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Although little interaction and effort is put into using your mouse and keyboard, the purpose can most of the times become a routine. Luckily, a simple search over the web returns and abundance of solutions with which to automate these processes and M&S Utility is only one of the many applications that can to this. Lightweight and can be used on the go A good impression is made even before the start, because you don't need to install it on your system for proper functionality. As such, you can create multiple macros and keep them along with the utility on a removable storage device to use on the go. System registries remain untouched, thus not having an impact on your computer's health and performance. More options through the system tray icon All features are stored in a compact window. Remember to read the help manual at first, because it gives you a little more insight on what can be accomplished, saving you a great amount of time otherwise spent experimenting, because there are more ways to put the application to good use. Trying to close the main window only hides it to the system tray, and this is where more options can be found or accessed easier. A small menu holds multiple types of screen capturing, mouse movement options and a few more. Can be used to run macros Without any advanced commands, the application is capable of taking a screenshot of your whole desktop, the active window or a custom area. Image files gathered can be saved either to clipboard or under several popular formats. Sadly, there's no option to automate the process and you're prompted by a save dialog after each shot taken. Moreover, you can set coordinates so the cursor is automatically sent there, with an additional option to have a custom number of clicks triggered. There's also the possibility to load external macros in order to automate recurrent tasks, but the application comes with no editor in this regard so you need to look elsewhere for a tool to build macros. In conclusion Taking everything into consideration, we can say that M&S Utility is a small application designed to provide a little more comfort by slightly extending the functionality of your mouse. It's easy to set up, mostly because the set of features is poor, and practicality isn't its strong point. For what it has to offer, it can take some time to configure, and the result might not always meet demands.


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Windows 7 and above. Dual boot Windows and Mac systems are not supported. Minimum 3GB of RAM recommended. Note that Mac’s are supported and we use a Mac-compatible key combination. To see if your machine meets the requirements, please see our Windows and Mac section of the documentation. If you do not meet the requirements of the build, you will not be able to build or run the game and will be unable to use the Game client. Change History