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You may be wondering, can you do all of this in Gimp? The short answer is no. You can use the tools in Gimp to apply a filter to a layer, but you can’t automate Gimp, change layer behavior, or create complex selections. If you want to do any of that, Photoshop is your best bet.

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Lets explore Photoshop Elements for digital photographers in detail.

7 Best Free Image Editing Apps for Photographers


Gimp is a free, open-source, cross-platform, raster graphics editor. It has good support for graphics editing for a beginner. You can convert PSD files to all the standard image formats. We will discuss some of the tools of the image editor further.

Features of Gimp

Good support for graphics editing for a beginner.

Inbuilt printing, sharing, and editing options.

Support for many file formats.

Basic tools and filters.

Support for layer masks and layer selection and grouping.

Support for image repair and restoration.

GIMP is free software. It is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.



Good support for graphics editing for a beginner.

Inbuilt printing, sharing, and editing options.

Support for many file formats.

Basic tools and filters.

Support for layer masks and layer selection and grouping.

Support for image repair and restoration.

Support for multiple editing modes.

Support for layered backups.

Advanced features like image cropping, lens correction, exposure adjustment and drawing.


Not much customization available.

Some users get confused when reading the manual.

Can take long time to open and close the file.

Photoshop or Paint.NET

It is the best tools for photo editing. You can design the image easily in this graphics software. It has a lot of options for editing.

The following tools are found in Photoshop:


Layer Effects


Bucket Fill

Quick Mask


Image Smart Brush


The following tools are found in Paint.NET:

Bucket Fill

Gradient Maps


Quick Mask

Toggle Layers

If you are an experienced user, we suggest this editing software. You can use it for basic edits but don’t expect to do more than that.


Edit photos quickly and easily.

Support for multiple editing modes.

Support for image cropping and different kinds of edit.

Support for custom brushes.


No support

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// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
* Copyright © 2020 Intel Corporation


#include „../i915_drv.h“
#include „reg.h“

#define GEN9_VS_SHIFT 0x1
#define GEN9_VS_MASK 0x7

static void gen9_pte_setup(struct i915_gem_context *ctx,
struct i915_ggtt_view *view,
uint64_t start,
uint64_t size)
struct i915_ggtt *ggtt = &ctx->ggtt;
unsigned int flags = 0;

if (gen9_pte_ggtt_bind(view))
flags |= PIN_GLOBAL;

if (gen9_pte_ggtt_pin(view))
flags |= PIN_GLOBAL;

if (flags) {
* For the TCS/DSS GTT the entire DPIO is used
* for physically addressable PTEs; not all of
* these PTEs can currently be written to
if (flags & PIN_GLOBAL)
flags |= I915_GTT_PAGE_SIZE_4K;
flags |= I915_GTT_PAGE_SIZE_64K;

view->pte_encode = 0;
view->pte_encode_flush = 0;


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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vancouverites using the SkyTrain on Tuesday had an unusual sight that’s been seen before: the platforms weren’t completely empty.

A SkyTrain train was full of passengers when it derailed at the Clark and Evergreen stations during the morning commute. The first train went down the tracks about 12:15 am. While the driver eventually managed to stop the train, it smashed through the overhead bridge and the doors couldn’t be opened.

Now, there were just a few people at the station around 1 a.m. Tuesday, and no one has seen a similar sight before. One SkyTrain passenger says that never really happens on a weekday.

“It’s, you know, just strange, and I, you know, I mean if you do it on a holiday weekend, I guess it’s not that unusual but then just to see it all the other times, to see it on a weekday, it’s just kind of odd,” says Milosh from Surrey.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police say the drivers were “very aware” of the situation and conducted emergency braking.

“As soon as we started the emergency brake, the driver applied the brakes on the train to make sure that we didn’t derail and meet the fourth rail,” says Sgt. Barb Campbell with the VPD.

“I thought it was going to derail and then when it crashed through the gates, it really scared the crap out of me,” says Clark resident Darren McClenahan.

Passengers were quickly moved off the train by transit police. The driver was uninjured.

The cause of the crash is unknown, but police say they will investigate whether or not the driver may have been distracted.

According to VPR, Vancouver is the third largest rail-riding city in North America and over 1.5 million people use the Skytrain system on any given weekday.

The crash is one of two this week. On Wednesday, a bus fell from the top of a ski hill in Whistler, crashing into a crowded parking lot. No one was injured.

– With files from Jennifer DobsonQ:

Why could not I zoom in Eclipse?

I couldn’t use Eclipse’s Zoom-In/Zoom-Out features. It just simply worked, but then suddenly stopped working. How

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