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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is one of the most well-known algorithms in cryptography, based on a public-private key pair to encrypt and decrypt data securely. Relying on the OpenPGP standard, NextGen Widget Encrypt brings to the table an implementation of the PGP standard that enables users to encrypt files, folders, and text pieces, while also providing tools for secure data wiping and QR code generation.
Generate a key pair in seconds
Upon the launch of NextGen Widget Encrypt, users are asked to create a username and a master password, which will have to be provided each time the application is used. Before anything else, you must navigate to the "Compose key" section in the main menu to generate your key pair. This mandatory step could be a little more intuitive; for instance, the application could either open this section directly or block access to all the other sections unless at least one key pair is generated.
Based on a custom name and an email address, the application generates the key pair and saves it to the key store automatically. Each key pair can be attached several sub-keys, generated using either the RSA, the DH/DSS, or the Elliptic Curve algorithms.
For backup purposes, the key pair can be uploaded to one of the available HTTP key servers or exported locally.
Encrypt files, folders, and text
If at least one key pair is in the Key Store, then users can encrypt data. NextGen Widget Encrypt provides support for all kinds of files, allowing quick encryption, signing, and verification. Furthermore, it can encrypt the content of entire folders. The encrypted PGP file can be saved locally, if needed.
Aside from files and directories, NextGen Widget Encrypt can also encrypt and sign text pieces using a public-private key pair. The resulting PGP text can be copied to the clipboard with the click of a button.
Erase files and generate QR codes or X509 certificates
Secure data wiping is also possible with NextGen Widget Encrypt. The application can permanently delete files in batch, as well as entire folders, making sure the data is impossible to recover.
With the help of NextGen Widget Encrypt, users can also generate QR codes and X509 certificates to use for encrypting files.
An OpenPGP encryption utility with additional features
NextGen Widget Encrypt is a powerful encryption tool with various features related to data security. Although it could use a more user-friendly approach when it comes to usage, the application is worth a try, especially since it also comes with additional functionality aside from data encryption and decryption.


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NextGen Widget Encrypt Torrent (Activation Code)

NextGen Widget Encrypt Cracked Accounts is a free and open source tool for encrypting files, folders, and text pieces. It relies on the OpenPGP standard to use a public-private key pair to encrypt and decrypt data securely.
NextGen Widget Encrypt is based on an original portable version, next to which it was adapted to be a handy desktop application. Additionally, it includes several extra features, such as data wiping, QR code generation, and X509 certificate generation.
* Encryption (text, files, folders, and text pieces)
* QR code generation
* X509 certificate generation
* Data wiping (all or specified files or directories)
* Signing (files and folders)
* Convenience and usability
* Additional features
* Version
* Portable version (only in
* Upgrades to new PGP versions
* System-wide installation
* Manual installation (local only)
* No internet connection required
* LGPLv3 license (Free Software Foundation license)
* NextGen Widget Encrypt (desktop version, Windows and OSX)
* NextGen Widget Encrypt Portable
* NextGen Widget Encrypt Portable
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What’s New in the?

Secure file/folder encryption & data wiping

Manage keys in the key store

Generate QR codes and X509 certificates

Encrypt files and folders

Password protection

Permanently delete files

Secure data wiping

…and much more

Supported file formats:

Encrypted files

Encrypted folders

Signature files

Erased files

Encrypted text

Encrypted PGP files

Encrypted PGP text

Encrypted PGP text of files

Encrypted PGP text of files and folders

Supported key servers:

Important: In the 3.0.0 release, a HTTP key server was introduced. If a HTTP key server is not configured, the application will use the default key server by default. These data servers help in transferring files between computers by sharing an encryption key between them. These data servers provide secure synchronization of data between different devices. These data servers can be used as a way to store your encrypted files on a server for later decryption.

Encrypted files

Encrypted folders

Signature files

Encrypted text

Encrypted PGP files

Encrypted PGP files

Encrypted PGP text of files

Encrypted PGP text of files

Encrypted PGP text of files and folders





…and more!

NextGen Widget Encrypt API and Android clients
You can connect your NextGen Widget Encrypt client with your Google account to save your credentials.

Not only that, NextGen Widget Encrypt and the official Android clients also have all of the exact same features, so you can have the best of both worlds.
If you have any questions about features, feel free to contact us.

Documents – now seen anywhere.

The new update to NextGen Widget Encrypt has brought with it many key features, including a completely new document manager that is built specifically for organizations. The application allows the user to open any document locally and the data is encrypted. This encrypted data is, in turn, able to be uploaded to the cloud for secure storage. Users can even search through the encrypted documents that they keep stored locally, and data can be imported or exported with a simple click of a button.

In addition to the new document manager, NextGen Widget Encrypt now provides an import feature

System Requirements:

Recommended Requirements:
Please read before playing:
Extract with WinRAR or 7zip or you can also download it with this link.
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