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Everybody has their share of digital photographs on their computers, and when some of them do not feature clear details or enough lighting, additional editing is required. Corel AfterShot Pro is one of the numerous applications that can be used for this purpose.
Even if the interface might seem intimidating at first, it is well organized and its structure allows beginners and experts alike to make the most of their photos. The left side tab allows browsing one's graphic files, whereas the right panel is the place where image details are presented.
This way, novices can preview their photos then crop or sharpen them with ease. Experimenting with Corel AfterShot Pro helps them discover other handy functions, such as applying presets that automatically enhance a picture without any additional user input – if the output is satisfactory, the file can be saved or printed with a single mouse click.
Experts can adjust the lens correction, remove the RAW noise, modify the photo exposure or customize the color balance. Changing the light level or the photograph's temperature can result in amazing landscapes or portraits, meant to emphasize the depicted scenery.
On the other hand, Corel AfterShot Pro can be used as a metadata viewer, detailing the camera model, shutter speed, exposure mode and GPS coordinates. It is also possible for users to choose the type of data that is displayed, depending on the information they are interested in.
Users can notice the effects of their changes onto the original image due to the real-time preview provided by Corel AfterShot Pro. A slideshow can be created, and a full-screen mode is also available for those who want to be distraction-free and focus on their editing.
To sum it up, this application comes in handy when it comes to exploring images, applying some adjustments or enhancements, then printing them and showing them off. One can rely on the evaluation period to play around with its settings, then purchase the software if meets their needs.







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• Corel AfterShot Pro is a powerful RAW editor
• It is fast and easy to use
• Its interface is organized and user-friendly
• Image editing – it can improve pictures, and adjust images

The corel photo software package is highly customizable, and is filled with options for adjusting, enhancing, and deleting images. There are also a number of features for displaying/converting the images, as well as popular photo viewing options for printing and manipulating the images.
The photo editing software offers a preview for the particular photo, as well as the ability to save, modify, print, and the ability to view the settings of each editing step within the program. This program will allow people to view and explore their image files, and also provides the ability to enhance them.
Corel Photo Paint is a full-featured photo editor for individual users. With Corel Photo Paint, you can adjust the color, contrast, saturation, the clarity, and the shadows. One can crop the images and adjust the size, rotation, and positioning of the image.
The program offers a wide variety of effects, such as enhancing the image with an attractive mat, curve, artistic filter, noise reduction, and vignette filter. The program can also be used as a slide show creator, with the ability to set the speed for playback, and view/adjust the settings for each image. The user can also adjust the perspective and scaling to fit onto the screen.
Corel Photo Paint Description:
• Corel Photo Paint is an exceptional image editor
• It can be used to enhance the pictures
• There are a wide variety of tools for all types of photo editing
• Corel Photo Paint can be used as a slide show creator

Corel Photo Studio is a photo editing software that can be used for both individuals and professional photographers. This program can be used to edit and enhance the appearance of images. It features editing tools for enhancing the brightness, color, hue, contrast, sharpness, and saturation. It also has various photo effects, including perspective, vignette, and tiling.
Users can also use these tools to crop the images. It has a gallery feature that allows users to display their editing and pre-capture choices.
It can be used as a slide show creator, with the ability to set the size and angle for each image. Additionally, users can also adjust the speed for the playback mode, and set the effects for each image.
Corel Photo Studio

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Edit photos like a pro with Corel AfterShot Pro. The free application offers a perfect balance between image adjustment and preview for all types of photo, including RAW files. Powerful features make AfterShot Pro a great choice for photo editing and sharing.
Corel AfterShot Pro Features:
Edit Photos with Corel AfterShot Pro
Improve the look of your photos with filters, sharpening, lighting, and toning adjustments, plus your choice of light modifiers. Adjust your camera’s white balance from automatically adjusted shots, or adjust it as you shoot.
Create professional slide shows of your greatest memories
Create stunning slideshows with your family and friends with Corel AfterShot Pro’s slideshow capabilities. Easily create detailed, slide-style displays with music, text and more. Use the built-in professional music player to create perfect-sounding slideshows.
Edit RAW files
Get the best from your camera’s RAW image format with full control over exposure and color, plus other creative features. Use the built-in RAW editor to make adjustments, crop images or view high quality previews directly on your screen.
The real-time RAW editor looks and works just like Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, plus you can use your favorite RAW editor of choice with Corel AfterShot Pro. The Corel AfterShot Pro for Mac supports all the latest RAW image formats, including the RAW format in the Adobe Lightroom: Adobe Camera Raw 6 or higher, Adobe Lightroom 6 and later, or Adobe Camera Raw 2.1 and later; Apple Aperture 7 or later, or the built-in RAW editor in Photos; and RAW format in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC or later.
Customize the look of your photos, right from your camera
Capture and control dynamic lighting scenes with customizable lighting effects. Make backgrounds black and white, add highlights, saturate shadows, and more. Adjust the look and feel of your photos with easy-to-use controls.
Image Effects and post-processing tools
Adjust colors with the standard photo filter presets, or explore the effects of artistic filters like Vintage, Impressionistic and others. Enhance your images with filters like Saturation, Exposure, and Sharpen. Use Corel AfterShot Pro’s eight non-destructive filters to make your images look more vivid and dramatic.
Apply creative edits to your photos
„Paint“ your photos with a variety of solid and patterned brushes to give them a professional finish. Get creative with color, brush size, opacity, and more

