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The ability to edit an image in a raster-based editing program, such as Photoshop, means it is losing graphic design sales to vector-based programs that can edit multiple vector lines of a graphic design. However, it is still very useful for creating raster images for print graphics, for which a variety of vector-based programs exist for various purposes, such as illustrations, logos, and icons.

Reasons to Use Photoshop

In the past, I would say that Photoshop was overkill for most uses. Today, many graphics professionals can’t live without the program and would rather use Photoshop than invest in learning a different program. In the following sections, I summarize some of the reasons why Photoshop is the best tool for many graphic design assignments.

Applications in Design

The first main reason for using Photoshop for most designers is the ease with which it can be used to create specialized templates for projects. Most all professionals in the graphic design field use Photoshop to create some type of template design for their work. Whether it is to create a color palette or a type style, Photoshop provides quick access to many of the tools designers use to do their work. The template helps designers focus on the creation of the project, rather than the sheer amount of tools to create the project.

Design templates are not limited to Photoshop. They can be created in different software or website templates. See Chapter 16 for more on the design tools available for graphics design.

Being able to create design templates is helpful for faster and more efficient on-site production. If designers are able to do all their designs in Photoshop on a small computer screen or laptop, they won’t need a large computer workstation to complete their work.

* * *

Alas, alas, the geek is dead! No longer the darling of the cool kids, the geeks are now the preferred kids. So what does this mean to you? If you’re designing for the Web, the computer is becoming the premier creative tool.

Say what?

Yeah, I know, you thought I was going to say „Word is the premier creative tool.“ However, Web designers no longer use Word for creating the content of websites. They use image editing programs like Photoshop and PhotoShop, graphic design programs like InDesign and Illustrator, or a variety of website creation programs including Dreamweaver.

And while the Web isn’t the only application where designers use Photoshop, it is the most common one. This is thanks to the

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However, it is also important to note that you can use Photoshop Elements to edit images from a SD card, i.e. You can edit the images without using your computer’s hard drive and without having Photoshop installed on your computer.

In addition, this guide will explain how to sync a graphic editing program with iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. Also, there is a section on how to use Photoshop Elements for social media.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop Elements

Each of Photoshop Elements‘ modules follows a similar folder structure. These are the modules that you can access in Photoshop Elements:

• **File (F)**. Within this module, you will find folders named after your camera’s manufacturer. Thus, for example, you can find folders named after Nikon, Panasonic and Canon.

• **Expert (E)**. If you have the Pro version of Photoshop, then this module is hidden. However, if you have the Elements version, then this is where you will find the package files for the Update License or the trial software.

If you are doing a single task, then simply make sure that you have Photoshop Elements opened before you start to work. But, if you want to perform multiple tasks, then you will first need to open the Programs tab. After that, you will need to open the **File** module and then create a folder under the **Folders** tab, name it accordingly and drag the files you want to work on into the folder.

In addition, a new module will appear on the left side of the screen. You can either click **Import or Import from the Internet**, or you can use the **File…open** tool, which allows you to import any file type.

It is recommended that you use the **Import or Import from the Internet** option so that you can avoid any unexpected things.

In case you want to import files from a SD card or from the Internet, then you will need to find the files and drag them into the folder.

Photoshop Elements File

Photoshop Elements Update License

Open Photoshop Elements.

Navigate to the folder you want to access.

Launch the program.

Set up the organization of your files by selecting the **Move** tool.

At the bottom of the dialog box that opens up, click on the **Create New Folder** button.

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