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Why doesn’t this shell script work in htaccess?

The purpose is to send the cookie’sessionid‘ to users when they are at ‚/‘. A similar implementation is already used in /
It doesn’t work.
If I replace ‚–sent–‚ with ‚–notsent–‚, the script works as expected.
In the htaccess file there are two env variables, USER and PASS. They are set to myUser and myPassword, respectively.
Should I use absolute paths or relative paths?
#part 1: don’t send’sessionid‘ cookie
set USER=myUser
set PASS=myPassword

## if the user is not authenticated, redirect to ‚login‘
if [ „${USER} == noauth“ ]; then
## if the user is authenticated, send’sessionid‘ cookie
if [ „${USER}!= noauth“ ]; then
if [ „${PASS}!= myPassword“ ] ; then
echo -e „Set-Cookie: sessionid=$sessionid; path=/

echo -e „Set-Cookie: sessionid=; path=/



I’m pretty sure the issue is with the quotes in echo -e „Set-Cookie: sessionid=–notsent–; path=/
The quotes around –notsent– cause the command to be parsed as Set-Cookie: sessionid=–notsent–, when in fact you want to use the parameter to pass to the Set-Cookie.
Double-quote is for literal strings, not for variable substitution.
So change echo -e „Set-Cookie: sessionid=–notsent–; path=/
“ to echo -e „Set-Cookie: sessionid=–notsent–; path=/

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