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Portable PortPeeker With License Key [Mac/Win]

PortPeeker is a piece of freeware that lets you watch and record any TCP, UDP or ICMP traffic. It works on most Windows versions with a minimum of effort, and it can be installed in a few minutes.
You can use PortPeeker to:

record all of your network’s ports,
view connections requests,
view all the current connections,
listen for connection attempts,
search for messages, or
use it as a secure network sniffer.

The program is pretty easy to use and comes with advanced features, so you can configure settings on the fly. You can also configure it to transfer data as text or hex, and the interface lets you view captures in details.
If the program fails to run, we recommend that you check the system details before giving up. You can use it to check which anti-virus or firewall is running, or verify that the application is not suspended.
PortPeeker was created to help with troubleshooting and system administration. It is a great tool for network troubleshooting and network administration, and it can also be used to check out any virus threats on Windows PCs. It is not a firewall or network security solution, nor an antivirus app.
When copying PortPeeker to a USB flash drive or installing it to an external hard drive, it is important to be sure that you have selected the correct destination or any changes can be reverted. It is also highly recommended to run PortPeeker in a separate partition from the main operating system. It is also possible to move the executable to any other device on the hard disk or a removable media, such as a USB flash drive.
As the program is Portable, you can easily transfer it to any location on the hard disk and simply run the executable immediately.
PortPeeker uses three of its 4 GB of memory (RAM) for storing the captured data and does not use more than 150 MB of CPU, which is fairly negligible. Additionally, it requires 500 MB of disc space to start monitoring the network.
We have noticed that PortPeeker does not update the Windows Registry with new entries, so if you uninstall the app, you can keep an eye on captures saved in the hard disk. The leftover files will not remain on the HDD as the program will not run there.
What’s more, the app does not collect logs, so you will not be able to restore previous captures when you install it on another computer. However, the data can still be accessed through their

Portable PortPeeker Crack [Win/Mac]

PortPeeker is a simple and lightweight app that can be run from a USB flash disk or some other removable device. It offers a straightforward way to capture and view TCP, UDP, or ICMP connection traffic in real-time.
The app is free to use, with it only costing a few cents a month to buy the commercial version.
You can set up the capture parameters when it comes to protocol, port, interface, and various outputs. The application can also provide a built-in connection list to help you search for the requested connection, and print a detailed connection report. It is also possible to save captures as text or hexadecimal code, and can record and print connections in real time. Plus, you can search through large amounts of data.
PortPeeker has been tested under Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It does not work under Windows 2000, and Windows XP is not supported.
The application was tested on a laptop (Celeron CPU 1.7GHz, 1GB RAM), and it is still working at some point in 2019. No system crashes have been experienced. It is also possible to leave the PC while PortPeeker is running, and once it shuts down, you can restart the application.
The application does not interfere with user activity, and it does not require any advanced knowledge.
To use PortPeeker, you do not need to purchase it, and it is available to use for free.


路 Packet capture and view under Windows 8, 7, and 10
路 Capture IP addresses (TCP, UDP, ICMP)
路 Output location: RAM and hard drive
路 Print connection reports
路 Print text output (port number, time, flags, etc.)
路 Copy captured data to clipboard (for bulk copying)
路 Reverse-IP lookup
路 Print packet information (source and destination IP, MAC, TCP/UDP, port numbers)
路 IP search
路 Find a specific packet within large data
路 Hexadecimal dump (byte by byte)
路 Built-in connection list and protocol filter
路 Take snapshots as an image (.jpg,.bmp)
路 Configurable TCP connection timeout
路 Find and display all the packets that change the state of the interface (up/down)
路 View connections in real time (using MRTG display)
路 Use an ethereal-like interface to search and view captured data
路 Search for specific

Portable PortPeeker Crack+ [2022-Latest]

