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Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) Free Download


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What is Photoshop Elements?

The original Photoshop is a professional graphics editor. The software is not for everyone: it has many features and learning them takes time. For beginners, the program can be overwhelming. However, many amateur graphic designers have found great success with Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is a graphic editing tool that is simpler to use.

As a relative newcomer in the graphic editing world, Elements is not in the same league as its more established (and larger) counterparts, like Photoshop. Still, it is very capable of doing basic tasks, and you can edit images using the touch screen or the basic graphical user interface.

Pros and Cons of Photoshop Elements


Photoshop is an impressive program. Even more impressive is Photoshop Elements, a simple, affordable program that can compete with the big names. As its name implies, Elements is designed for use on PCs, and is not compatible with Macs.

Easy to Use

Elements gives new users a chance to edit photographs and other images easily. It is designed to work the way that most people will use it, and offers few options to confuse users.

It is designed for beginners, so it can be intimidating if you are not familiar with Photoshop. Once you get the hang of Elements, however, you can do some very impressive work with just a few steps.


Those of you who have used Adobe’s professional products might have already noticed that it has an extensive knowledge base available on Adobe’s website. This is where the company provides the most user support.

Anyone can ask questions, and while most questions can be answered with a simple Google search, many support questions can be answered with a few mouse clicks.

Ease of Use

Elements is designed to be easy to learn. It guides users through each step of the process, making most tasks simple and intuitive.

Basic Tutorials

While Elements is not really designed for advanced editing, it does contain a lot of tutorials. Many of these tutorials are available on YouTube, and Adobe has posted them on its website.

Elements contains more than 100 free tutorials that cover almost every possible feature of the program.

Easy to Customize

Elements features a very simple interface, which makes it perfect for those of you who want to tailor the program to your specific needs. Even complex professional features can be customized, allowing you to create unique images.


Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) Activation PC/Windows

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How to make a link point to the same content of a div?

I have a link which is supposed to be a soft-underline.
The underline image is set to be a background on a div of the same color.

I’m trying to get that underline to be the same as the background
background-position:left top;


Instead of a div with a background, I’m using the image. It doesn’t work.

I can get a solid color by using:

But the background-image is my intention, and there’s no way to specify a repeat-x. How to do this with background-image?


Try this:

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