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WinPCLtoPDF is a portable software application primarily designed to create PDF documents from PCL-formatted files (Printer Command Language). It also offers support for PXL and PRN.
The tool includes only the necessary and sufficient options for performing conversions, and it's intuitive enough to be tackled even by those not familiarized with file conversion software.
Doesn't require installation
Because there is no setup kit involved, you can copy the downloaded .exe object to a preferred directory on the disk or keep it stored on an external storage device to seamlessly launch the application on any computer without setup. It doesn't update the system registry with new entries, need DLLs or anything else to work well, nor does it create items on the computer without your consent.
Create PDFs from PCL, PXL and PRN files
The graphical interface of WinPCLtoPDF consists of the customary file browser that pops up on the screen when double-clicking the .exe or calling its process from a PowerShell dialog. All you have to do is select the PCL, PXL or PRN file you're interested in converting.
PDF documents are automatically created in the same location as the source files, and this cannot be changed, since the tool doesn't have features in this regard. Moreover, batch processing isn't possible, so you can convert only one file at a time. Once the task is done, you can open the new files with your PDF viewer to inspect results.
Evaluation and conclusion
Conversion jobs were performed fast by WinPCLtoPDF in our tests while the tool used minimum RAM and CPU, so it didn't hog system resources. We didn't have any stability issues. On the other hand, it offers a pretty basic set of features for performing conversions. For instance, it cannot convert multiple files at once. Nonetheless, it's speedy and efficient.







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WinPCLtoPDF Product Key is a portable software application designed for all Windows
users who have a requirement to convert PCL, PXL and PRN files into
PDF documents. The tool has a simplified user interface and doesn’t
have the need to modify the registry on the systems the tool is

Suitable for: Windows

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I have just released a new product named Redgate’s Reporter which is specifically designed to convert.pcl and.prn files to.pdf. Reporter is a 64-bit application which I hope will be more robust than WinPCLtoPDF Cracked 2022 Latest Version. I plan to add more functionality soon including more combinations of file types and an optional scheduled conversion.

* so that pages can be shutdown. The number of pages has not
* changed and we simply return the number of prepared pages.
numpages = num_pages * bdev_logical_block_size(mtd->mtd.mtd);

printk(KERN_INFO „%s(%s): %lld pages
mtd->, bdevname(mtd->mdev->bdev, bdevname), numpages);

return numpages;

/* And then the library itself, with all the required prototypes */


WinPCLtoPDF Full Product Key Download

Create PDF files from PCL, PXL and PRN files
Works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista and XP
Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit
Requires zero admin rights to start, use or save files
No setup required
No installation needed, you can copy the app file to a preferred folder on your disk or stick it on an external storage device to work from any computer
Free to use, make any copies you want
No executable code, no monitoring
Utilize printer command lines (PCL, PXL, PRN)
Simple and intuitive graphical user interface
Create PDF files using the default default settings
Convert only one file at a time
Allows batch conversion and accepts multiple documents at a time
Doesn’t require installation, just copy the.exe object to the intended destination and launch the tool
Doesn’t update system registry with new entries nor require DLLs or anything else
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista and XP
PCL files are PRN files with a lower case w and are opened when double-clicked, PRN files are opened when double-clicked and are opened when double-clicked, PXL files are opened when double-clicked, all other types of files are opened when double-clicked, and all of them are opened when double-clicked.
A tab is displayed on screen when the program is launched so you can use it easily as a batch converter when more than one PCL, PXL or PRN file needs to be converted

WinPCLtoPDF Tips and Tricks:

Create a shortcut to WinPCLtoPDF so you can start it with one click without having to figure out where the files are located

Why not to use the short cut method when you can simply copy the.exe of WinPCLtoPDF to the desired location

Create a batch conversion workarounds

While converting PCL, PXL and PRN files, create a shortcut with the target path to WinPCLtoPDF and all you have to do is double-click the shortcut and the conversion process is underway

Tools We Compared WinPCLtoPDF

Convert PXL files to PDF

WinPCLtoPDF Summary

Simple to use


No setup


No installer

Works well

Requires zero admin rights

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* Content copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# Please contact the vendor for any updates, info on new releases, & downloads.

$Lang::CJKbcs = „JIS-CJK“; # Язык Юникода, языковые форматы для СОО
$Lang::J_Lang = “
„; # English

# WinPCLtoPDF # Current version
$Lang::Software_Name = „WinPCLtoPDF“;
$Lang::Product_Name = „WinPCLtoPDF“;

# General / Options
$Lang::General_Info = „Информация о том, в чем работает программа.“;
$Lang::General_Summary = „Пример программы“;
$Lang::General_Options = „Настройки“;
$Lang::General_Options_Title = „Настройки“;
$Lang::General_Help = „Помощь“;

What’s New in the WinPCLtoPDF?

A program designed to create PDF files from PCL-formatted files. It’s compatible with PXL and PRN.


It’s not free, but it should work OK.
I use it all the time. You can install it on a USB stick and run it from that. I’m not sure if you can use it from a network share though.


With open source winpdf we can make it very user friendly.
It is in C/C++, but would be easy to convert to other languages.

It supports batch file processing
It supports batching multiple documents.
It converts directly into the native PDF format.
It supports all media types.
Can be run in the background, or run as a server.

It is free, open source and tested.
Here is one example

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