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* This book: If you’re a beginner, read the _Starting Photoshop for Dummies_ or _Adobe Photoshop for Dummies_ books. * _Digital Photography for Dummies_ : One of the first books to cover the basics of digital photography (at the time it was published). Beyond the basic tools are several plug-ins that can enhance your images with special effects that are not found in the Photoshop standard toolbox. Plug-ins are a part of Photoshop that a user installs to change the appearance of images. Of course, the big picture includes images in the digital realm, whether they’re still or video. Understanding the differences between various file formats helps you locate images and edit them well. # Figuring out the working principles As with any technical subject, you don’t have to know about the working principles of what makes an image to begin with to be able to use Photoshop. You’ll learn the basics in this chapter, and then proceed with hands-on experience in each of the following chapters. ## Choosing a file format If you’ve never used Photoshop before, you may not realize that images are stored on your computer in different file formats, depending on their intended use and the features you want to apply. Many new users come to Photoshop with a collection of JPEG files that were acquired with a digital camera and imported into the computer. However, many of these files were created in lower resolution in order to save computer storage space. They weren’t intended for viewing purposes at a web or print publication size. So, where do you go to start? Select images to work on first, and make sure that you’re working with the original image files, not resized or converted images. To open an image for editing, double-click the file to start the _Nondestructive Editing_ menu. This enables you to open the image for editing without first saving the image, as shown in Figure 2-1. If you have made an adjustment to an image that you don’t want to lose when you save, you can use the Undo command.

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What is Photoshop Elements? It is available for both Mac and PC. Photoshop Elements comes as a free software but requires an active subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Once you sign up, you will have access to the same features and updates as the professional version. When first installed, the program usually offers to remove any trial limitations that could be in place for your computer. The standard version of Photoshop Elements does not remove the limitations of your trial license. What is the free version of Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with several features that are not available in the free version. For example, the free version has limited file size restriction in 100MB or 250MB. Any editor will usually have both light and dark themes to choose from. Most of the tools will be available in Photoshop Elements. Adobe adds a few new features including the Ability to customize the auto-orientation and the grid for the B&W mode. The other important thing is the filter modes. If you don’t have any filters, the dark theme will be selected by default. It may be difficult for you to alter the color scheme, but if you select the light theme, it will be easily accessible to edit. Since this software is free, you might not be able to alter the color scheme, size of the font, or any of the preferences. You also can not edit each of the layers individually or modify the work flow and many other advanced features. So, you will be limited by some if you decide to start using the free version. If you decide to spend money, you will be able to modify every setting from the preferences. The feature set will be updated over time and the color scheme will be better with the subscription. The free version also supports up to 12 layers. However, this does not include any type of Smart Objects, Layers groups, custom brushes, Layers panel, Gradients or Text layers. Photoshop Elements is relatively light on the system resources, and it also has a memory limit of around 2GB. Photoshop Elements becomes obsolete quickly However, the latest versions of Photoshop Elements allow you to save from 50 to 500 photos. It does not include any advanced tools like the ones found in Photoshop. Also, it does not support any tools like Content-Aware Move, Camera Raw, Clone, Curves, Dodge or Burn, or any image adjustments for Mac users 05a79cecff

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Q: How to check if an object is in itself an object I want to check if an object in Javascript is really an object. If it is an Object or a Vector- or something like that, I want to run a function if it is such an object, else I want to throw an error. The function has the following signature: function somefunc(obj, arg1) Eg. function somefunc(obj) { if (obj is Object) { // do something } else { // throw error because obj is not an object } } somefunc({a: „b“}) Somehow, I cannot get the „is Object“-call to work. How do I check in JavaScript, if an object is an object? A: You are checking if obj is an object and not if obj is an object of type object. This leads to throwing TypeError. You can instead check if typeof obj === ‚object‘ or typeof obj === ‚object‘ but that won’t work because it will also return true for all user defined objects function somefunc(obj) { if (typeof obj === ‚object‘ && obj instanceof Object) { // do something } else { console.log(’not an object‘); } } somefunc({a: „b“}) somefunc({}) console.log(‚——————————————‚); var myvector = { vector_1: [0, 1, 2], vector_2: {a: „b“} }; somefunc(myvector); console.log(‚——————————————‚); somefunc([]) console.log(‚——————————————‚); function int_func() { console.log(‚int‘); } somefunc(int_func) console.log(‚——————————————‚); somefunc(„hello“) console.log(‚——————————–

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Requires a gaming mouse and is not compatible with a touchpad. Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 compatible mouse. Minimum resolution of 1280×720. Game Files: The documents below are necessary to begin playing the game. You can download them on the support site See also: I. Install game files II. Configure MOUSE III. Configure WINDOWS IV. Start the game