image, or even by using a specific color to paint over selected areas of the image. Painting over an area with a brush allows you to easily remove the unwanted object from the selected area without having to remove or alter the unwanted object itself. Figure 7-7 shows an example of painting over the image with a brush.

FIGURE 7-7: Using a painting brush, you can gently remove some of the landscape from the image.

But creating Photoshop brushes requires some skill. Photoshop offers some default brushes, but like most other programs, you’re required to explore the standard brushes that come with the program to find the one that you prefer and design your own brushes.

To create your own brush, choose Photoshop’s **Create a Custom Brush** dialog box. Choose the appropriate brush category for your brush design. Figure 7-8 shows the brushes available for both the Brush panel and the Brush Panel Options dialog box. You can choose from thousands of brush shapes and apply colors, brushes, and textures to them.

FIGURE 7-8: Choose a type of brush from the Brush menu and the Brush Panel, or design your own.

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements

What is Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a feature-packed program for casual users. Users can edit photos, create HTML pages, edit videos, make PowerPoint presentations, and much more. If you simply want to make basic edits to photos, use the filter options or basic page layout. If you want to start creating, you can use the web design page, the slide show page or the slides page to create and edit graphics. You can also easily share content and distribute your creations to others on the web via the Web-based version.

Compatible Files

You can use Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit photos, videos and other files, including:








Like Photoshop, many files in Elements are also compatible in Photoshop.

Create high quality images with many effects and tools

Photoshop Elements includes many features found in professional Photoshop, such as the Photoshop tools, filters, and special effects. Like Photoshop, it also offers a wide variety of art and design tools, including the ability to paint directly on your image. You can also apply effects and filters, or blend various sources into a new image.

Elements also offers a full suite of photo editing tools, including the ability to:

Rename photos

Adjust exposure, contrast, color, and other image parameters

Apply effects and filters

Create and apply effects that change the tone or texture of a photo

Edit photos by cutting, joining, copying and pasting areas

Work with layers to arrange, edit, and re-arrange different elements on a canvas

Some of the additional Photoshop Elements features are:

You can select a range of pixels (or a contiguous area) and then use the Clone or Move tools to copy and move those areas into a new image. To help you avoid messy and time-consuming manual work, Elements also includes easier methods to clone, cut, and paste objects in a fast and efficient way

Elements includes other tools found in Photoshop, such as the Eraser and Airbrush. The Eraser tool lets you erase a part of an image, add new elements, or remove unwanted objects. The Airbrush tool lets you add shading or a new color layer, repaint over the image, or apply a pattern and color.

Create an entire digital

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Selective Color can be applied to a specific part of an image, such as a headline, by first erasing all the colors in the selected area. This lets you pick the colors used in the selected area. See how to use Selective Color in Selective Color | Selecting and Laying a Color Scrape.

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The Pen Tool allows you to draw lines and curves. The Pen Tool is useful for outlining subjects or for drawing elements in an image. Once an element is drawn, you can add details by using Shape Layers. For a Pen Tool tutorial, see Pen Tools | The Pen Tool.

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Combining the Pen Tool with the Brush Tool gives you the ability to draw a shape in an image as well as apply colors and other textures to the shape. The Control Points are where you click to create a simple shape, such as a circle. Click and hold the Control Point to create a series of points that you can drag in the shape of your choosing. Be sure to click the Control Point in the image where you want the edge of the shape to end. If you click inside the image, it appears that you are „cutting“ the shape out of the image. See the tutorial for details on creating a basic shape. See Control Points | Creating a Basic Shape.

Import a Drawing

You can use an image or a drawing on another application to create an object that you can then import into Photoshop. For example, you can use a JPEG of a flower, a PNG of a pattern, or a vector drawing for a stamp.

1. Open a new image, go to Edit | Define Pattern, and choose Create a Pattern from File. A dialog box opens, prompting you to select the image file.

2. Click Open.

A dialog box opens, letting you know that the pattern file was saved in your Photoshop PSD folder.

3. In the Pattern Editor, select the rectangle tool and click inside your image, or choose Rectangle | Ungroup. The rectangle tool is the same as the Pen tool.

4. In the Pattern Editor, double-click the top left corner of the shape, or press the Enter key. This places the rectangle over the top left corner of your image, overlapping it a little. You can see that the rectangle is created in red because it is a filled shape, and the background is white (see Figure 7-1

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CC?

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