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Guitar Analyzer is a digital assistant in learning or teaching guitar playing. The software can help you improve your guitar playing skills, improvisation, chords correspondents, even composing scores. It can help you better understand scales, arpeggios and modes, as well as tonal relationships.
Effective interface division
Guitar Analyzer features a straightforward interface, which is divided into several areas, dealing with one of its functions. Thus, the top of the window displays the guitar fretboard, on which chords and scores can be depicted. The chords are marked with numbered bullets which represent the places where you need to press the string in order to play a note.
The different octaves are separated by the colors of the bullets, therefore several chords can be depicted on the fretboard at the same time. Several types of octaves can be displayed separately or at the same time: first octave, second octave and 2 measures etc.
The scale analysis area
The median area of the interface displays the analysis tools: scale modes, key signatures, conal center and modes. The software can display the relationships between the scales and modes, according to the sound of the notes rendered by the selected guitar. You may choose between electric or acoustic guitar, with nylon or steel strings and experiment with the sounds.
The relational chart displays the links between the keys/scales and the modes or notes. You can switch between the several styles available: ionian, dorian, locrian and more. Additionally you can string the digital guitar according to the desired scale: standard, open or flat. The relational chart allows you to view the scale patterns of the primary scale to the secondary bordered scale or arpeggio.
Quickly learn guitar playing and music theory
Guitar Analyzer is a simple application that allows you to improve your guitar playing skills, as well as view diagrams of scale and modes, represented with all their relations. While the software is generally easy to use, sometimes its response can be slow, especially when displaying the options in the drop down menu.







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Description for Guitar Analyzer:
► Scale/Mode Diagrams Tool
► Temperature Tool
► Tempo Tool

Guitar Analyzer 6.0
Free Scales and Modes Analyzer for guitar/bass. It includes the ability to automatically learn how to play all major and minor scales and modes with just a few minutes of practice.

Guitar analyzer 5.x The user can change the color of the divider on the fretboard and also choose a color which lets you know the current chord/scale/mode or the notes to be played. 4.51 MB

Guitar Analyzer QuickBooks Integration (QBI) QBI Interacts with Quickbooks to add customer and vendor information to the GUI directly from the QB file. QBI also provides an auto height option so you can view data in all lines at once. You can also control custom line widths which is particularly useful for large spreads where you want to see the entire info row at once. Great for the advanced user who wants to import the data to Quickbooks, but want to save space by viewing all their data in one GUI. Since version 2.0 QBI is now available as a stand alone program.

Guitar Analyzer for QB 2013 v3.2 QBML Export v3.2 QBML Export for QB 2013 for use with QB Pro. Instant access to the information you need on guitar players. Additional options to view chords, scales, and modes in bar charts, columns and chords, and chord circles. Built-in templates to help you organize the data in your Guitar Players.

Guitar Analyzer 3.3 Guitar Analyzer allows guitar players to import PDF and CSV formatted charts into their programs. The data is cleaned and analyzed with the software and was converted to PDF and CSV. Guitar Analyzer’s aim is to help the beginning player understand guitar notation and the progress of the more advanced player.

Guitar Analyzer for QB 2011 v2.0 QBML Export v2.0 QBML Export for QB 2011. Instant access to the information you need on guitar players. This software displays the data on the spreadsheet as well as the guitar notation.

Guitar Analyzer 2.0 Guitar Analyzer is an easy to use guitar score writing tool. It allows you to change the colors of the background, the fretboard and the notes on the fretboard to easily see the area you need to practice. You can also change the colors

