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You can even create amazing, professional-looking photos in the well-known, free-to-use program Picasa, part of Google’s photo-sharing website, Figure 19-1 illustrates a simple image of the Chicago skyline that was created in Picasa.

**Figure 19-1:** Photograph of Chicago taken with a Canon camera in Picasa.

Photoshop is a powerful program that enables you to perform a lot of tasks. However, you can also use other applications that allow you to perform some of the same tasks, such as Photoshop Elements. This chapter shows you how to work with the following topics:

Working with layers

Adjusting colors

Creating and applying filters

Working with the Lasso tool

Saving images

Improving image resolution

Working with Layers

Layers are Photoshop’s foundation. They enable you to build a rich, layered image that can contain multiple different types of content such as text, vector graphics, still images, and all kinds of other files. You can move the content around in any way you like, making it easier to manipulate objects and add special effects. You can turn layers off and on at any time, effectively hiding or showing a different part of the image.

A layer also enables you to undo one action at a time, making it possible to reverse the effect of a particular action such as moving an object or changing its color.

ImagePorn for Dummies, 2nd Edition, by Scott Kelby (Peachpit Press, 2012) contains a lot of great information about layers and how to use them effectively.

These basic concepts enable you to accomplish a lot. However, the following sections teach you the more advanced concepts of layers.

Understanding Photoshop layers

Understanding how layers work in Photoshop can be a bit confusing at first. You may be tempted to try using some of the cool features of Photoshop (such as creating custom brushes and effects that you can apply to multiple layers) and then have the image go haywire.

Layered images are complicated. They require a lot of work to create and maintain. In the following sections, I cover the various kinds of layers and how they work.

Creating a new layer

To create a new layer, choose Edit⇒Layer⇒New. The New Layer dialog box opens, shown in Figure 19-2. You can choose from a number of existing templates or

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A typical workflow

The typical workflow for creating quality content with Photoshop involves the following:

Convert images to an appropriate size and resolution

Create a folder and name it appropriately

Copy images to the relevant folder

Add images to the appropriate layers

Lighten or darken specific regions with color palettes

Resize images

Resize or resize images

Apply various graphic effects

Adjust brightness and contrast

Erase blemishes

Add a custom filter or set of custom filters

Add and align multiple images to a single layer

Save image(s)

Create a new document for the final image

Work on new layers

Apply or blend images

Paint or draw objects using brushes

Apply filters

Use layer masks

Use tools like pen filters

Fix a mistake or replace a color

Create vector graphics

Move objects or paths

Add text

Create new shapes

Resize or crop images

Add borders

Filter via a preset or a preset and create new brushes

Create new layers and filters

Adjust color

Dodge and burn (white)

Apply mask

Paint and paint with curves

Resize, rotate, or flip images

Convert to another file format

Create a PDF document

Create a GIF document

Create a flash animation

Resize images

Create a new document for the final image

Make the image better

Add bright colors

Blend the background

Adjust color balance

Colorize the image

Adjust tonal value

Sharpen or blur the image

Create a pattern

Adjust the color

Filter the image

Orphelins (photo manipulation)

One of the most popular features of Photoshop is the ability to perform almost any change or edit on an image. We can use it to brighten any image, let’s say.

But here comes the catch, you need to remember that this effect only happens to a point where we can no longer see the difference between the original and the manipulated image.

However, you’ll need to be careful with the effects like the ones above. You can fix minor color problems or blurry images that you have accidentally noticed in the scene or your picture by using these tricks.

Why is Photoshop the

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This proposal is for a follow-up of children who were reared in two large urban child welfare centers in New York State during the period 1977-79. In response to the needs assessment of their own families, the institutions (up to 3,500 children at any given time) provided services such as food, clothing, shelter, educational and medical services to prevent placement into foster homes. These children were interviewed in the houses they lived in with their parents. Compared to 1,337 children who lived with their parents in their same community and were not enrolled in the centers, the children in the centers had a longer duration of contact with their parents (14.0 months vs 10.9), were more likely to be re-referred to the institutions (29.6% vs 15.8%), and were more likely to have had non-resident kin in their homes (71.6% vs. 65.5%). This research seeks to continue the comprehensive assessments of the children (mothers, fathers, siblings, teachers) made as they were leaving the centers. In addition, the children who were identified as at risk during the course of the center care will be followed until age 18. These two groups of children will provide different information on the processes that produce an engaged, cohesive family and one that is dysfunctional in the midst of other, pressing problems. Thus, the study can be described as ‚by-and-large‘ as well as ‚by-product‘ of the child welfare system. This project will focus on the parents who fostered children in the centers. We will follow these families as they secure custody of their biological children and adopt these children. Some of the first parent of the child who went into the child welfare system as an infant, is the last child to be returned to their family by the State. An overview will include a description of home situations (e.g., domestic violence, substance abuse), progress toward an independent life, and living arrangements. Our sample will include the foster families of the children who were in the centers for 12 months or longer. In addition, we will also follow the children who were reared in the centers for 3 or 4 months. This groups are both those who were returned to their homes as they adjusted to the institution and those who were transferred to social service agencies. This group will be followed until the end of 2nd grade. Transitional plans, parental work histories, social support in the transition and job history will be assessed. Two additional groups will be followed: parents and children

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How to sort a column in grid view in asp

I want to sort the column order of gridview. I tried to sort the column, but it doesn’t works.
I have column Like Name and Order. I have set this order to grid view.


I assume you are looking for the default sort functionality that is supplied by the gridview control?
You can use a webcontrol that inherits from gridview and override the sort expression, let the base class sort and only modify the sort expression.
GridView grdDepartment = new GridView();

grdDepartment.SortExpression = „name“;

Then populate the databound items with whatever you want to display.


you can do it like this.
you have sort direction property. By default it is Ascending, so you don’t need to write any sort expression for it.

System Requirements:

A minimum of a 512MB video card
120MB free HDD space
Internet connection
Keyboard & Mouse
Pre-load / Install:
Steps to Install:
Resume Execution: (Optional) Press the „ESC“ key to go back to the main menu and continue to install the game
Installation Settings: (Optional) Your settings will be saved here. You can also use this as an opportunity to view/change your settings if needed
Game Settings: (Optional) Enter the game sund mad%/