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Vegetarian Recipes is a recipe collection you can use within the BigOven recipe software. Here’s how to save them to the right location when you add new recipe boxes to your PC: ■ First, make sure that BigOven or BigOven InspiredCooking Deluxe is installed, but not currently running. ■ Look for your „My BigOven Recipes“ folder. By default, it is created in your „Shared Documents“ folder; the full path to this location is usually C:DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGSAll UsersDocumentsMy BigOven Recipes. ■ Take a moment to inspect the „RBox“ subfolder of your „My BigOven Recipes“ folder that you found in the step above. Note that for every recipe box, it contains a folder with the name of the recipe box, then the recipe box file itself with a CRB extension, and a folder called „Pictures“. This is how all recipe boxes must be saved to your PC for BigOven to be able to work with them. They are all at the same „level“, or depth, in the directory. Requirements: ■ BigOven Recipe Software must be installed. Download it here








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These pages contain great recipes to be used within the BigOven recipe software. They can be placed in recipe boxes and assigned an ID. One box can contain many recipes. How to use it: Step 1: Create a new recipe box, with a recipe assigned. Step 2: Open the recipe box, and save the recipes to the „Pictures“ folder, making sure to click the arrow (in the upper left corner) to see the „view file information“ box, to ensure the recipes are written to the same sub-directory level in which the recipe box is located on the hard drive. Click „continue“ and then „OK“ to save the new recipes. Step 3: The recipe box is now ready to use in BigOven, since it has been saved to the correct location on your computer. You can view the recipes in the „RBox“ sub-folder by clicking the arrow (in the upper left corner) to see the „view file information“ box, to ensure the recipes are written to the same sub-directory level in which they were first saved to the computer. Click „continue“ and then „OK“ to view the recipes in the „RBox“ sub-folder. Vegetarian Recipes is a great, easy-to-use collection of delicious vegetarian recipes. Whether you are looking for healthy, home-cooked recipes for breakfast or dinnertime, or specialty recipes for date nights with friends, this is a great recipe collection you’ll want to try. You’ll find over 300 delicious recipes in all, with seasonal variations. What’s more, you can add these delicious recipes right into your existing recipe boxes, so you never have to lose them, or have to reprogram the boxes. Vegetarian Recipes can be helpful if you’re already using your existing recipe boxes, or if you’re looking for vegetarian or even gluten-free vegetarian recipes for particular events, events with little time to prep, or simply to make sure that you’re getting some variety in your diet. You can view a preview of the pictures of each recipe, as well as the nutritional information, so you can plan your menus accordingly. Whether you’re looking for hearty, comforting dishes like Cranberry and Swiss Chard Quiche, or snacks like Ginger and Honey Oat Bars, Vegetarian Recipes has you covered. Just remember, you can add them into your existing recipe boxes, so

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This directory can contain multiple recipe boxes (one recipe box per subdirectory). When a new recipe box is created, it is saved as a CRB archive file. This can be opened by double-clicking on it in the save dialog, which will cause BigOven to save it as a new recipe box in the same subdirectory. To import (import a new recipe box), double-click on its CRB archive file, and save the new box file under the same name in the „RBox“ subdirectory of your „My BigOven Recipes“ folder. IMPORTANT: A subdirectory of the „RBox“ subdirectory (for example: „RBoxNew“) can contain multiple recipe boxes in it, and you have to be sure to save them all under the same name (there can be only one of each name). To create a new subdirectory of the „RBox“ subdirectory, first locate the location of your „My BigOven Recipes“ folder, and navigate to the „RBox“ folder. Then right-click the „RBox“ folder, and select „New Directory“. Once you create this new folder, right-click on it, and choose „Create Subdirectory“; for example „RBoxNew“. Place the new subdirectory below the „RBox“ folder (below the „My BigOven Recipes“ folder) in the same directory, and try to see if there are any recipe boxes yet saved in there. If there are recipe boxes already saved in this newly created subdirectory, then use them, otherwise move on to the next step. IMPORTANT: Copy the name (the file name without extension) of the subdirectory you’re creating, or better, the name of the recipe box in it, and write this name down somewhere. If you forget this name, it will be an arduous task to locate the recipe box, and it may be lost forever. DON’T delete the „RBox“ subdirectory until you’re sure there is a new recipe box saved in it, and that you’ve entered the name of the new recipe box in it, otherwise you will not be able to locate it for the import of this recipe box. You may have to go into „My BigOven Recipes“ and locate the name of the new recipe box in the list; if it is not there, that means that you’ve already saved a recipe box that you wish to import, but b7e8fdf5c8