PortPeeker is a portable tool for listening to networks.
It supports TCP and UDP capture and is aimed to simplify the process of recording traffic by providing an easy to use interface.
It can be used to write your own scripts and sniff other software packages.
Need to try it? here are the download options.
.MSI (PortPeeker.exe – 596 Mb)
.Vista Zip (PortPeeker.exe)
.Portable Zip (PortPeeker.exe – 2,1 Mb)
.PortPeeker.7z (PortPeeker.exe – 596 Mb)


‚PortHack‘ – ‚WinSock‘ not installed
PortHack is a modern sniffer for Windows and macOS, and requires no installation.
Written by the author of PortTester, it’s a lightweight portable app for network monitoring & traffic analysis.
It has a GUI that closely replicates PortTester and is used by UK police and other security and forensics professionals.
It supports both TCP and UDP capture.
Control various aspects of sniffing including capture type, port, interface, spoofing, bittorrent and more.
And optionally, hide it from view and privacy (MAC only).
Available on Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) & Mac (10.8+)


Modern GUI / CLI for network monitoring / traffic analysis.
Prompt interactive recon.
Flexible sniffer design.
Supports a huge range of capture techniques, including:

TCP / IP traffic (bittorrent, http, rtp, websocket, ssl, dns, ftp, etc.)
UDP / ICMP traffic (udp, tcp, icmp, et al)
TCP with dummy packets (et al)
TCP and UDP capture
Asynchronous (non-blocking) capture
TCP sessions with ICMP (identity resolution, public announce, etc)

Traffic injection (mimic a real-world environment).
Choosing among a list of several source and destination addresses.
Viewing capture statistics.
Creating capture filters.
Sending dummy packets.
Manipulating / overwriting a current capture.
Piping / redirecting a capture.
Viewing raw network packets / data.

What’s New In?

PortPeeker allows you to stream your network data to a file for viewing afterwards. Using a simple TCP/IP software like this enables you to monitor your network without losing a beat, and it is suitable for anyone who wishes to get to the bottom of network-related problems.
Key Features:
鈥 View current connection and disconnection requests
鈥 Categorize connections based on the function they were made for
鈥 Get detailed data about each captured message
鈥 Isolates specific connect/disconnect/error occurrences
鈥 Copies the information associated with a message to file
鈥 Prints text or to file
鈥 Supports both TCP and UDP
鈥 Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
鈥 Streams capture data in four different formats:
鈥 txt
鈥 hexadecimal
鈥 text with Message ID
鈥 raw data
鈥 Search within captured files
鈥 Export data for easy viewing on a spreadsheet application
鈥 Works without installing any software

PortPeeker Portable is a more advanced version of the program which uses less system resources.
It is also compatible with more protocols.
PortPeeker will not run on a 32-bit operating system. However, it will let you extract and read data sent and received via IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, FTP, SMB, SMS or CAN.
This freeware can be used as a desktop application, a portable utility, or a startup tool for live capture. It can also be installed to external USB drives, in order to capture data for further analysis.
The interface has been simplified in terms of looks, and the new version includes user-friendly color coding which improves usability.
When it comes to settings, the interface has remained the same, though new parameters can be added. In this way, you can use the application to troubleshoot any networking issue or device problems.
You can view the connections by protocol, port, remote IP address, remote port, and the application will tell you more about them by connecting to each socket.
This simple piece of software does not need to be installed, and it is not limited to any specific operating system.
PortPeeker Portable Description:
PortPeeker Portable is an advanced version of the award-winning program. It is designed to let you work with network data and troubleshoot most connection and disconnection issues. It can be run from USB drives, as a portable, or from the desktop, on any platform. It can be used as

System Requirements For Portable PortPeeker:

Up to and including Skyrim Remastered (and thus current gen graphics)
Only works with Skyrim Remastered (and thus current gen graphics)
KiOS audio mod is highly recommended
Minimum Skyrim version is with the following installed:
– Xposed Framework (install from Xposed Installer)
– Bearded Dragon Xposed (install from Xposed Installer)
– Wish ROM (install from Xposed Installer)
– PacaMan’s Xposed Framework (install from Xposed Install