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Sage stand-alone software

Sage stand-alone software, or just Sage, is a business management and accounting software system used worldwide and by thousands of businesses in a variety of industries.


Sage 500 stand-alone software was originally called Symmetry. It was an accounting package for British businesses written by the company SYMMETRY Ltd. Sage’s name was adopted after the company was sold to the Sage Group in 1994.

Sage Software Systems Ltd, based in Derbyshire, England, was later acquired by Sage Group in 1998 and became the UK development and support arm of Sage Software Systems. The Sage Group was eventually acquired by Cap Gemini in 2001. Sage remains the largest stand-alone accounting software company, with over 60% of the market share.


Symmetry was developed in the mid-1980s by Neil Mead of SYMMETRY Ltd to be an accounting package that could be used as a desktop system, a relational database and a report writer (i.e. the early version of the Informix report writer). It was subsequently re-branded „Sage“ in the early 1990s.

Sage was a two-edition software package‚ÄĒSage Pro (single-user edition) and Sage Business Suite (multi-user edition)‚ÄĒwhich included Accounting, Billing, Human Resources, and Inventory management modules. Sage Pro had a single-user commercial license, and Sage Business Suite had a multi-user license. Sage Business Suite had the following modules:

Inventory management

Over time, Sage Business Suite added more features to its inventory management module, including:
Accounts payable (A/P) management
Accounts receivable (A/R) management
Inventory tracking by material/SKU
General ledger accounts
Cost planning
Expense management
Fixed assets management
Flexible assets management
Invoice management
Payroll management
VAT management


Sage Business Suite was designed to help organisations automate and centralise their manual processes and costs. Accounting, payroll, and project management functions could be controlled via a single point of access.

Sage Business Suite included a project management controller. This is a module that lets the user create a project and then track the progress of

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