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Lots of recipes! For those that are not sure of the set of Recipe Boxes that come with Vegetarian Recipes, here are a brief description of their purpose: ■ BigOven Recipes is not vegetarian! It is a collection of delicious *vegetarian* recipes. ■ Recipe Boxes for Vegetarian Recipes are a collection of ingredients, a picture of each ingredient and a list of steps that are needed to prepare the recipe. ■ A recipe box stores many recipes in a single file. These files are CRB files (for Collage Recipe Box files) with a CRB extension at the end, then a file called „Recipe“ that is only about 200 bytes long. These recipes are all meant to be put into a single box of a big Oven. ■ Recipe Boxes for Vegetarian Recipes can be created, edited and saved, in the same way as regular recipe boxes, but some of the required information is omitted in the files created. ■ The „Pictures“ folder in the root of a recipe box will be used for the picture of the ingredients that it contains. The recipe box recipe file is named according to the title of the ingredients, then the number of the recipe in the collection. For example, the recipe titled „Green Beans“ will be saved as „Green Beans, 1“, since the recipe is the first of the collection of recipes for green beans. ■ The main purpose of a Recipe Box for Vegetarian Recipes is to have a single recipe box for all of the ingredients that are needed to prepare a recipe. This is not a series of completely different recipes, but one recipe that contains all the steps needed to prepare it. The only thing that is required is for the recipe box file to be installed into your „My BigOven Recipes“ folder. Recipe Box Properties: ■ All recipe boxes created with Vegetarian Recipes will have the same fundamental properties. They will all be created with the same minimum required information. These properties include: ■ Title of recipe box. ■ Name of recipe box. ■ List of ingredients in each box. The image of each ingredient in the box will be copied to the „Pictures“ folder (if one is provided). ■ List of steps that are included in each box. The steps will be copied to the „Steps“ folder

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Seasons, Choices, Cuisines: These recipes are good for everyday use, and have been developed to be healthy and appealing to a variety of tastes. In the recipes themselves, you will discover options for vegetarian cooking, including vegetarian sausage, vegetarian egg dishes, vegetarian fish dishes, and much more. 最近在找了一些漂亮的 Vegetarian Recipes,这些饭菜还是一些烧烤饭菜呢?。。。本好食,好吃,想吃他也可以吃。 Vegetarian Recipes To the left, you will see an additional navigation button labeled „Favorites“. This button will allow you to create your own Favorites list, for quick and easy retrieval of your favorite recipes. To create a Favorite Recipe: ■ Click on the Favorites button to the left. ■ In the resulting dialog, click the „Add a New Recipe“ link ■ In the resulting dialog, for the Recipe Name, enter „Vegetarian Recipes“ (no quotes) ■ In the subsequent dialog, for the Recipe Description, enter „Vegetarian Recipes“ (no quotes) ■ For the Recipe Type, select „Recipes“ and then „Vegetarian Recipes“ (no quotes) ■ Click on the Save button. Now, to select recipes from your Favorites for use in your recipe boxes, click the „Favorites“ button to the left, and select an entry from the list. Save Recipes to Your Favorites List: ■ To save a Favorite Recipe to the Favorites list, ■ – From the Favorites list, click the Recipe’s name (just above the button you used to add the recipe) ■ – In the resulting dialog, click the „Save to Favorites“ link ■ – Now, set the Favorites Sort Order for this recipe in the subsequent dialog. There are three options for this – 1. by Recipe Name (the default) 2. by Recipe Description (use

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Min: OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Processor: 2 GHz or greater Memory: 128 MB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics system with 128 MB of video memory (or above) DirectX: Version 9.0c Max: OS: Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10 Memory: 256 MB RAM Graphics: 128 MB video memory Verdict