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Here is the answer to that question using regex. And if there is a better way to do it please let me know.
I am using python 2.7.
I used the re.compile() method of re. It can be found here. For example, if I want to write a regular expression that would match if a string is in the format:

Where x represents any character except spaces. I would write
# A regular expression that would be true if a string is in the following format:
# 112xXX2-3×11
# where x represents any character except spaces
# 1 – an integer
# 2-3x – a character sequence as given in the question
# 11 – an integer.
regEx = re.compile(‚([1-9]|11)\D{0,2}(\S+){0,2}([1-9]|11)‘)

This would match the case where an integer is followed by a dash then any number of non-spaces followed by another integer and any number of non-spaces.
And now, to do the matching for the case of the regular expression in the question
# At this point, we have a good idea of the string’s format.
# Now we will match a string that is true to our format.
matches =


So, as a demonstration, I wrote a function to check this for you. Note that for this type of problem you should always write a unit test. Even if the solution „works“ it will probably not work correctly. And debugging with a non-unit test will be an exercise in futility.
def matchPG2000Values(string):
regEx = re.compile(‚([1-9]|11)\D{0,2}(\S+){0,2}([1-9]|11)‘)
matches =
if matches:

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by the other hand, the amount of loss in the World Bank’s database. Models show that the loss pattern is non-homogeneous. In the South. of International School of Architects (ISA),(35) is the first to report on this problem.. the π-shaped test pieces and, in the later stages, the cracks.
Date : Sat, 8:54:50 PDT.Donald Trump Jr. holds a different view of the timing of his father’s trip to Helsinki.

„I think it’s just a matter of time. I mean, just look at everything he’s saying now,“ Trump Jr. said during an appearance on „Fox & Friends.“

He went on to argue that Russian meddling in the U.S. election was a natural byproduct of a free media.

President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Jr.

„I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more about this. I mean, it’s going to become a regular thing,“ he said.

Trump Jr. also defended his father’s visit to Helsinki and pointed to a recent post on the president’s Twitter account referring to himself and Russian President Vladimir Putin as „honorable“ as evidence that he will continue his efforts to fight back against allegations of Russian meddling.

„This is a guy who wants to be treated like a potential ally,“ Trump Jr. said. „He’s been saying that for a long time, and for the world to sit there and say that he’s not honorable is really disappointing.“

Watch the clip above.

GOP Congressmen File Resolution to End ‚Inappropriate‘ Trump-Putin Meeting

Tapper Calls Out Trump for Being ‚Treasonous‘ in Helsinki: ‚You’re a Liar‘

‚They’re Hoping for a Coup‘: Trump Hints at Putin Collusion it was magic.

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