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Choosing One of the Many Photoshop Editions

The most basic version of Photoshop that comes with the purchase of a Mac computer is Photoshop Elements. Many photographers also use Photoshop Elements for their everyday image work. Photoshop Elements is designed for hobbyists and beginners, and it has a basic version that is great for learning the basics of editing an image. When editing an image in Photoshop Elements, you work with a workspace in which you can save the image for further editing and view the original image when finished. Elements comes in three editions:

* **Elements 5:** Photoshop Elements 5 is a bit basic and comes with only two or three tools. Its tools are a line tool, the Rectangle tool, and the Paint Bucket tool, plus a small selection tool and a small eraser tool.
* **Elements 6:** Elements 6, a slightly more sophisticated version, offers a wider array of tools and a richer set of tools. It includes a lasso tool, which enables you to make selections by hand, as well as smaller tools for drawing your own shapes with an artist’s brush. Elements 6 also offers a number of simple photo-retouching tools.
* **Elements 7:** Elements 7 is the current version of Photoshop Elements, and is designed to be an absolute beginner’s image editor.

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Photoshop is a powerful software product. It allows users to modify images in an extreme way, save them as a different format and perform advanced retouching. Despite that, it is not as simple to use as some photo editing apps and even the professionals might find it challenging to use.

Photoshop even has a complete settings for the choice of colors and brushes. You can use the preset drawing tool, and the bucket tool to make everything possible with the software.

The computer-graphics program also includes predefined filters, another tool to perform retouching. You can use the available presets or create your own using different tools to achieve your desired outcome.

You can use Photoshop to edit images, create new high-quality images, make your own memes, or even find the best possible emojis for your Discord channel.

The program has a blue colored drop-down menu where you can choose which tool you would like to use. This menu is divided into predefined tools and a drawing mode.

In the first one, you can find tools that work with images, such as the brush tool, clone stamp tool, and eraser. You can also use the lens tool and photo adjustment tool. There is also a drawing mode in which you can draw shapes, select shapes and change the color or color palette.

This list of tools is just the most popular and easy to use, but there are other ones like drawing pens, gradients, vectors, and even an airbrush.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Elements

Other image-editing apps

Discord Emojis

Create memes

Meaningful Designs


The brush tool is the easiest tool to use because you can use it to edit the image. You can change the brush in size, the hardness, and the color of the paint. In the digital-painting mode, you can paint multiple layers of images. As if that weren’t enough, you can use all of the other tools to change the look of the images.

You can use the Clone Stamp tool to smooth out the areas that need retouching or the eraser tool to make the image look sharp. You can also use the photo adjustment tool to make the image look better or use the lens tool to adjust the focus.

The drawing mode of Photoshop is where you can create the shapes, doodle, or sketch your own images.

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Databinding to a list and optional value

I have a list of objects which is bound to a repeater.
Data is populated by a Linq query.
There is an optional „weight“ field which I need to be left blank (null) if the item is being selected.
If I leave the text field blank, the value still gets passed to the linq query because it binds as a string.
What is the best way to disable the text field so that it would be null?


I ended up trying to to change it in my SQL as follows:
WHERE (@Weight is NULL OR @Weight > 0)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kluwe couldn’t help himself.

He wanted to be a good teammate, too.

And he did it by making a point of referring to himself in the third person.

Chris Kluwe, who was released by the Minnesota Vikings late last week, was 1-for-1 in running for a 7-yard touchdown with 3:46 left in the first quarter. It capped the drive the Vikings scored on after a fumble, allowing them to take a 7-0 lead.

„The way he is being released is insensitive,“ a lawyer representing Kluwe told „He could have made a more positive statement, such as, ‚I played football because of the fans and the Vikings, and I’m not sorry to see them win.‘

„I’m not sure how you fire someone who puts his team first.“

Kluwe confirmed to Sporting News that he is now trying to get signed by another team. He has had no official contact with any.

The Vikings did not return a phone call to seeking comment.

One of his former teammates called Kluwe’s move „horseshit.“

Thyroid hormone binding in the human placenta and fetal thyroid gland.
Thyroid hormone binding (TB) was evaluated in chorion and amnion of human term placenta and fetal thyroid gland from 17-20 weeks of pregnancy. TB was inhibited by 100 nM tri-iodothyronine (T3) and 100 nM T3 plus 5 nM T4; T3 binding was 5.4 +/- 0.7 fmol/mg protein in the chorion, 10.3 +/- 0.4 in the amn

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Detecting modem changes in a C# application

I’m working on a C# app that will have to change its behaviour depending on whether it is connected to a modem or not, or if the connection has the right speed or not.
Can you suggest me a way of detecting whether my modem is present or not?


Without any further details about your modem, you may also look at the System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.IsConnectionTypeSupported.
But, if you really want to detect your modem, you need to know about it.
For example:
SerialPort sp = new SerialPort();
if (sp.IsOpen)

SerialPort sp = new SerialPort();
if (sp.IsOpen)

The SerialPort class can be opened using System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class.


What is the best format to make a full-text index in MySQL?

I’m designing a web-based application that needs to have a quick way of searching through records of text.
Both without and with some kind of full-text indexing.
Therefore I’m looking for the best format to make a full-text index.
I was considering two formats:

normal compressed (zip) format, where each string is stored as a single line, similar to how we normally store.txt files, and
compressed compressed (zip) format, where each string is stored as a single line, similar to how we normally store.csv files, and

(options: compressed compressed-compressed)

What is the best format to use for a full-text index in MySQL?


I would say the option with the best compression is the first one, but without using the most simple method: ByteArray, which, if properly used, you can get ~50% from a standard zip file.
And, of course, these are examples of 100% compressed files:


Regular expression

System Requirements:

To install you’ll need access to a computer with a DVD drive and
Internet connection.
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I have no idea, just wait a few hours and then announce it. It will probably take an hour or two to install because it’s that big.
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