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Digital camera users often encounter blurry photos that need to be corrected or improved. For these cases, Corel AfterShot Pro can be used. It is a photo editing software that introduces some new tools and enhanced old ones, thus increasing its appeal. First, Corel AfterShot Pro is a photo editing application, which enables users to easily correct images or improve them. In the left panel, they can see their graphic files. On the right panel, details about the file’s contents, as well as a preview of the photo are presented. This way, users can explore their files then take advantage of the toolbox in order to crop, sharpen, add a layer of vintage or apply pre-set effects to enhance the image. They can also see a screen that explains the specific settings and available tools. After that, they can correct images with different types of tools, such as: focal points, contrast, exposure, tint, white balance, sharpness, contrast, de-blur, color temperature, red eye removal, de-noise, lighten/darken, gamma, sharpen/blur, sharpen, small, color, and basic. All of them are easy-to-use and always give a satisfying result.
It is easy to learn how to use aftershot, no matter whether it is a beginner or an advanced user. The manual included with this software explains how to use the majority of its options and the available filters in details. It explains basic skills and gives tips for taking better pictures. Moreover, it explains how to print, share and export images. Overall, it is an interesting and free tool that is an easy way to improve one’s photography.
Corel AfterShot Pro Key Features:

Adjustable camera models: It is possible to adjust the model of the camera using the software. It does not take long to do it and it is easy to complete the process.

Effects: It is possible to apply various effects on the pictures taken by camera. There are a variety of effects available like gray card, retro, sepia, and lighten/darken.

Additional light adjustment: One can adjust the light level of the pictures in a simple way by using the software.

Focal Point: It is possible to move the center of the photo to a particular point or shift it by holding the Arrow keys.

Crop: It is possible to view the original photo or one after it has been cropped.

Color balance: It

What’s New In?

Full-featured professional photo editor that adds creative flair to your digital images. Easily correct, edit, enhance, and retouch pictures you shot with your digital camera.

Premium – The Best of Both Worlds

Corel AfterShot Pro is the first full-featured photo editor available as a compatible add-on for CorelDRAW® X3, CorelDRAW® X4, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT® X4. With this package, you get the best of both worlds: the full capabilities of CorelDRAW® or CorelDRAW® X4 plus the creative features of Corel PHOTO-PAINT® X4.

Professional Photography Tools

Corel PHOTO-PAINT® X4 uses the same interface as the flagship CorelDRAW® X4 with Retouch & Effects, Video and RAW Noise Fix tools and other professional features, as well as the color-boosting capabilities of Corel PHOTO-PAINT®. All the enhancements you use in CorelDRAW® or CorelDRAW® X4 will be available in AfterShot Pro, as well as powerful enhancements of Corel PHOTO-PAINT®’s four exclusive paint tools. And many of these enhancements come with a variety of customizable options for easier setup.

Professional Features

When it comes to photo correction and editing, the professional features of Corel AfterShot Pro are among the best on the market. From advanced editing tools such as Exposure, Gradation, and Photo Enhancements to unique features like Instant Effect, Image Search, and Quick Crop, AfterShot Pro puts the professional photographer in complete control.

Edit, Enhance & Retouch Your Pictures

AfterShot Pro makes it easy to enhance, retouch, or even convert your pictures into high-quality digital art. You’ll also find more than 300 effects and tools in AfterShot Pro, including filters, smart edges, brush and paint tools, special effects, advanced tools such as Basic and Advanced Filters, and more.

Create Slideshow and Full-Screen Edits

AfterShot Pro includes slide shows and full-screen effects to help you present your creations in the best way possible. You can also share your edited pictures on the Web or CD for instant gratification. Corel AfterShot Pro includes more than 70 individual tools to enhance your pictures, as well as more than 300 effects, special effects, and tools to retouch or convert your pictures.

System Requirements For Corel AfterShot Pro:

PC & Mac
Gamepad – Xbox 360, PS3
Preferably controller-optimized game (and playable game without controller)
Controller with D-pad for playing
Speakers for game
Adjustable Monitor – 2 screens
Minimum 3.4 GHz processor
Minimum 1GB video memory
900MB of free hard drive space
2GB available hard drive space
Mac OSX v10.4.11 or newer