Guitar Analyzer Product Key

Quickly learn guitar playing and music theory with Guitar Analyzer 2022 Crack. Every player can use the incredible capabilities of this completely new digital guitar and learn to play like a pro. This revolutionary instrument was created from the ground up to support anyone who wants to learn to play guitar.
Play all types of music:
This app is suitable for experienced players as well as beginners and it’s the perfect companion for learning scales, arpeggios, modes and chords. You can read music in any notation, such as score, tab, tablature, notation, staff, guitar tab or music sheets.
There is no learning curve:
With Guitar Analyzer Product Key, you can practice scales, arpeggios and chords without learning any chords or scale. The analysis includes a scale visualizer that lets you see the root, major and minor scales according to the scales analyzed.
Very intuitive:
With the help of a quick scale and chord diagram, you can play and learn all the notes, chords, arpeggios, modes, chords, scales and chord progressions of any scale.
A revolutionary instrument:
Guitar Analyzer is the most complete digital guitar platform on the market. This digital guitar was designed specifically to teach and learn music.
Get this app today and play music like a real guitar.
What’s New in Version 1.0.1
– Added more licks.- Fixed some bugs
If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know by writing an email.
Thanks for using Guitar Analyzer! Please rate and star our other apps if you like them.
If you enjoy this app, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve it.
You can write to us at
– Keyboard Co
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Improve your guitar playing skills with Guitar Analyzer! This software is ideal for improving your knowledge and for learning music theory. The software can help you understand different scales and modes. Develop these skills and learn to improvise and compose melodies. Your scores are automatically turned into a MIDI file.
Specifically designed to help you learn music theory and improvise guitar, Guitar Analyzer enables you to visualize musical scales, modes and chords in a relational chart. Compose your own melodies and improvise guitar riffs. With its intuitive interface, Guitar Analyzer is quite easy to learn and use.
Features Include:
● An easy to use and extremely intuitive interface.
● Visualize music theory in the most intuitive ways!
● Learn how scales work.
● Get to know scales, modes and chords!
● The relational chart displays the correlations between the scales, modes, chords.
● See that different patterns exist between the modes.
● Discover how music theory is built.
● Transform your riffs into MIDI!
● Create melodies with chord progressions and improvise your own guitar riffs!
How does it work?
On its interface, you will find a graphic representation of the guitar fretboard. You can put chords on the fretboard, or choose to have the software calculate for you the chords on the spot. You will also find a window where the scales and the modes are displayed.
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What’s New in the?

Guitar Analyzer is an advanced digital guitar assistant. It can help you to improve your guitar playing skills, improvisation, chords correspondents, even composing scores.
Guitar Analyzer Features:
• play guitar
• learn guitar playing
• analyze guitar playing
• learn music theory
• improvising guitar
• chords correspondents
• scale correspondents
• scale correspondents of arpeggios
• mode correspondents
• arpeggios correspondents
• sheet music accompaniments
• music theory
• chords songs
• different musical styles
• guitar chord harmonization, chordal re-harmonization
• guitar chords harmonization
• original classic chords
• guitar chords arrangements
• guitar chords composition
• guitar chords arrangements
• guitar chords composition
• Guitar chords scales
• Guitar chords scales of arpeggios
• Guitar chords keys
• Guitar notes scale
• Guitar notes scale of arpeggio
• guitar notes scale of arpeggio
• guitar notes scale of arpeggio
• guitar notes scale of arpeggio
• Guitar chords trends
• music theory – modes
• scales
• blues scales
• pop and country music scales
• chords
• mixtures of chords – chords combinations
• chords and modes
• modern composition
• classical guitar
• experimental music
• improvisation
• guitar chord harmonization
• guitar chords harmonization
• Guitar solos
• solo guitar
• guitar solo
• guitar lead
• guitar effects
• pre-chorus, chorus, strumming
• post-chorus
• wash
• acoustic guitar
• electric guitar
• nylon
• steel
• acoustic
• nylon
• steel
• open
• major
• minor
• flat
• sharp
• flat and sharp
• use standard
• use open
• use major
• use minor
• use flat
• use sharp
• use standard
• use open
• use major
• use minor
• use flat
• use sharp
• chords
• chords with melody
• guitar chords with melody
• arpeggios
• intervals
• music theory
• scale
• mode
• modes
• chords
• chords songs
• different musical styles
• chord harmonization
• chordal re-harmonization
• chordal harmonization
• Chords songs harmonization
• original classic chords

System Requirements For Guitar Analyzer:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom II X3
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible GPU
Hard Disk: 25GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
To run the game correctly, an up-to-date copy of the latest Service Pack for Windows 10 installed, and an internet connection is required.
In order to play the game, your system must be able to play games available for download from the Windows Store–Crack—April2022.pdf